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Hello. I'm Aurora. I've been into anime for about 11 years. My 1st anime was pokemon but my "starter" anime I consider to be Naruto as that has gotten me into Anime overall. I mainly use this site to update my Anime list and keep track of what I'm watching.

[Will be updating my Profile here gradually overtime since a lot of it is old, from when I was a High Schooler/College Student which I am no longer. A lot of what I've said here may seem strange, and that is because I was a very different kind of person several years ago.) 


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If you want to know more about me feel free to ask. I'll probally want to know more about you in exchange. I'll tell you simple things, but I will never say anything too personal like my "real name" even if you tell me yours so do not ask please.

Typically I don't have a particular favorite genre. Generally they involve an element of fantasy and psychological part. As long as the anime can hold my interest and allow me to connect with at least 1 of the main characters, I can watch almost any anime.

Here are some of my top favorite animes of all time. This list will continue to change as I watch more anime, or my feelings toward anime I've watched before change as well as gain new perspectives.

1. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni- I basically watched this anime right after Elfen Lied since I've heard people compare this to Elfen Lied. It starts out innocent and cute and quickly gets creepy and brutal. You wouldn't believe this to be a horror anime from watching the 1st 2 episodes! This show also has a lot of characters I like which is important. Beyond the betrayal and paranoia present in this show, it holds great themes such as friendship and overcoming fate. And presents a mystery. It is mostly a debate between whether Oyashiro-sama's curse is actually a curse or caused by humans who want us to think it's Oyashiro-sama's curse. A similar theme is present in the sister series Umineko which is also just as good as Higurashi.



2. Elfen Lied- I enjoy the themes of Nature vs. Nurture that this Anime presents, and it really does a great job with showing the absolute worst that humans are capable of as well as the absolute best. The abilities of the Diclonius are also interesting.

Elfen Lied 

3. 11 Eyes- Got to say I really enjoyed this anime. It was one of those rare ones where there wasn't a single main/secondary character I disliked. Allow me to rant about its good points. Characters are taken to an parallel dimension (which is always a fun thing) and they fight Larves and a group called the Black Knights. They don't know why they are fighting. There is also a girl imprisioned in a crystal named Lisette. Without spoiling too much I will say she is my main favorite character from this show and one of my most favored characters of all time in anime on the par with Lucy (Elfen Lied), Light Yagami, and Shion Sonozaki.

11 Eyes 

4. Psycho Pass- This anime is true art. It is a sci-fi that takes place in a 1984 similar type of world. A person's potential to commit crime can be quantified and visualized. Even just thinking about a crime is enough to get you branded a latent criminal for the rest of your life. This is Japan ruled by the Sibyl System. The protagonist Akane Tsunemori is a new inspector who's job it is to track down criminals. With her are enforcers, who are latent criminals themselves, and track down other criminals while being watched by the inspectors. Their guns are sentient, they will only work if a target's crime coefficient is high enough. Opposing the Sibyl System is antagonist Shogo Makishima who seeks to bring people's free wills back. This is sort of a law vs chaos type of anime written by Gen Urobuchi (same person who wrote Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, another great anime). The next generation Death Note. And has you decide which is the better of the 2 trying to make the world better. It is perfection, or as close to perfection as one can get.

Psycho Pass

5. Yona of the Dawn- Will update with description soon.

Akatsuki No Yona

Some others worth mentioning are:

Naruto- Not the 1st anime I watched but it was the anime that got me into anime

Angel Beats- This anime was awesome for being unique and set in a world after death where people can imagine and summon weapons and fight without worrying about death. The character of Tenshi is also facinating, you'll love her if you watch the show.

Inuyasha- A very good anime. It has about something for everyone. 2 Tsunderes who have a relationship that builds throughout the show. And the protagonists and the other groups of anti-heroes are bound by the hatred of a common enemy. Naraku, a hanyo just like Inuyasha. It is the best 100+ ep anime out there with minimal filler. 

Death Note- 3rd anime I think. It showed me there was more to anime than just the typical Shounen plot/fights. There's the awesome Mental/psychological battles. A key thing is that I personally agree with Light's ideals he worked hard to make the world a better place. That's not something that can be considered "evil" as some think of him. Clearly because of this I hated the ending and hated the 2nd season as a whole. The show didn't feel the same after the 1st season.

Mirai Nikki A survival game with the main tool being a Diary (cell phone/scroll) that can see into the future. It is similar to Fate/SN and The Hunger Games with the survival game aspect. Thou what really makes it interesting are the characters of Yuno Gasai and Minene Uryu. They bring awesome qualities to the show and are fun characters to watch.

