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Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Jul 21, 2012

As far as school life/maids/tsundere romances go, not many are well-recieved. School life embodies boerdom, maids sound like ecchi or borderline hentai, and tsundere characters tend to be hated by many. The tags for "Kaichou wa Maid-sama!" include these... so how on Earth is this anime so popular?!

Story: Ayuzawa Misaki spends her school life as the tough student council president, and the rest of her time working at a popular maid cafe. Obviously, she doesn't want anyone at school to know that their leader wears skimpy dresses and tends to men's fantasies when she's not supporting the feminine community. Along comes a handsome, charming, and all-around wonderful boy named Usui Takumi. He finds out Misaki's secret, and then the story kicks into high gear (and I run the risk of spoiling). The story sounds like a typical school life/maids/tsundere romance, but it's quite engaging.

Animation: Misaki is a beautiful young woman and Usui is a sexy young man. Now before any of you males run for the hills... it's called ANIME. Big eyes, spiky hair and sparkles make up most of the show. Some of the backgrounds are overlooked (but who cares, because it's SPARKLY [insert Brenda Song's voice HERE]), and character designs are only a few steps above uninspired, but it's certainly charming. Animation is good enough, and the comedy scenes can actually be quite funny.

Sound: The OP is catchy, but not noteworthy. The ED is basically the same. Insert music? Basically the exact same thing. However, the voice acting is okay. Misaki and Usui have fitting voices, but they're characters aren't very difficult to act. The rest of the cast is the same.

Characters: Is this a trend? There is practically zero character development.

Blond boy: Takumi Usui; brunette girl: Ayuzawa Misaki

Ayuzawa Misaki: The tsundere heroine of the series, she is the picture of a female right's activist (kind of ironic, considering her job). She truly believes in her school and is passionate about what she does... and Usui. :3

Takumi Usui: The perverted alien stalker oozes sex appeal, and, honestly? I think he knows it. He is likable in almost every way and makes for some of the best comedy (and the only intense scene) in the anime.

These two people are the focus of the anime; everyone else is a background character. But there are no small parts, only small actors--the background characters make this just that much better. So the lack of development can be disregarded due to the characters themselves.

Overall: Not the best anime of all time, but it has one of the cutest couples and has so much charm, it is an easy recommendation to any shoujo fan.

6.5/10 story
6/10 animation
4.5/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall

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