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I watch alot of anime. I spend probably 4+ hours a day average on watching anime of realy any type. I like the anime that has action, comedy, and romance. With the first and last being able to be ajusted with how much is in it up to the point there is none or almost the whole show is that. I am always looking for recomendations on what would be a good anime. If you have any just let me know most likely I will watch it.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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NeoBlackheart says...

LOL fun watching anime

Dec 8, 2009
Chunk says...

Happy Birthday b(^-^)b

Mar 20, 2009
KatDJZ says...

Happy Birthday! ^_^

Mar 19, 2009
Illsuions says...

Yeah a 4 hour avg. is pretty darn impressive... I go on Anime Binges where I spend an entire day or two watching anime but I still don't think that averages out to be 4+ a day... *bows to you* You are an Anime watching master!!

 Ha yeah just thought I'd leave some dribble here for you to read... See ya around!!

Nov 29, 2007
Icey says...

Just replyed to you in the forums and thought I would send you a quick message here too. Since your taste in Anime mirrors my own it would be good to stay in touch. I seem to be spending most of my time lately watching School/Romance type anime and will gladly offer my suggestions if you need them. Please feel free to recommend any anime you really think I should watch.

Nov 28, 2007