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That's right, I'm huge fan of Fortissimo.

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TheLostHarley says...

Yo yo yo my friend!Guess who's back from the Pit of Darkness? :P

Again,sorry if I'm late with the replies.I'm doing my best to preserve the contacts with you and all the people that I've met here.It's hard but,as you can see,it's not impossible.However,you already know this.So,let's start!

Saw ArcheAge on YT,but it's meh imo.Good graphic and nice style,I have to say this.I also love the fact that you can build your own house and do lil things like climbing trees 'n stuff.But it simply doesn't inspire me.Still waiting for AoA (I've read that it will be ready in 2015 or something like that ;-; *sigh* Still one year,or more,to wait).I think I've heard of No Game No Life,but I don't really know what it's about,so I'll probably check it out later.Also,sorry for kinda spoiling you that Aht thing on Kamidori.Thought that you'd already finished Serawi's route.Gomenasai,Tsun-Tsun-San.Ahem,Neukris-San...Fuck.Please don't kill me,man.

The Irregular at Magic High School?And you liked it that much?I'll definitely check it out,too.

Also,thanks for the VN update!They look awesome!Still have to finish Kamidori,though.Why don't I have more time to do things?Damn.Oh,have you heard anything new for Dracu-Riot?I think it's still stalled.

Wow!As you've said,epic theme and epic trailer!But sent me a PM on YT,don't ya remember?And wasn't THAT VN the most epic VN ever?You know,the one with Rio's daughter,if I remember correctly.Gotcha here,bro :P

Jokes apart,that VN is really promising.Well,the trailer only shows the characters,not an actual "gameplay",if we can call it that.But hey,I'm stunned by them!Some of 'em look really interesting.I'll definitely try this VN.

Oh,a lil update of my status:as you can probably tell,I'm still stuck at ep 16 of GC and ep 8 of Mondaiji.This is sad,I know that :P I swear to God I'll finish these series,no matter what!Also,I was thinking of trying "Maid-Sama" and "The World God only Knows" (when I'll have time,of course).Have you ever heard of them?Just wanted to hear your opinion about them,you know.

Well,see you soon,my friend ^^ And,as always,have a nice day ^^ 

Oct 12, 2014
TheLostHarley says...


Hey my friend ^^ 

Thank God,I finally have some free time now.You can't even imagine how tired I am:these weeks were Hell.I missed ya.I missed all my friends here.And now I can finally talk to them.I'm really trying to be more "active" here on A-P,but,ya know,it's hard.I've got a lot of work to do,and when I come back home,I just wanna sleep.But I didn't forget you.I didn't forget my friends.And I will never do.So,here I am ^^ Kept you waiting,huh? :P

I will definitely give it a try,when I will have time.I want to enjoy that VN,to play it properly,you know,without rushing through it.

C'mon,Serawi is so sweet!She has a big heart,she cares about nature,she's loyal to her friends:she's perfect.Serawi is the incarnation of perfection.She has no flaws.And I love her.Yuela is the strongest,true that,but Serawi pwns enemies,too!Her "Leaf Grunyte" is amazing!

Ahem,Mr...friend? xD :P

No problem :)

Well,sometimes I feel like I have to express my feelings.I just wanted to let you know that you've got a friend here on A-P,someone that will never abandon ya ^^ You can count on me,my friend ^^ I'll always be here,to listen.

Oh,and regarding Kamidori,I've just turned off my laptop.Played for something like 30-40 mins,but they were intense.Why?AHT.JUST,AHT.Dunno how to feel,man.I mean,she's cute and everything,and she looks so innocent,but WOW.She knows how to "move" for sure!There's something more "direct" behind that innocence,if you know what I mean.BUT I was feeling like I was betraying Serawi.If they would have gave me the possibility to actually choose what to do,then I wouldn't have done that.Serawi comes first,and I don't want to disappoint her.Damn,Wilfred is heartless from this point of view.He doesn't know what loyalty is (Yeah,I've got some mental problems,I know that :P) Plus,speaking about Aht,that "I can feel the children move inside me" thing left me surprised.Dunno what to think about it.Man,Kamidori always surprises me.And I love it <3 

So,are you watching anything new?Playing new VNs?I still have to finish Guilty Crown and Mondaiji.Might watch some episodes tomorrow.

Talk to you soon,my friend ^^And,as always,have a nice day ^^ 

Oct 4, 2014
TheLostHarley says...

Hey my friend ^^

That's good.Glad that you're enjoying that VN :) Who knows,maybe I'll give it a try sooner or later:I want to finish Kamidori first.Plus,I have a ton of animes to watch (and to finish),and only a few free time to do so.

Yeah,Serawi is just...divine.She literally conquered me with her beauty and kindness.I love her.You know,Serawi has something that the other two don't have:something special,something unique.Something that I can't even describe.It's like a feeling,a strong feeling that attracts me to her.She won my heart.And I'll never forget this.She's the Angel of "Kamidori".A beautiful,perfect Angel.And btw,she's better than Yuela :P I would go lolicon for Miku.AND I'M NOT >.< I mean,it's not that I'm thinking about THAT scene with Emelita right now!I SWEAR!....You believe me,don't ya,my friend?... I'm not a lolicon..........................i think.Fuck.

