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My name is ....Nekka.

Anyway I started to watch anime when i watched amv, then i was curious about anime after that i decided that: Well i have time, and I could start to watch anime.

First I watched Hellsing, which was quite good, after that i wanted to see more and then i watched Blood+

Thats when i got intrested on anime and started to watch them more..soon i found this site..and made account...then it took couple months until i made account to forums.

Now i try to tell something about myself....

Im just..average finnish guy, who enjoys gaming, watching anime, reading manga sometimes, having fun with friends and of course there is my passion to roleplay.

Im usually quiet, nice, kind and shy person..but i also have bad side...I can be mean and joke badly and make others feel horrible, sadly i dont sometimes realize it....


Anime, Reading Manga, Studying, Playing video games, , Drawing, Learning to play Keyboards. Table top rpgs(dnd,WoW,DH), MTG


Photoshop, Psychology, Supernatural things, Mystery, Horror movies, Anime, Manga, Games, Music, Tea, Touhou.



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arc666 says...

Yup, very nice,

Jul 8, 2009
NoirTheElitist says...

58 on watching? now that's something O.o

Jun 17, 2009
Termia says...

hiya and welcome to AP. Just like FlameOn said: if you need any help, don't hesitate to ask. Also, and I know I already put this in the forum, but I want to be on the safe side: watching anime doesn't make you crazy... it's one of the essences of people. as a person you need a few things: clothing, a roof, food/drink, a laptop with internet and tons of anime ^^

though my friends also don't get anime, i at least get it and love it... so much that i have 2 months watched already @.@

anyway, have a great time here :)

Jan 16, 2009
FlameOn says...

hi and welcome to A-P..if you need any help just leave me a mesage:D

Nov 28, 2008