Code Geass- Like Death Note but a little more physical action lol. Can't help but wonder if I got my insane obsession with eyes and psychology from this anime? O_O

3x3 Eyes- Normally this anime would be on my top 5. Even above Elfen Lied if I see the whole series. Thou the manga series I found out is about 40 volumes long and the anime ova only covers an 1/8th of that. While the Elfen Lied Anime at least covered 1/2th of the manga. It is a very interesting series from what I've seen so far and thought I should mention it. I even heard it inspired part of Elfen Lied which would automatically ensure a place on my top 5.

Jigoku Shoujo- Similar to Death Note dealing in a dark atmopshere. Every episode seeing Enma Ai-san take requests to send people to hell is interesting, especially since 90% of the time the recipiants of the curse are total bastards which makes it even more satisfying. It also has a very great Soundtrack.

Some anime characters I really love:








I'm afraid I have to put up a collection of Yuki-Onna pictures They're my favorite type of Youkai so you know. I must!

 Yuki Onna


There are manyy other characters I love as well. These are the main ones which have sparked special moments in their animes And hold a special place of respect for Aurora.

I also read visual novels, I don't have a very big collection right now, but I forsee my collection growing in the future. My favorites for now include:

Yumina the Ethereal- This is the main 1st visual novel I've bought. It has a fantastic and unique story with memorable characters, it also has some rpg elements that make it even more interesting. There isn't really a genre you can classify this story in as it seems to be one of those that have a little of everything.

Saya No Uta/Song of Saya- Being a fan of Madoka Magica, Psycho-Pass, and Fate/Zero, it follows that a visual novel I would have to have would come from the writer of the series mentioned above. Gen Urobuchi! It was a great story of course and similar to Umineko, it really messed with my head planting questions such as "what is reality". While it is difficult to make sense of these questions, they are interesting to think about.

Video Games are another hobby of mine. I can't count how many I've played though the series that have stood out most to me throughout my life include:

Metroid Series- Pretty much my 1st official video game series I really started playing it deserves a mention. I've played video games before with my friends but from 1st owning a Gameboy Advance I've been hooked to the Metroid series for forever basically. I love pretty much all the games before Other M. With Metroid Prime 2: Echoes being my favorite. Super Metroid/Metroid Prime also coming close. I would consider Metroid to be the best creation of Nintendo for having incredible gameplay (in both 3rd& 1st person) interesting aliens, along with a great overall story that slowly pans out. 3 great things that make for a great game.

Shin Megami Tensei series- by chance I discovered this game at a local gamestore, for only $20 this proved to be one of the best game purchases I ever made. I played SMT: Devil Survivor seeing as RPGs are awesome this one was a classic awesome rpg. I think it to be better than pokemon or any other rpg I've played before. To call it my favorite RPG would be an understatement. You get to control and fight demons YES!! DEMONS!! and choose different routes. The ending and enemies change depending on which path you take which is normally either a Law (totalitarian) or Chaos (Anarchy) path. 2 extremes. There is Neutral as well, but being in the middle of things may not suit me as much. My type of game. Thanks to a facination with demons and rpgs. I've gotten other games in the series such as Strange Journey and Devil Survivor 2. Plan to get more in the future. All the games in this series I've played so far have proven to be quite difficult of course being very fun as well. had the 3 games for several months and I've only beaten Devil Survivor so far. Close to beating Strange Journey but wow its difficult. On the final boss now but can't beat it due to being severely underleveled and not having good enough moves to counter the 1 hit kos the boss throws at you.

Haruhi Bye

Well then cya for now.

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Madoka Mar 19, 2014

Well im a huge fan of mystery and detective combo (which can commonly create them psychological traps), i agree on they just have a certain thrill factor that is hard to find anywhere else. I also like the combo of genre can make it great, normally i won’t say i hate series built around real life but alike with games, the fiction is usually more fun but i think with a mystery series any works great, Death note uses a more fantasy aspect due to the killing method (or supernatural, which ever you prefer) but i also do quite like ones which reflect around real killings or whatever as well, so extra bonus points there for the genre.

For Higurashi, i heard a few things but i don't think anything was ever true or false, just rumours (for now). It's a tricky series because it has essentially finished in that it's main plot was resolved, but they made OVA(s) of spin off stories and sure enough they did well. It's known there might still be people working on it now though, the last OVA i mentioned a month or two back was only released a year ago which says people are still working on it... so chances for another season are pretty tough to predict. Points of likeliness would be deducted due to the main story being finished but it will gain points in it's clearly got people still working with it so it's hard to predict. But i wouldn't mind seeing what they come up with, they sure know how to make the series entertaining that's for sure.

