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Larkawolfgirl Dec 27, 2009

wow somehow I didn't add you as my friend! Now I did. A little late but Merry Christmas Shayla! You probablly won't see this until next time you come over but still. Can't wait to go back to school and see you but still don't want to go back. Anyway I got a cell phone now so I can text you some maybe now. I have to pay for it though!

Yuko6754 Nov 15, 2009

Hey, hey! I see you're adding more to your 'want to watch' list. =D I find that I have so many I never know which one I wana start... That's probably why I rewatch so many without starting any new ones. >D Anyway, Seeya at school....either tomorrow (maybe?) or Tuesday! =D


4EverDreamer Oct 24, 2009

Yah, you're half way! What did ya think of Tamahome being controlled? That's my favorite part besides the very last ep of the OVA.

Yuko6754 Oct 24, 2009

Hey, hey! It's Scooter from school. :P Nice to see you've got a profile on here. XP