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Story: While I found the story gripping, it most certainly has been done before. It seems like most horror anime nowadays copy the "Higurashi" formula of "boy moves to new town" idea. On the other hand, the deaths were unique... but also very over-the-top (kind of like "Battle Royale," minus the guns). I didn't mind; I found it kept the story interesting, but you might disagree.

Animation: The art designs for the characters, overall, is nice: idealized, pretty character designs. However, the characters themselves look pretty generic: sure, they have natural hair colors (so we don't touch on THAT cliche), but nothing exceptional to set them apart from any characters from many other anime. Even Mei, with her eye patch, does not look as different as she probably can. On the other hand, the backgrounds are artfully done, and the color palate (usually dark and moody) is fitting of the series.

The animation itself tends to fluctuate. During some simple scenes (like, say, the beach scene), it's not bad, but just average. However, the death scenes and Kouichi's nightmares struck me as well-animated enough to make the scenes extra creepy.

Sound: Hmm. This is a toughie. The opening song is certainly haunting and carries the flavor of the show. The ending song is gorgeous, with the violins (they are violins, right?) and all. I think that the background music during the show fit well. The voice acting is fitting, yes, but I feel that when the characters went insane, I couldn't hear it. The voice acting was just kind of static; it stayed the same through every scene.

Characters: As generic as they come. No, no, that was rude. But seriously though. Every character seemed to fit some stereotype (guy who moves into new town, mysterious girl, mildly tsundere-like girl, funny best friend, kind boy who balances out funny best friend, etc.) I did not see any character development (except maybe for Kouichi's slightly-an-epiphany at the very end).

Overall: The mystery was good (I couldn't correctly guess who the dead person was, but it seems like many people could). Lots of people are calling it scary, but to me it registered as more "kind of creepy." The deaths, while horrific, are not usually shown in incredibly gory detail and are often too ridiculous to seem plausible. Kouichi's nightmares WERE creepy and all, but they didn't last long. Personally, I thought the scariest part was when Kouichi and Mei were looking at an old class photo containing the dead person. That guy's eyes still haunt me.

Ah well. I thought I liked this anime a lot more before I reviewed it. Darn.

7/10 story
5/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
3/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
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Tolle says...

あ! みつけた。

I was looking at all the highly rated reviews and was kinda disappointed not to find one in the mid-range. I'm not really used to this genre, so I was hoping to find someone with a valid point on the quality - why it wasn't an all-out good anime. And then I saw a 4.5 and look who it was - it was youuu!!! :3

First off, I smirked when I read: "it most certainly has been done before". Still wonderingif it's a coincidence.

But I gotta admit, I am kinda disappointed. I also have a tendency to go "Ah well. I thought I liked this anime a lot more before I reviewed it. Darn." and then rate whatever I feel like, but you doing it here meant I didn't really get anything to work with. At the moment, shortly after watching it, I feel like it was good, but at the same time, the whole horror concept seems to rely solemnly on the effects and not the actual plot itself; the whole situation should have induced major mental breakdowns for all the students waaaay before the last episode.

The whole pattern for deaths also seemed kinda illogical. At first, there seems to be a relation between deaths and the person being ignored. Anyone ignoring the rule dies, but later, it's just a big bunch of fuck-all and deaths occur at insane frequency. Whyyy?!?? Was the first death-relation thingy just to lure our expectations astray?

But I do agree with you that, in spite of the above, the mystery was good.

Apr 24, 2013
NicoNicoDesu says...

Darn the bold button.

Jul 12, 2012