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Hey, Nice to meet everyone. I watch anime most of the time, and i've never joined a site like this before, just read the info on them. I figured it was about time I stop being a herimt and actually join the community, so here I am. I'm big fan, and have been since I lived in Japan for 5 years up at Misawa. I am not only a fan of the anime, but also fo the culture, and find the history and mythology to be fascinating.

I also game on FFXIV under the name of Blackmane on the Balmung server. I am now practicing some amateur fansubbing, although it is all self taught with Aegisub, and attempting to recreate what I see. I have been posting on youtube some of my results if anyone is interested under the username NemesisFated. Feedback appreciated, cant learn without knowing what I am doing right or wrong.

Bastard!! is my all time favorite anime, as there's not a better reason to conquer the world as "kill all the men, so I can steal all the women!"

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