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about me

funny, random, silly, nice, i admit sometimes stubborn, and if people get under my skin i tend to be harsh.

my zodiac sign is a leo

i love all types of music, adventures, going to the movies, and hanging out with friends

love animes such as

  1. loveless
  2. Naruto

pretty new to the anime and manga world ^^

i only rate things i like which are few things others i dont even try because the pictures are horrible ><

im a shounen-ai freak lol which is the only thing i basically watch and MAYBE IF POSSIBLY IN THE MOOD i watch shounen lol i know i need to be more open minded on these things yeah yeah =b

my life spent on anime

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i characters

i characters


US lol

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January 17, 2010

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April 8, 2014

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total anime ratings: 26

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AkumaSama avatar AkumaSama


Feb 7, 2010

Hi what's up?

AkumaSama avatar AkumaSama


Jan 23, 2010

Cool i like naruto too ^^ my favorite character is neji i love him so much! he's so hot and cool ^^

cheerio380102 avatar cheerio380102


Jan 23, 2010

Well theyre both gender blenders and comedys, and ranma 1/2 is like a fighting action genre. ouran high school host club is more like romance.

cheerio380102 avatar cheerio380102


Jan 23, 2010

yeah theyre the best ^.^

cheerio380102 avatar cheerio380102


Jan 23, 2010

Well I guess my fav anime so far is Ranma 1/2 or O.H.S host club

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