Yeah i don't mind either way what the third Nanoha movie turns out as. If it's Vivio focused it will all be pretty new stuff which is neat for the viewer but if it's strikers focused we will get the retelling we all looked forward to as well (Nanoha is probably the only series i love retellings for, many series have them but they are like Madoka's retelling movies, just the series condensed, Nanoha keeps the plot and events but changes it enough to make it feel new and fresh). So im good with either, my only concern with the Vivio one is, as you said it will mainly focus to her, i have no issue there but i hope to see enough Nanoha and Fate xD

Yeah i think Kamisama was a laid back style, the mysteries was still there and serious (Prostitute to find friend, the gang things and the end arc (i loved that one)), but the style felt it was a little more chilled out and enjoy it type thing as well. I liked Alice, she was like a more down to earth L, she wasn't a know it all on the spot but she knew her stuff when she was serious but that's what i liked about her, she wasn't always serious, a bit of a joke and laugh is nice to see, it's kind of one reason i like her when put up to L, L was great don't get me wrong but his "locked up" personality which made him so great is what alice fixed (that's only as good as we make it).

Gosick was my favourite of Kamisama and it's self, as said it's stronger and more serious (in a way), and i agree they are alike but i did also love the relationship development between Kujou and Victorique. I also loved that backstory, it wasn't just like Kamisama which is solve the mystery as it appears type thing, she was a mystery herself the whole time (in the tower) and we always got small parts added to that which made it great(er).

I agree there, Deathnote, Kamisama and Gosick were all detective mystery type series but they all have their own selling point. I guess setting could be a key here though, Deathnote was watch the eye of the "villain" evade and stealth, Gosick was more old WW1/WW2 era with restrictions of catching the fore but more unveil the "true" story, and Kamisama was a more balanced modern mystery series. All had their own fun factors for me. I liked them for that it's self though, Light was fun as not many series follow the "Villain" or "target" and how they keep themselves hidden, so essentially seeing him cover his tracks was awesome but seeing how L caught him was also great, the only down side was the second half, regardless if you like/hate the second part after L is gone, it's undeniable the new characters kind of sucked. And yes side characters didn't appeal to much in deathnote, the sale was Light and L. I liked Kamisama because it felt a little modern, i don't mind setting, in fact i love older era's but the focus of modern crimes which happen daily around us was quite fun and interesting, i also liked the NEET sales point, it was weird at first but kind of fun later, Also being a little more slow paced and such was nice as i do like series like that. Gosick for me was great by setting, the side plot was epic (or main plot) and the crimes themselves was real fun, it's one i commonly stepped myself up to join in figuring out what was what. They all are quite different yet quite alike.

I guess it's both which matter, Plot is the true selling point of most series (except slice of life and comedy), so drama, mystery, detective are a huge thing which depend on plot, imagine deathnote with no plot, he just killed random people for fun never being caught or chased, would get old without the plot. but there isn't much point in a great story if you hate every character, without good characters we will probably drop it, so characters are everything but at the same time, without the plot they are pointless. So i say both, characters to keep us happy and plot to keep us interested, i suppose that could be me being indecisive but... oh well xD

Yeah Aselia was actually one game i enjoyed picking up. With is being JAST of course they don't have a local shop/site over in this country but i ordered it when i was importing some anime anyway from US and i think it cost around $29 back then (which was a few years ago now) which was pretty nifty as that's about £17 local currency (at a guess) which is almost half what most other games cost, great deal :D I have heard of Yumina the Ethereal but not yet played it, i caught eye of it a few months ago, asked a friend of it and he said it's quite good but i never got around to buying it yet so not so sure how it is (i been playing the Hyperdimension Neptune series, amazing series if you like turn based RPG). The main reason i love visual novels or RPG or visual novel RPG is the play time value, as you said, some games now days are real expensive and only offer 10hours or less play time whilst visual novels and/or RPG usually have high play time and are cheaper! Aselia, loads of routes to play, all change the story a lot, you can make the game harder for a challenge and well it has lots of play time/replay value, a true example of a good buy. I sometimes feel modern game designers get lazy, make short games for full price whilst some older classics like Aselia have lots of play time and are real fun for better prices.

