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sovok avatar sovok


Aug 10, 2010

Well,i know that there are really a lot different people around the universe,and they seem a bit surprising at first,but as you see more and more different people you get less surprised,because they have similar character details(forgot how to say it the other way).I liked her style and eyes too )  But in my case to fell in love is much more simple - i could fell in love with a girl who likes me too ) I guess,thats all i need to fell in love ) So i think,but still there may be something else )

Richis avatar Richis


Aug 9, 2010

Aa tai kaip Naruto :] Maciau kai rode per LNK :D Zadu Soul Eater manga skaityt ir paziuret ar ten geriau :D

Richis avatar Richis


Aug 8, 2010

Ziurek noriu paklausti tavo nuomones apie Bleach, nes jis yra mano want to watch liste ^^

sovok avatar sovok


Aug 5, 2010

Hiya )

Well,i don't really know how to say that :\ I guess,she gave me impression that we could get along,don't know how to say it the other way :\Maybe i'll be able to say that later )

BTW why do you ask?

Richis avatar Richis

Great Profile!

Aug 5, 2010

Oi nesakyk, Excalibur buvo annoying, bet buvo ir geru vietu ( pvz 1000 isakymu :D). Man tai Soul Eater turi gerus secondary charakterius , beto galejo tokia crapy pabaiga nebut :D

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