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Rosario to Vampire

Jul 10, 2012

The good thing about this show? I now know how various monsters' pantsu look. I feel like a changed person.

Story: Aono Tsukune is the most average human being to walk the Earth. He has average grades, average looks, and is average at sports. Basically, he has no business being surrounded by sexy women who just so happen to find him to be "all that." But this is a harem anime, and women flock to him like moths to a flame. Akashiya Moka, a pink-haired, beautiful girl meets him and instantly falls in love. But wait! That's not the point! Tsukune's sucky school life causes his parents to scrape the bottom of the barrel and send their son to some random school in some random place. That school, Yokai Academy, is a place where monsters can go to learn academics and how to coexist with humans. (Despite the fact that humans are, for the most part, despised by all monsters. Go figure.) So Moka and Tsukune meet and blah blah blah, go read this somewhere else. I have to move on. This uninteresting and unexciting storyline makes up the basis of "Rosario to Vampire."

Animation: Meh. Sparkles and bright colors galore. Basically, the designers took the Cullen family, made them sit in the sunlight, and used that as a background. The character designs range from the average Tsukune to the... well, maybe Ruby or Mizore. Oh, and who can forget the panty shots which make up half the series? Seriously. The ecchi is just so... perverted. Ahem. Moving along.  The fight scenes are some of the worst of any series. They even have a bat who announces for how long each episode's "battle" lasted (in seconds).

Sound: I won't mention the voice acting, because I watched this particular series in Engilsh, and I know there are some stupid weaboos out there who would be all "OMG ENGLISH??? Y U NO WATCH IN JAPANESE??? HUH??? HUH???" And you know what? I watch some series in English and some in Japanese, so STFU. The OP and ED were forgettable (but the ED WAS pretty), and the OST were basically toddlers making odd sounds, with the exception of that thing which played during those darn "Moka Tsukune Moka Tsukune" scenes.

Characters: First and foremost, there was no development, except maybe there was some in the final two episodes. The characters were mostly forgettable, consisting of your typical harem guy, the pretty girl, the seductress, the loli, the antisocial girl and the pervert. But no one was super annoying, so props to the series for that. Wait, I take that back. Our final villain (and many of the side characters) got sort of irritating.

Overall: Certainly not a deep story like FMA or anything, but a playful little romance with enough pantsu to keep any ecchi fan engaged.

6/10 story
3.5/10 animation
3/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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