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filter: July 2012  

It Deserves so Much More...

26 JUL

I was randomly looking at the home page of Anime-Planet when I saw the new manga. Called "Teizokurei Monophobia," it looked interesting eno... read more

Scariest Vocaloid Songs...

25 JUL

Ranging from mildly creepy to downright terrifying. Due to list issues, I may have to create another blog post entirely if I want to order these. An... read more

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An Update on the Category...

25 JUL

A ridiculous name fitting for a pointless blog post. The category "Best Anime..." (NND, that's your ONLY category so far) should also cont... read more

The Case of the Apparent Ellipses...

24 JUL

NND, I think you just took the title for the "Blog with the Oddest Title." Pun intended, good sir? Yes. Anyway, yes, the title is odd, b... read more

Oh heck no...

20 JUL

Sometimes I really hate myself. NND, I ALWAYS hate you. I want to watch the School Days anime. The infamously bad anime has a spot on my "... read more