Oh,this Ogata Rina is really cute ^^ Also,thank you very much for the suggestion:I'll check that anime out for sure!Also,I have to say that you're pretty kind and gentle for being my worst enemy,the one who wants to murder me :P Ahhh,I love your tsundere part,Mr.Tsu...ahem,my friend :P xD 

Well,no,it wasn't private.Its title is "White Album Guitar & Piano Instrumental",right?I've got it right here.

Talk to you soon,my friend ^^ And,as always,have a nice day ^^

You know,you truly are one of the best person I've ever met in my life.I'll never forget all the talks,the messages,the discussions,the jokes,the great time passed together.And even if we're behind a screen,and we're distant from each other,I've never thought of you as a "stranger".I've always thought of you as a friend.Just wanted to let you know this :) So,thank you for everything,man ^^ And remember,if you need something,I'll always be here for ya ^^ "Because we're friends...right?"    Damn,I'm pretty kind for being a Pervy-loli-baka Traitor :P xD Cya :)

Sep 24, 2014
TheLostHarley says...

Hey my friend ^^ I'M FINALLY BACK,THANK GOD!How are you?I'm super duper sorry for the late reply,but I've been pretty busy these days:you know,new school,new classmates,fuckin' homeworks,life problems...Again,sorry for the late reply,for real.I missed ya so much!I promise I'll try to be more present than this.I'll do my best.Don't worry,Mr.Traitor here doesn't want to leave his friend :)

Don't kill me,please!I'll never call you Mr.Tsun Tsun again.I promise,Mr.Ts...ahem,my friend :P Please,have mercy!Also,why siscon?I'm fucked up,I know that,but not THAT much :P Well,maybe...damn...

~I'm yours~ Her voice is amazing,for real!The OP is good.I'm stalled at the 12th episode of Guilty Crown right now,but I plan to finish that anime as soon as I have some free time.Same thing goes for Mondaiji:only 2 ep left + the OVA.Great anime.

You finished White Album?That's great!Also,that music that you've linked

I've just finished playing some Kamidori,and I got the first H scene with Serawi.Fuck,she's great!I was just there,amazed.Like,wow,man!That was unforgettable.And it's only the first scene!Dunno if I will be able to handle the next ones.I.NEED.MOAR.Glad and proud to have chosen Serawi.She conquered my heart.I'll never betray her.The first love is forever.

Oh,and I've also triggered the measurement scene of Emelita,too.Now,the thing is,WHY am I thinking of her cute body right now?That image is stuck in my mind!God,TheLostHarley,think about something else!You're not a lolicon,aren't you?AREN'T YOU?Truth is,I'm not sure of anything right now.Help me,my friend.

Also,I bet that your new avatar pic is from a VN,right? :P It's beautiful.Ahhhh,it has been a long time since we last talked.Are you watching/reading/playing anything new?

Talk to you soon,my friend ^^ And,as always,have a nice day ^^ 

I MISSED YA SO MUCH!But I'm glad that I can finally talk to you again :)

Again,sorry for everything.I'll do my best to be as more present as possible! See ya ^^

Sep 21, 2014
TheLostHarley says...

Hey my friend ^^ Sorry for the late reply,but school has started even for me.Fuck that.However,even if there is this "problem",I'll try my best to be as more present here on A-P as possible.I won't leave you,bro :)

Why do ya have to say this,bro?You're confusing me:i think I'm starting to liking lolitas now,and it's all your fault >.< :P DAMN YOU,NEUKRIS!

Awww,but Mr.Tsun Tsun is a cute nickname for you :p I know you like it,too!Also,you wish me death?Why are you so cruel,Mr.Tsun Tsun? :( :p

That's perfect!I'm so glad everything's ok with your laptop!Thought I was gonna loose an awesome friend :)

Oh,that's good.I've started watching Guilty Crown (ep 4),and it's really interesting for now.Dunno why,but I love the design of that anime:it has something particular,something "special",you know.The plot is interesting,too.We'll see.Also,I've finished watching InuxBoku SS.Amazing anime.Check it out,if ya want to.It's a comedy/romance/kinda slice of life,so you may like it.The characters are amazing,and some of them are particular,too.

Regarding Kamidori,today I went to Serawi's village for the first time.It is an interesting place,even if,at least for now,you don't get the possibility to actually "explore" it:the forest,the fruit,the tree-house,the's all amazing.And she's so cute and caring:I just love her.She's perfect.I liked Serawi from the beginning,thanks to your screenshots,when I didn't even know what Kamidori was.And I still think that she's gorgeous.Nothing can change this.

Talk to you soon,my friend ^^ And,as always,have a nice day ^^ ........................................ Tsun Tsun :p 

Sep 15, 2014