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Shinrei Tantei Yakumo

Jan 1, 2011

At the beginning I didn't planned to watch this anime because the description of the series and the pic in the chart didn't catch my attention but, when I joined the fansub in which I'm actually at, I have to translate this because it was the only anime that they couldn't translate due to the lack of translators, so I give Yakumo a try.

Story (7/10)

In the first episodes I feel like I was watching a mix between Ghost Whisperer and a detective series, looking a bit episodic but, as the story progresses, the protagonists starts to get involved in something bigger than solving random cases. They have done a really good work in the development of the story, making the watcher get hooked on the series, waiting anxiously for the next episode so, while the premises weren't exactly original, they used them at it's full potential making a really good story.

Animation (8/10)

They do a good job with the animation, it suits really well with the atmosphere. It's switches between a dark and haunting atmosphere and a happy atmosphere when it's necessary. Also the design of the character is really good but I see a minor flaw in the design of Yakumo's eyes. Yakumo has almond-shaped eyes but, when they show the pictures of Yakumo when he was a baby, he has big round eyes.

Except that detail they do a really good job

Sound (7/10)

The opening and ending of the series suits perfectly with it. The opening is quite haunting (and personally I liked it) and the ending is simply beatiful. The voice acting was fine and it fits the characters. The background music/noise helps to make the viewer feel like he was in the shoes of the character (they aren't spectacular or anything like that, but at least helps with the mood).

Characters (7/10)

The characters are well done. The protagonist is an university student who has the ability to speak with the spirits of the dead and spends all the time sleeping or tricking people with card tricks but, once in a while, he'll take a spirit associated police case that has piqued his interest. Also there is Haruka Ozawa, a female university student who constantly asks Yakumo for help (and Yakumo finds her annoying) but, they start to get on well and develop feelings to each other. Apart from the main protagonists we have another characters like Detective Gotou and his workmate, which often are used as a comic relief or Isshin, which normally appears in serious situations. Also there is Nao, who is Isshin's daughter and Yakumo's cousin, which at least wold make the viewer say "awww, it's so cute~" or make them faint because of a cuteness overload. I give it a 7 instead of a higher mark because having a harsh, antisocial guy with a cheerful girl is quite a cliche.

Overall (7/10)

To sum up, this is a good mystery series that is worth watching. It's not eprfect, but it's intriguing and entertaining enough to watch all the episodes in a row without noticing it so, if you plan to watch it, do it without doubt.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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