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My name is Matt. I am currently in the eleventh grade and I am fifteen years old. Some stuff I do at home includes anime(go figure),3D modeling in blender,and map design in unity. When I am older I plan too become a game designer with my brother. I am not someone overly popular in school but I have my own little social group. I did not start watching anime until the summer of 2013. I had watched two or three animes before summer time but I never really got into anime. I now watch anime on the daily bases and it definetely has changed me. I am alot happier then I was before and I am alot more calm then I used to be. I also recently started listening to vocaloid and anime sound tracks and let me tell you, I love it! And that is about all there is too me. I hope all of you have a good day and have fun living your life. :)

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