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It Deserves so Much More...

26 JUL

I was randomly looking at the home page of Anime-Planet when I saw the new manga. Called "Teizokurei Monophobia," it looked interesting enough (it also looked like a yuri/ecchi. I really don't care, though). I clicked on it, and noticed how it had been read by zero people, nobody was reading it, nobody wanted to read it, no one had stalled it and no one had dropped it. Thinking, "It's my time to shine!," I clicked on the "Want to Read" button. I looked up a summary and thought it might be cool (and it is horror), so I started to read it online. Due to something, all the websites at which I looked have currently uploaded only two of the six volumes.

Now another person is reading this, too, and four people want to read this. But, really, it was engaging so far. Why doesn't this have more... well, anything.

I also made a thread for the manga in the "Specific Manga Discussion" part of the forum.

(You just love blatant advertising, don't you, NND?)

Oh, and since it probably won't go far, I'm considering deleting the thread. Not yet, though.


Marceus avatar Marceus
Jul 26, 2012

Manga just doesn't seem to be all that popular here unfortunately. Most people seem to focus on anime only.

This looks kinda interesting, though the ecchi tag is a bit discouraging...

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