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Amber. 19. Purple. Anime. Xbox360 GT: NaughtyTaco. Play sometime? Follow me on twitter<33

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snowboardinDx Apr 12, 2009

I had downloaded it from a site i usualy dont stream anime since the quality is usually lower. you could always try veoh but i you dl anime i can give you a site that has it

snowboardinDx Mar 26, 2009

Lol thanks! I totaly get it some people love writing or reading its a hobby for them! but ya anime the way to go FTW!!!~

jakarrd Mar 22, 2009

Welcome Amber!  Hope you enjoy the site.  we have a lot of helpful people here and plenty of users to check out for their watched lists so you have a LOT of anime to look thru if you haven't already.  ^_^

snowboardinDx Mar 22, 2009

Hey Amber welcome to AP i freakin love anime to welcome to the club! i also love reading but writing.... if iam forced to i do but its not my favorite haha... i'd rather just spend my time that i had to do writing watching or reading anime xD btw cute ava!

shadowds Mar 22, 2009

Welcome to AP the name shadowds if you need help find anime to watch online i can send you links where you can watch online or download up to you just ask when ever you need help ^^

How are you doing? also nice avatar alitten cute i may say ^^