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Aug 8, 2013

I just deleted this review partway through writing it. I have to learn.

Story: One day a girl wakes up not remembering anything. A floating harlequin appears before her and claims to know everything about her. And instead of doing the logical thing like blaming the events on LSD or something, Heroine (we never get her name—more on that later) believes what Orion (that’s Pennywise the Clown gone shota) tells her. Oh, and before I go any further in ripping this show to threads, it is based off of an OTOME GAME.



OTO—don’t make me say it again.

Basically, the object of an otome game is to have relationships with a bunch of guys (each representing a certain fetish). Yes, you, the player, have the relationships. Anyway, I tried playing an otome game for about two minutes and found it so boring that my mind began to wander towards homework. But there are people out there who LOVE their otome games.

“Amnesia” is based off of one such game, and it’s painfully obvious that it is. Sure, the storyline is a little darker than you might expect (though that is mostly just narmy), but it’s still just an anime for the watcher to find crazy sexy. Oh, and the show is boring as can be. It’s beyond boring. It’s like watching paint dry. Actually, watching paint dry is probably more interesting than this, and it probably has better animation. Speaking of animation…

Art and animation: At first glance, the art is pretty good. The two-tone hair is pretty cool and the two-tone eyes are borderline cool, borderline creepy. There are rose motifs and interesting character designs that differ from one another. Heroine is, and I will be the first to admit it, very pretty. (But that could be a problem! What if I don’t consider myself pretty and can’t picture myself as her? No, otome anime, thou hast failed us!) The guys are good looking, as to be expected from an anime such as this.

And here are the issues.

The clothing is hilariously bad—ripped plaid-and-plain sewn-together skinny jeans with a matching jacked and ripped shirt to complement those fabulous shoes of yours? Yeah, where do these guys shop, again? The animation consists mainly of still shots, and while the studio gets and A for effort in the creepy faces department, they get a C- for execution. You can tell that someone on the production team has seen “Higurashi” once or twice, but the faces look pretty ridiculous and out-of-place. This isn’t a horror anime, and, for the most part, it doesn’t try to be one.

Sound: I love the opening theme song (“Zeotrope,” or something like that…). I love it. Seriously. It’s just a shame that it’s wasted on such a show. The ending theme song is pretty good, too, but nowhere near the OP. The voice actors try to work with what they’ve got, but they haven’t got much. Heroine’s lines consist primarily of slight, delicate gasping noises and the occasional saying of her current pimp’s name. The male characters speak only within the parameters of their fetish, and background characters don’t have enough personality to warrant any voice acting Academy Award either. The sound effects are okay and I don’t remember any of the OST (maybe I got some amnesia myself, too).

Characters: Shoot me now.

Heroine: That’s it. I don’t know her name, I don’t know her interests, I don’t know her background, I don’t know where she lives, I don’t know anything beyond the fact that she is the main character of this anime. Calling her an “underdeveloped” character is the understatement of the century; she doesn’t even have a name!

Orion: He’s cute and all, but he exists only to explain important plot points so that the series doesn’t have to waste time practicing the delicate and tedious art that is “show, don’t tell.” Plus, he’s a FLOATING FAIRY-CLOWN HYBRID. Need I say more?

Shin, Ikkyu, Kent, Toma, and Ukyou: A group of interchangeable, but pleasantly color-coded young men who love Heroine for some weird reason. Sure, there are slight differences among them (all revolving around different fetishes): Shin is the bad-boy with the heart of gold, Ikkyu is the ultra-mega-popular bishie-sempai, Kent wears glasses, Toma is a stalker creep who’s into bondage and possession (how is this guy so popular with the fanbase?), and Ukyou is the sadistic nutcase of an asshole who really means well.

Overall: A hyped-up, fanservice-oriented, for-the-ladies piece of crap. Phew. Good thing there was a thread for this in the forum, or I would have had to drop this before my brain cells suffered irreversible damage (and then I wouldn’t have been able to write this review).

3/10 story
4/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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KingArthur13th Aug 14, 2013

I can understand all of this except for the score on animation. Amnesia was a horrible series but it had gorgeous animation and beautiful character designs.