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Dec 24, 2012

Secret Santa 2012 Review

I have been thinking on watching this for a while, but I either procrastinated on doing it or I jurt wasn't in the mood for it. That's until someone rec'd me to watch it in the Secret Santa event, which gave me a reason to watch it, and I'm glad I did it.

Story: When one read Chobits’ premise the first thing one thinks is that it’s your typical anime where the pervert male lead finds a woman who ends up living in his house. But the truth is that it’s quite different than what one expects, and not just because the female lead is an android who can’t say anything but “chi” or do anything. At first it’s somewhat episodic and mostly shows how Hideki, the male lead, teaches new stuff to Chi, but later it become more serious as the story progresses and explores the relationship between humans and androids, and how this affects society. It’s not perfect because it’s still a bit cliché in some parts, but that’s just a minor flaw.


Animation: Overall, the animation and characters design is pretty normal. It’s neither bad nor great, just fine.


Sound: The opening and ending are really catchy. It doesn’t matter whether you loved them or hate them, you’ll have no choice but to remember them. The rest of the soundtrack, while not being memorable, fits perfectly each one of the scenes, and some sound effects even helps to turn a funny scene into a hilarious one.


Characters: Each one of the characters (aside of some minors) were fleshed out properly. Instead of just focusing in the main characters, they also develop the secondary characters, giving them backstories and focusing on them in some arcs. Though I wish they’ve had fleshed out Dita and Zita a bit more, they seemed really interesting.

Overall: While not being a masterpiece, Chobits it’s a very entertaining show that nobody should miss. It doesn’t matter if you dislike romances or comedies with a bit of ecchi, you’ll end up liking it.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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