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Hi, I'm Catie, and I had another account on here, but I like starting anew once and a while (especially considering I haven't been on here in like a year >.>)

I play WoW, use to play RO, and I'm open to suggestions for other MMORPGs. Obviously, I like anime, so I'm open to suggestions for that too. :P

Feel free to get at me!


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What?! No manga ratings?

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Theredbaron Jan 20, 2009

When I was in high school, I never had a study hall. My study hall was lunch, or the bus, when I didn't finish it in class.

Seems to be a theme with girls. Leaves me way out of it. Tall I got, but WHITE(I don't tan, I burn), and while family say I am handsome, I doubt that. I go for short, dark hair(don't care about skin tone at all), and I am partial to green eyes.

What? You been hit by a boat too?? :)

Ha, that really made me laugh. Now this is wildly out there, but just a little point: There is a few things you can do that I would never be able to. Such as walk into a room filled with spiders, or have to hold one. I am not dead, dying, crippled, or in a coma. Just everybody has there own faults, ect.

Yeah, it is here. Hard finding one you might like though. You don't have much of a watched/wish list, so I had to guess a bit. Still it is a good one, sucks that it is just 2 OVAs, but still a good watch.

sothis Jan 19, 2009

Hi there, what's your old name so I can delete the account? For future reference, I can change the names ;) we ask people don't do it often, but it's possible.

Theredbaron Jan 19, 2009

I may be hypoctritical, very much so most likey, but I don't think I am lazy. Heck, today I got up at 7am, and just got home at 12 and had the first meal all day. Had a loooong day at work.

She didn't look that bad, back when she was younger. Ricky Lake, however, is someone I thought looked good. I don't find many, if any movie actors to be attractive. I have strange taste, and dispise the "barbie girl" look. I like nerd girls/goth girls, ect. But blonde hair, blue eyes are eh.

Eh, I know, I just can't change who I am. Loser born and raised. But, ouch, being told by a 16 year old is a bit of a sting. Blame it on the fact that I was dropped out of a moving car when I was 5, or that I was run over by a boat at 16ish, but my mind works a bit off from most.

Hahaha, yeah, he changes it often, and that really is the only bad one I have seen.  And he truly is very perverted. However, he is someone you would want as a friend. As long as you are nice to him, he is towards you. Well, he may joke, but that is all it is, a joke. He is a cool old guy, just comes off as farked at first. Ha, you would prob like him, if you could stand him long enough to get to know him. He is a bit hard around the edges.

O, and don't be so mean. Everybody deserves to live, long as they don't interfere with others. Trust me, you get to really know guys, and alot of them are like him. They just hid it well, least you seem them like you see him. He has just learned that it isn't worth it to hid. Though I doubt you will ever meet someone willing to be himself, trully himself, around you. He is the one guy I have ever met that has never "put on airs", and that, if nothing else, is admirable. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that being a pervert is good, just normal for the male sex. O to be young and naive like you. Twasn't that long ago I was like that though, just a few months infact.


Let me end with an anime suggestion. Dragon Half. It is only a 2 ova series, that ended way too soon, but it is pretty good. I think you might like it.

Theredbaron Jan 18, 2009

True, I could do that I guess, cept I don't get lunch brakes as is. However, your friend really did go all out, and I have to applaud someone who is willing to do that to pass. I havn't done it quite like that, yet. I may one day get just to sick of things and go like that. However, I roll with the flow pretty much. Ignorant, I know, but, eh.

Interesting, most interesting. None that I would pick, though more likely then clooney, and none I would expect a lady to pick, but to each his/her own. But, come on, You can do wayyyyyy better then those 3.

Let us just hope that is the case. Cause I would hate to be online in 10 years, still being me, and having all those my age over with the net, and having to talk to a bunch of youngins again. Sigh, I am sooooo old.

Yeah, Naru is kinda like our preverted uncle. Ha, just check out his avatar here, if you are old enough that is. I don't really know your age, so, use your own discression. It isn't really vivid, but it does imply certian things.

That is also the thread where I got the quote from.

Theredbaron Jan 18, 2009

I really don't have time right now. Gawd, I wish I could choose a day to go home early. It just doesn't work out like that. You never know when/where the job will be. I am going over 60miles 1 way next week, got a half dozen jobs in colombus IN, probwon't get home till midight. And I am not lazy, I just don't like to change. I will roll with it if it happens, I just don't make it happen. I am like an old dog. When I am doing something I go all out, just good luck getting me to do it.

I guess that all depends on who your clients are. George Clooney anybody?

Well you do know, at least exboyscout. Winner of the pinewood derby in 90something.

Yeah, I do feel like an old man in a sea of children. It seems like everybody online is under 20. There is only 1 person I talk to online that is over 20, and he is 35. And he is worse into anime then me. And I quote from his last post

"Seriously Hitman, your really social!Naru wouldn't have even tried.Friends are easily replaced by (insert video game name here)."

O, and Naru always referres to himself in the 3rd person. Ha, fun site.