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Konnichiwa! ^_^

I'm Nerdlinger! I'm 26, female, and an Anime-Lover Who lives in a little town in Washington State, USA.
I love Anime, Manga, and Cats. Yes, I'm a simple person, but that's just fine by me!

I've been a fan of Anime my whole life, unknowingly watching Pokemon and Digimon. It wasn't until I discovered Yu Yu Hakusho and Inuyasha on Toonami that I realized what Anime was. And even then had no idea what Manga was.(Such a sad time in my life, I'm sure.) Well not long after getting into Inuyasha did I discover it in book format at my local library. And then my Manga obsession began. My Mother is to blame for my Manga madness, she bought me volume 1 of Fruits Basket back in 2004/5, and my collection officially began there.

I'll watch just about any Anime there is. I love Mystery/Horror and Romance the most!

My goal is to watch every Reverse Harem Anime ever made!

I give out stars for Anime based on how much I enjoyed it.
5 Stars -- Loved it! Will watch again. And probably buy it! (If I already haven't)
4 Stars -- Really liked it, might watch it again.
3 Stars -- It was alright. One watch is good for me.
2 Stars -- I can't believe I watched that. .  .
1 Star -- I'm speechless at how awful that was.

(I don't like Lucky Star, and did not care for the Familiar of Zero. And I have no intention of watching Negima. Other than those three I'll watch any Anime)

Here is my current Anime Collection as of 7/17/14

For Manga I prefer Shoujo, which is about 90% of my collection. This is about 60-70% of my Manga collection. Yes. I have a lot. :)

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bvincent Jan 31, 2017

I'm also a very big fan on NIS Premium Editions, I'm working on getting the last two I need soon. Glad you liked the list.

DoodlebugFour Jan 17, 2017

Since your a Chris Patton fan. Did you know he's going to be a lead in a upcoming game called Akiba's Beat?

Also he has a page on BTVA if you are curious.

Thought I share this Info :D

Zaig Nov 3, 2015

There's no denying it - you have an impressive collection. I can't quite tell if you have multiple rows on your shelf devoted exclusively to Digimon figures, but if you do... Even more impressive. Regardless, I still see a lot of 'em; I love how you're preserving that childhood nostalgia.

brokensaint058 Jul 2, 2014

"I've been a fan of Anime for most of my life, unknowingly watching Pokemon and Digimon etc." Well that pretty much my anime history in a nutshell too. If I am to recall further my roots go way back to Voltron, Transformers Headmasters and Victory before Pokemon, Samurai X, Digimon and Beyblade got boardcasted here on Belgian television.

Oh sorry, I just randomly stumble on users  on this website and when I feel like sharing something on their profile, I do so. You have a lot of anime under your belt, most of which are on my to watch list. So far Eureka Seven is on the peak of my romantic anime, the chemistry between Renton and Eureka is of stellar magnitude (pun intended). As for Negima, the anime adaptations are ALL utter garbage BUT the manga is worth checking out. I have the 42 tomes sitting on my shelf waiting to be read, but so far I haven't gotten past first 6 chapters due to lack of time. I can recommend it if you like GIANT harem (kind of) with a twist, amazing artwork, fantasy settings and fighting scenes. The only downside is that the manga is overloaded with skirt flips of girls of questionable age, but outside of that it is pretty innocent, sweet and genuinely funny.

As for Bleach, I think that it had a very entertaining story to the point where Aizen descends into Hueco Mundo at the end of Rukia Arc in Soul Society. From there Bleach decided it wanted to be Dragonball and took a bad turn and continued to spiral down ever since. Aizen's final battle(albeit completely loaded with cheese) would have been the perfect ending, but then there was that pointless arc where Ichigo got his powers with Deus Ex Magica and now we have the angry Nazi Quincy empire as the main villain appearing out of nowhere. It is disappointing, but that is my opinion.

Have a nice day and keep watching/reading the good stuff.


AJValenitne May 10, 2012

HIIIIII sorry for the random message. I saw a list of yours, and basically. i am trying to get hold of an anime called Shin Chan. a list said you have it.

which version is it, and where did you get it?

I'm looking for the old Vitello/Phuuz dubbed versions they used to play on Fox Kids and Jetix. i can't find it anywhere. By chance would you know?

again, i am very sorry for the random message.

Thank you, byeeee :)