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Hi, I'm a 25 year old born again Otaku; I made myself drop my anime habit a few years back because I was too broke to afford anime (and internet access) but now I have a great job that fully supports my anime addiction...nows theres the issue of stopping myself...

I work at a Toyota manufacturing plant, so after a hard days work, I love makaing myself dinner and cuddling in my bed while watching anime.

I tend to only watch anime that I own. Domestic or Import, I'll watch some online then if I like it I buy it.

Im saving up money to finish school (I'm only techinically a sophomore) and soon I will be attending San Jose State U (Engineering woohoo, cum: 3.8 gpa ::bowing:: and majoring Software Engineering--I want to work on video games)

I love video games (all time favorite is anything from the Street Fighter franchise--I have over 20 versions of this game and multiple copies of the same game for different consoles). By far my favorite console is Dreamcast.

Favorite food is Italian, I love cooking...italian and chinese...and apparently I love talking about myself.

The first anime I'd ever seen was the original Mermaid Forest/Mermaid Scar (on tape...before DVD's existed!)


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6thHokage Nov 15, 2007

I envy you.....I've always wanted to snowboarding.I wish it could get cold just a little bit down here. Its cool that you cook, my brother is a chef, least he's studying to be one. I don't know how to play any instruments. I listen to any kind of hip-hop. Or anything that has a beat that I can dance to. I also like to do back flips front flips and any other kind of flips. I go out with my cousin and we do flips off everything (cars, rails, small buildings, etc.). I'm recording them to make a video. And I'm proud to say that I've never broken a bone or got hurt while doing flips. WOW this comment is long. SORRY :)

6thHokage Nov 13, 2007

I've never played guitar hero. Is it good?

When I play the new Resident Evil game that would probably be the game that I'll stick with. So hows the weather over there? Over here in Puerto Rico it is HOT . So what hobbies do you have.(Besides watching anime)

6thHokage Oct 9, 2007

I really like any Resident Evil Games. My favorite consule has to be the PS2. And I could not possibly choose any single video game to play for a whole year, its just impossible. BUT, It really I get online access?

So, How about you? (same questions)

Logicfox Oct 4, 2007

I own SNK vs Cap original, I always liked that game, diologue is funny at times before fights, and I play marvel vs capcom at friends, I love that game as well. But all in all, street fighter 2 ultimate at the arcade is the most fun I ever had and I get so into that and alpha, but 2 ultimate is like oldschool madness. I mean SF is awsome in itself but so much more fun at the arcade with your friends.

Logicfox Oct 2, 2007

Just saying heyz back, and ... STREET FIGHTER ROCK ON! I don't care what punks, now-a-days, say about SC2-3 or DOA (Though being a guy I can't help but love that game as well) ... Street fighter serries are the only games worth being good at, it's so awsome. But why give up anime again? Anime is like the only good drama these days, of course imho.