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I see... so... why are you here ? Are you sure you want to know about my Otaku-life ?
If...then..... Welcome ^_^
(If not... may black flames burn you muahahaha ..*cough cough*)

You may imagine myself like this:

But to start things right: I love Anime and specially in one kind.. the kawaii and moe stuff.
An example:

Just look at this! How could you ever not want to stroke her head ? :3

What do I do with my Otaku life ?

  1. I watch Anime!
  2. I play... video games. (visual novels, some rpg's... etc.)
  3. I go to conventions.

Thats basically it.

romance, action, comedy, supernatural and some shounen.

horror, splatter.

What character-traits do i like:

well.. look at my fav characters. you'll get the idea.

Im not that good at rating anime btw... simply because i can't rate them (im speaking about good animes here) because im (sometimes) overwhelmed by emotions and their effects. . . . BUT IM TRYING ! \>.</
(btw: I may not be good at rating.. but i am confident about my recommendation-powers ^^)

P.S. Im actually a really shy person, but if it would make me happy to speak to you! ^-^


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What?! No manga ratings?

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Iopannera says...

I like your anime taste :)

Aug 13, 2014
Iopannera says...

Nice user name :)

Anime is a big part of my life too, everyone is really nice here so have fun ^_^

Dec 23, 2013