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Hi, I'm a 25 year old born again Otaku; I made myself drop my anime habit a few years back because I was too broke to afford anime (and internet access) but now I have a great job that fully supports my anime addiction...nows theres the issue of stopping myself...

I work at a Toyota manufacturing plant, so after a hard days work, I love makaing myself dinner and cuddling in my bed while watching anime.

I tend to only watch anime that I own. Domestic or Import, I'll watch some online then if I like it I buy it.

Im saving up money to finish school (I'm only techinically a sophomore) and soon I will be attending San Jose State U (Engineering woohoo, cum: 3.8 gpa ::bowing:: and majoring Software Engineering--I want to work on video games)

I love video games (all time favorite is anything from the Street Fighter franchise--I have over 20 versions of this game and multiple copies of the same game for different consoles). By far my favorite console is Dreamcast.

Favorite food is Italian, I love cooking...italian and chinese...and apparently I love talking about myself.

The first anime I'd ever seen was the original Mermaid Forest/Mermaid Scar (on tape...before DVD's existed!)


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Mavrickk says...

Haha. Yea there were some OK stuff but nothing tooooo amazing. So I guess you can say you didnt really miss out on much.

Oh thats awesome. Around when will you be down here... and where exactly? Like Los Angeles or Anaheim? It sucks cuz just this past weekend there was the Anime Expo 2009... the biggest con in america! So only if you came out here sooner you would have had a blast. I took lots of pictures, if you have a myspace page let me know so I can send ya my page link so you can check out the photos.

Last thing I played was GTA 4 and now I am just replaying Half Life 2. I got all the old school systems like NES, SNES, Genesis, Dreamcast, GBA, Gameboy, PS, PS2, Gamecube, N64, Xbox and Xbox 360.. I dont have a Wii or PS3 yet.

Awesome! Some earthworm jim, classic lol. I feel like playing it now.

Anyways, let me know when you are comin to so cal and where, maybe we can meet up for a drink and chat about video games.

Jul 7, 2009
Mavrickk says...

Did you get a chance to watch E3?

Jun 16, 2009
Mavrickk says...

Hell yea cheap people suck! lol.


Yea I totally suggest going to a con when you have the chance, it really is soo much fun... sadly though in america I think Anime Expo is the biggest one but its only in Los angeles or New York. But it does suck not having n e anime fans to go with but thats why you try to make some... You can now consider me a new anime friend to ya :-D. if you have some vacation time and money you should consider going to the anime expo sometime in the future, people come from all over the place to go.


LOL I could talk about video games allllll day as well, as a matter of fact when I hang out with friends I usually do! lol. You know what, RE4 was scary... and crazy. But I enjoyed it, but RE5 is not scary as all compared to 4. Nah I didnt preorder the new Final Fantasy yet, I think I will rent it first before buying it. Right now I am currently playing GTA4... I still havent finished it yet so I am trying to get that out of the way. So what games do you plan to finish up on the wii?


I noticed you have a facebook, but do you have a myspace by any chance? I can add ya as friends if you did :)

May 20, 2009
Mavrickk says...

For sure! We should start a capcom junkies club. I have put soooo much time into Resident Evil 5, its awesome! Street Fighter 4 is much better then I expected but playing online can be very horrible at times. People always pick Ken or Ryu and just sit there and throw fire ballls or people just sit in the corner and do nothing waiting for you to attack :( but over all still fun.

I just did that SF quiz and only got 57 out of 81... I dont know if thats good or bad lol

I see your from California. So am I. You live in Sothern California by n e chance? If so, do you plan to go to the Anime Expo this year in Los Angeles?

May 15, 2009
Mavrickk says...

Awesome bio. I bet you cant wait for SF4 huh? I am gonna be sad to leave 3rd Strike alone but I can always go back and play it right? lol. You have a pretty impressive anime list, so I was wondering, I LOVE Azumanga Daioh and ever since I saw it my anime quest was to find other animes like that, would you happen to have any recommendations?

Nov 18, 2008