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Rated 250 Anime image
Rated 250 Anime
Rated 250 anime
Jan 31, 2011
Master Sleuth image
Master Sleuth
Alongside Conan and the Detective Boys, you've solved numerous harrowing and mystifying cases with ease.
Jan 31, 2011
My Drill Will Pierce The Heavens! image
My Drill Will Pierce The Heavens!
You've met Anti-Spiral and lived to tell the tale.
Jan 31, 2011
Naruto Fanatic image
Naruto Fanatic
You've seen more ninja, internal monologues and special moves than you can shake a stick at!
Jan 31, 2011
Bizarro image
You've read the bizarre and arguably disturbing Children Who Can't Choose Their Parents, Holy Night and The Female Fridge no. 1.
Jan 29, 2011
Marked 1 Person Loved image
Marked 1 Person Loved
You've marked 1 person as loved.
Jan 20, 2011
Nice Boat image
Nice Boat
You finished School Days, and even saw the real ending!
Jan 13, 2011
You've watched Debut, a series that proves that even animators can have a very bad day.
Jan 13, 2011
Added 1 Community Anime Review image
Added 1 Community Anime Review
Added 1 community anime review.
Jan 9, 2011
Life on Anime: 3 Months image
Life on Anime: 3 Months
Life on anime is 3 months
Jan 8, 2011