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A lot of time ahs passed since I wrote my first review and I really liked this series so I think it's time to review it


The story is simple yet it's really well executed. It centers on Yamada, a girl who decided to set her goal on having 100 fuck buddies. The problem is that Yamada is a virgin and she never had a boyfirend, so she doesn't know how to pick up guys and all that stuff. To make things worse, her first "victim" is a shy guy who is also a virgin and, like Yamada, he never had a girlfriend in his life. Because of that there are a lot of awkward moments in the anime that'd make viewers laugh a lot.

The premise is really original and they did an excellent job with the development of the story.


I don't have much to say here. The animation isn't spectacular but it's well done, with nice background and character designs.


I find the OP and ED nice and fitting to the series. The seiyuus did a really good job here with the voice acting and it doesn't sound forced or anything like that. Also the "B Gata H Kei~" that sound in reallly awkward moments makes them even more funny than it was.


I loved the characters. Her perverted and tsundere side makes episodes really funny. Also her personality develops really well in the series. At the beginning she is just a perverted girl who wants a lot of sex buddies but at the end she becomes a little bit different than anybody'd expect at the beginning (don't worry, she is still a pervert).

Kosuda is a shy, pessimistic guy who sometimes doesn't understand Yamada due to her tsundere-ness.

The rest of the characters acts as a Comic Relief (especially the ero-gamis which can be really funny at moments. It's impossible to not to laugh everytime you see Kosuda's erogami)


This series is really funny and have loads of perverted humor so, if you like this kind of humor, don't hesitate and watch it. You'll laugh a lot with this show.

9/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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