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Hello and welcome to my profile page! I'm just a mere economics student that loves talking with other people. So don't be shy, and come rant with me about anything you'd like~

Something about me;

Personality: Honest, Carefree, Clumsy, Obedient, Mischievous, Cynical, Sickly

Temperament: Melancholic-Phlegmatic

Engages in: Teasing, Planning, Shopping, Reading, Singing

Languages I speak: English, Czechish, German and Japanese (only a bit)

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

My Youtube channel.

My VNDB profile.



Does your username have any meaning to it?

Yes, it does. I remember when I was smaller (about the time I created my profile), I was reading a book. There was this town called Neukris, which came from Czechish phrase: "Není tu krys." The phrase translates to as: "There are no rats."

What is your most favorite anime? What about your most favorite characters?

Do you have Skype or something like that? 

I do. I have Skype and Steam, and if you wish to add me, all you have to do is ask~

How often are you online (both Anime-Planet and Skype wise)?

I'm often online, but it doesn't mean I'm not busy. I might be studying or doing chores.

What is your favorite time of the year? How about favorite days in week?

I love Winter and Summer both equally. As for favorite day in a week... I don't have any, but I really hate Sundays. (´・ω・`)

Is there something you really hate?

Yup! The things I hate the most are lying, dishonesty, celery, dill sauce and mods (as in moderators, most of them don't know how to behave properly as mods).

Anything else you'd like to say?

Narukami no sukoshi toyomite, sashi kumori. Ame mo furanu ka? Kimi wo todomemu.

~I also love stars and music~

~Throughout Heaven and Earth, I Alone am the Honored One~

✞ Here lies a great person that I used to talk to, but not anymore ✞



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TheLostHarley says...

Welcome back!

So,how was this experience?Better forget it asap,or are you gonna remember something from it?Are you planning on doing that kind of job?

Tell me whatever you want! 

Oct 10, 2016
TheLostHarley says...

Hello there!

Well,that's nice!Hit me up whenever you're back,if you feel like doing so,of course.I'll be here!

Sep 4, 2016
TheLostHarley says...

Hello there!

Well,I'll be honest,I wasn't expecting a message from you since,you know,you're away and stuff,so this surprised me!Thanks for it!

Aw,that's bullshit.I hate when they do this kind of things:throwing people in some kind of ghetto place,after working in an hotel like just seems like some sort of scam,you know.I wouldn't expect to live in the hotel itself,but hell,at least give the workers something decent.Not even a little gratitude.Well,at least I hope people there are nice.But I got what you're saying,and I'm sorry for ya.Hang in there!

Oh,a lot of anime have started,indeed.Looking forward for,as you said,Danganronpa,and also 2nd season of Shokugeki,which I really liked.I'll watch them when they're over:meanwhile,I'm kinda busy with other stuff,so.Finished Gurren Lagann a couple days ago:it was great!I've got Tales of Xillia sitting there,waiting to be played.Hyperdim,too.Damn.But it sounds like you really liked Zestiria,so you're probably gonna like its anime,too!Time has passed,so I'm sure you've already tried to download a few eps with that shitty connection xD Did it went well?If so,what have ya watched?

Damn,all these "Tales of" and "Hyperdimension" games look all awesome!I want to play them,but I dunno why,I'm never doing that!It's like,I want to know everything about them,but I can't seem to find the time to play and enjoy them.And this bothers me a lot!But yeah,2017's kinda far,but it's so close,too,so just be patient! ^^

Yeah,I'm doing decent,thanks for asking!Having my usual heat problems,but that's routine!

Well,what can I say?Thanks for this quick message:it really was unexpected,and I appreciated it!Stay strong,and good luck! *salutes,too*

Jul 29, 2016
TheLostHarley says...


Yeah,and to top it off the hot weather hit like a meteor,damn!How could anyone stand this awful feeling of heat,I wonder.

Yup,I thought so.Well,guess you've already left,then.No worries,you'll see the comment when you'll be back.It's not a problem at all if you won't be able to stay in touch:I understand your situation,after all!And I'll be here,as always!Also,the hotel looks pretty good!12 weeks are a lot of time,but I hope it's gonna be all worth it for ya!Good luck!

Thanks for your words,I appreciate them!It's the same thing for me,too,I'd like you to know that!Also,it's true that we write each other something like twice a month,but it cannot be helped much.Oh well,we'll think about this when you'll be back!Again,enjoy this all!

So yeah,I'll be here when you'll be back,and when you'll feel like replying.I salute you!

Jun 26, 2016
TheLostHarley says...

Hey there

Well,it kinda heavy rained here,but just for half a day,which is good,yes.They say it's gonna rain 'till the 20th of this month,but eh,I can already feel the heat coming.It's June,after all.

Why in Greece?Ya going there?

Yes,i do...

Jun 10, 2016