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I'm a long time otaku who just can't get enough of the good stuff.  I don't really stick to a single genre of anime though I really enjoy Sci-fi and Fantasy more than most.

Besides anime I really enjoy my gaming.  My options right now are fairly limited to the XBox 360 but that's because I'm jobless :(  Still, feel free to add me on XBox Live (Send a message or I won't take it seriously).  My Gamertag is Nekro Neko

So what do I play on there?  All sorts and I have quite a range of 2D and 3D fighting games if that's your bag, but know that FPS's are usually something I avoid with few exceptions.

Other than that, I have a little dark grey kitty :3.  His name is Tiberius and likes to get in the way from time to time but I love the little tyrant all the same.

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apoc9 says...

My argument on DB Super stands. The animation looks worse, which is even so more obvious with the flashbacks made from the DBZ. The battles are worse too. For example look at the battle between Goku and Freeza in DBZ. It is way more exciting, than the Fukkatsu no F arc in the DB Super or the movie, even if it was longer than in the DBZ manga. Explosions and other effects are also generally more modest in the Super in comparison to the DBZ. This is also one of things which led me to believe that Super nerfed the DBZ characters. The idea of warm up, that is a new one. It was not established as such in the anime. The only warm up before a training was I think in the old DB and it was still that "You thought we were doing this for real it was just a warm up" kind.

If all battles are short it makes all the enemies look weak. However putting that aside the fact that battles are shorter is not really that strong redeeming quality for any anime.

Jul 4, 2016
shadowarai says...

thanks for your advice!

Apr 26, 2015
GuiltyIncest says...

Damn Right!!!

Nov 28, 2014
Perfect says...

Seeing as I have barely watched at all in the last year (or even last few years) I think I passed you a long time ago ;)

May 22, 2014
sickguy says...

hi and i wacth anime sent pokemon

Sep 7, 2009