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This shoud be enough (>'-')>




Current Location: In this hopeless planet called earth

Eye Color:Black

Hair Color:Black


Weight:always changing from 130-146

Piercings:I want 2 piercing on my leftear demo...kuwai yo

Tatoos:I want a Tatoo of Alliance and Horde on both shoulders

Boyfriend/Girlfriend:My computer and My Animes

Overused Phraze:"Don't worry about it"



Candy:Coffee and orange

Number:12,26 and 24 y? usual amount of anime episodes on a series

Color:black and blood red

Animal:Dog..........Gringgo..i miss u....


Alcohol Drink:Hate the taste love the side effect YAY

Bagel:Not a fan

Letter:FY for Fuck Yeah!

Body Part on Opposite sex:The sisters

                                                               ~This or That~

Pepsi or Coke:Coke no question about it

McDonalds or BurgerKing:McDonalds ftw

Strawberry or Watermelon:Don't like both....don't hate me

Hot tea or Ice tea:I'm not old yet

Chocolate or Vanilla:Hmmm only if i can combine them...wait! CRUNCH!!!!

Hot Chocolate or Coffee:Starbucks doubleshot [so coffee :P]

Kiss or Hug:French kiss...and a lil bit of whore hug

Rap or Punk:I like both so Rank!

Summer or Winter:Well not too cold not too hot soWinmer

Scary Movies or Funny Movies:Blair Witch Project scary

Love or Money:Love of course...I'm a guy so Love


Bedtime:6 to 8 am

Most Missed Memory:When i got my first pity sex

Best phyiscal feature:Hands...they're soft and really active

First Thought Waking Up:FUCK I'M LATE!!!!!

Goal for this year: 

Best Friends:Jake,Marikris,Jethro and John Quality over Quantity!

Weakness:Anime....movies....mmos.....and when a girl cries!

Fears:Blackout...i need my PC and TV!!!!!!!!!!

Heritage:Filipino/chinese my grandma was half chinese and half cheese

Longest relationship:5 months

Ever Drank:Love water

Pot:Directly? no 2nd hand pot smoke yes,bastards

Ever been Drunk:No just a lil dizzy..but after they carried me outside of the restroom coz i was sleepy they said i was wasted.

Ever been beaten up:3x 1st i was being a dick 2nd sum1 was bullying my clamate so i played hero 3rd they tried to take my spider

Ever beaten someone up:Hell no that's mean...i hired ppol to do it for me

Ever Shoplifted:Classified.........

Ever Skinny Dipped:I want to but no not yet

Ever Kissed Opposite sex:Human yes.....animals almost........................[JK!]

Been Dumped Lately:Not yet

                                                            ~IN A GUY/GIRL~

Favorite Eye Color:Black

Favorite Hair Color:Black

Short or Long:Check height for details...


Style:As long as she wears some clothes and underwear isn't visible she's fine~

Looks or Personality:Weird i never notice if they're hot until i get to know them so...PERSONALITY!

Hot or Cute:Cute

Drugs and Alcohol:Both so it's CRAZY!!!!!

Muscular or Really Skinny:Muscular so she can help me if im in some gang trouble or just a normal street fight.


Number of Regrets in the Past:Just a few i manage too pretty much all the stuff i want so LOL!!

What country do you want to Visit:JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Philippines

How do you want to Die:I dnt wanna die fool! But we all have to so "Trying to save sum1 in a bank robbery"!!!

Been to the Mall Lately:2009 yes

Do you like Thunderstorms:No....i need power for my electronics

Get along with your Parents:My dad is a bastard my Mom is super awesome

Health Freak:I like you too.....anyways,do u have a form saying u have no HIV or Herpes?

Do you think your Attractive:NO i think im KAWAII!!!!!!!!!

Believe in Yourself:All the time..especially when it comes to staying up late "I BELIEVE"

Want to go to College:Highschool is the i dnt know....

Do you Smoke:Yes coz im hot! jk! No...Coz i want Mr.Ozone Layer to be around  so my grandkids can meet him..

Do you Drink:On special occasions....[Really Sad or Really Happy]

Shower Daily:I try [i always do it at midnight]

Been in Love:I am right now

Do you Sing:Yeah if u pay me i will

Want to get Married:If she say yes then hell yeah!

Do you want Children:Yes! a girl please! I'll raise her to be like  Konata Izumi of Lucky Star!!!  

Have your future kids names planned out:Never thought about it...Izumi? lol

Age you wanna lose your Virginity:13 ----my first crush..but there's no way she woulda let me lolz

Hate anyone:Man... i can hold a grudge like a Gorilla mom holding her baby tight because a bunch of poachers are lurking..Sigh I've been burned so many times that my mood swings are pretty did i just had a personality switch there? Anyways yes and the numbers will continue.....wish me luck...

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pokingroamers Apr 25, 2012

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll probably end up watching all the episodes at once and then try to finish my assignments the night before the deadline. Sooo, THANK YOU…. :P

As for Megumi Noda, I actually, know someone who is a perfect copy of her. Even her haircut is the same. She just sucks out all my energy…

pokingroamers Apr 12, 2012

I should have started working on my assignment half an hour ago. But nooooo, I've read some random profile of some guy from a far away land with a high humidity concentration. I even let myself to write a comment (btw, why do I have to choose one of those horrible options above?).

Oh, just heard from another room: "Hey! Are you working?!"

That's a sign for me to pour some more tea, clean my room and watch a fly hopelessly hitting into my bedroom window.

P.S. Why there is no spell check in here?

Cha Ciao (whtf?)

Auraechan Oct 14, 2010

watch this renz lol :)

Auraechan Oct 14, 2010

watch this renz lol :)

VivisQueen Oct 13, 2010

I don't mind. And you're welcome. :)