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Blood The Last Vampire

Jul 14, 2012

I wonder if this takes the cake for "shortest movie I've ever seen." But in all seriousness. I wasn't going to watch this, but since it's so short, I said, "What the heck," and lo and behold. Plus, I've been wanting to watch "Blood+" for a while.

Story: Saya is a woman. She kills these creatures with a sword. She then goes to a school near an army base... and... um...

Yeah, if you couldn't tell, the story of this is EFFING CONFUSING. I had no freaking clue what was going on until about half way through the thing, and even then I was like WTF. The English (yes, ENGLISH, not engrish) confused me, the killings confused me, everything confused me! I mean, I never even figured out that it represents war until the last five minutes of the movie!

On the other hand, the first few minutes of the movie are almost as shock value-like as the first few minutes of "Elfen Lied:" The story of it, the music and the art just work together to make a heart-pounding opener. I won't give away the ending, though, but I will talk about the credits. Watch them. You may have to blink back tears, but you should watch them. They are gorgeous.

Animation: Disturbingly realistic faces match the photorealistic backgrounds which match the eerie tone of the movie. But I need to explain further, because "realistic" does not necessarily equal "disturbing." The mouths are drawn with lips and everything, which is pretty unusual for an anime, unless you count those sensual bishies who wouldn't touch this movie with a ten-foot pole. Teeth are outlined one by one, which makes the viewer feel very uneasy. But it's the splatters of blood which really bring this movie to life, for me. Smears of blood cover walls, or a trail of it splashes lightly into a puddle on the floor. Combine this with detailed, moody backgrounds and you get some damn incredible artwork. The sketchy animation helps this effect. It is in no way fluid, but that just fits the movie.

Sound: First and foremost: Even if you listen to this movie in the original Japanese dub, most of the movie is in English. It is very well pronounced, but some of the English sounds better than others. For example, David's talking sounds fluid; the nurse's is very choppy and sounds acted. There is a good amount of suspenseful music which sounds straight out of any thriller, but it sets the mood well. The other sounds, such as the clanging of a fence or roar of a train, are done beautifully.

Characters: You don't expect to get much character development in a 45 minute movie, but there is so little it really is disappointing. The characters themselves are few. Saya, our heroine, kills with reckless abandon and is strong and silent for the majority of the film. David is your typical sidekick. They could have done so much more with his character. The only other person worth a mention is the nurse. She kind of got on my nerves, what with her naivete. I get how shocked she was, but SERIOUSLY. Also, everyone seemed very disjointed; there were no relationships or dynamics between characters.

Overall: A nice watch, but it is really an "animation and sound" kind of movie. "Blood: The Last Vampire" is actually almost worth it just because of its stunning animation and sounds. By the way, if the ending manages to make you want to flip a table, there is a sequel (at least I THINK it's a sequel) called "Blood+."

6/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
3.5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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