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Nerdlinger here!

Well I'm a 24 year old, (25 soon) female Otaku. ;) (single too lol) Who loves Anime and Manga and cats. I'm pretty simple I guess.


I've been a fan of Anime for most of my life, unknowingly watching Pokemon and Digimon etc. It wasn't until late one night I discover Yu Yu Hakusho on Toonami that I learned of Anime, and even then I had no idea what Manga was. Such a sad time in my life I'm sure. Well not long after I got into watching Inuyasha I discovered that it was in book format at the local library. And then my obsession with Manga began. My Mother is to blame for my Manga madness, she bought me volume 1 of Fruits Basket back in 2004/5 (I don't remember when), and my collection began there.

I'll watch just about any Anime there is, I've never seen Hentai, but I'm sure I'd still watch it if someone asked me too.  ^_^' Heh.
I like almost all Anime. But I do favor horror/mystery Anime, they're just so  intriguing. Hmm...

For Manga I prefer Shoujo, most of my collection consists of that so... yup! I'm a sucker for the sappy romance!

(I do not like Lucky Star, and I don't want to watch Negima, so other than those two shows, I'll watch anything Anime.)

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default avatar AJValenitne


May 10, 2012

HIIIIII sorry for the random message. I saw a list of yours, and basically. i am trying to get hold of an anime called Shin Chan. a list said you have it.

which version is it, and where did you get it?

I'm looking for the old Vitello/Phuuz dubbed versions they used to play on Fox Kids and Jetix. i can't find it anywhere. By chance would you know?

again, i am very sorry for the random message.

Thank you, byeeee :)

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