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  • Bishies and Action and Skateboards, Oh My!--"K" First Impression

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Bishies and Action and Skateboards, Oh My!--"K" First Impression


The fall 2012 anime lineup looks pretty awesome, but much of the hype seemed to be centered around "K." I mean, good-looking guys, action and futuristic settings always sell, right? My expectations were not very high. I decided to watch it mostly for the bishounen, but I was damn impressed.

The music is, for the most part, cool without being overbearing. My one complaint? The engrish-which-was-supposed-to-be-English. I couldn't understand a word. Seriously, Japan. Get native speakers to speak English! You've done it for some anime, just do it for more! The animation is... I'll get back to that later. The action scenes certainly have potential. And it has enough eye candy to make "Vampire Knight" or "Ouran High School Host Club" proud.

Back to the animation. DAMN. It is beyond gorgeous. Think "Guilty Crown," but with more imaginative camera angles. Every scene looks epic, yet polished at the same time. Everything is fluid and seamless. I have very high expectations for this.

If they start with the plot in episode two, I will be thrilled.

Don't you dare let me down, "K."


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