Glad you enjoy the strategy side to the game, honestly speaking i loved that so much! It felt different to most other strategy games, splitting into squads and heading out to conquer different areas for the mana, arranging them to keep the main people alive ect, i like strategy games and this for sure was a big yes for me, i have actually been looking for one alike it but that isn't so easy. Trust me though, harder modes the game gets hard. I can't remember what the hardest one is called but it's pretty much impossible, no really i even went on the net and people said it is real hard, doable non the less. Yes harder modes will have more enemies, usually of higher levels (this applies to dragons and bosses) and they use more strategy, they will eventually get to the point of tricking you, they will try baiting you into traps with them so it can be quite fun. Actually i really enjoyed Lesteena's (she is the queen... princess one right? i think im remembering correctly), if she is who i think she is i was a bit concerned about doing her route as well, just didn't expect much but i quite liked it, a actually quite nice romance story, at least for me, i can't remember her ending perfectly, i have a idea how it went but i wont spoil it for you but i think it wasn't too bad. I know the events what happened i just can't remember if it ended on a positive end or a bad one but i think i have a idea (i wont say :D) but yeah i think i was surprised by her route.

Well the Sibyl system could be great when compared to modern days, i mean it could find criminals before they commit crimes just by reading their mental state, now that is pretty awesome if you ask me. It's way of using the rather sadistic minds of criminals might seem wrong to some but i thought it was good, puts them to use, besides gets them "of the street". Non bias judgment was good as well, in reality people can be swayed by anything, even the smallest bias or wrong step can send a innocent man down whilst letting a quality run free, i think this was best on the mental state, theory shows the system could find the criminal just by looking at them.

The enforcers to me was great, when it described it all on the first episode i thought they would be "dogs" as described and act no better but far from it, the relationship between them was quite nice to watch, basically it was a room of humans, how life should be.

My only issue with the system at large is the mental state barrier needs tweaking, like the cops have to be cautious of their mental state always, kind of lame it hits a bar and that is it. My sister for example is a nurse, she gets stressed out a lot, so if she was in the police she would have lost her job by now... Also i found it with people, one wrong move and people could trigger alarms, i think the barrier should allow momentary stress, so long it isn't prolonged, We all here bad news or life changing stuff we don't want to and can't surely get past it over a 5second span so maybe it could be altered. Of course this it's self as a suggestion has issues though, some people become "crazy" because these "news" which change stuff so i guess my own thoughts would need rethinking.

Not sure what to make on one thing with the system though, it gives you a job by grade and mental state ect. This is cool in some ways and not so much in others. The positives, it shows people the "right" path in life and pretty much gives them their job as they go somewhere for a job, if the system says it's a job suited for them well... not much room to question. The down side here was, it removed aspirations, people wouldn't aim high if it wasn't in their reach because the system said so, also if you dreamed of a certain career, if the system doesn't approve your life probably wont see that career, i don't think you had to follow the system for sure but still... It's a good and bad thing i guess, to some it's great whilst others could question it.

Yeah i try to keep my posts in paragraphs so it's more easier to read. I love reading/writing long posts but nothing it more unappealing that a wall without pause so i do the same, new topic = new paragraph. I actually think this is one of my longer messages i wrote but as long as you don't mind :D i always get carried away writing on some topics and ramble on a little hehe.

Madoka Mar 12, 2014

Hehehe nice, spring break! The best times are the breaks, games + anime + well whatever, i won’t deny i have a relaxed mode which loves to kick in when you have a week or so free :D RPG mode on!!

Yes!! You noticed the Psychological trap as well (nice name for it by the way :D). I have spent quite some hours wondering around these before, as you said it happens a lot but it's obvious what they are trying to do, in this case i knows Kira hates to loose, but that obvious part makes them think they will expect it to be a trap and respond oppositely and thus brings up a line of ongoing tricks, i have spent quite some time wondering what the best idea around this is. I mean to loose could be to obvious but to win could be walking into their palms as well, there is only two choices of outcome yet they both feel rigged on some way so you loose both ways. I could be overlooking it, i have a tendency to put myself in the targets shoes (i guess it varies by the person but i like being able to think through the eyes of the "target" over the "hunter" as it's a bit more risky and strategic), i think either way the situation is a hard one to work around, though this could just be because my habit of seeing everything through someone’s eyes gets in my way.

Yeah you should enjoy Phantom, i watched it right after finishing Noir actually so it was pretty neat timing to compare the two. I think it's for sure a matter of if you like Noir you should love Phantom as well, or i hope anyway, i think most do anyway, i quite surprised to see it not higher on the rec list for Noir but they are quite a like, i guess it's because their story differs.

With Nanoha i think it might have been wise to leave her and Fate and maybe Hayate as S rank or S+ whereas no others could achieve higher than A. I don't mean to say over power Nanoha or the others but it just lets people see an actual gap in ability (not just power, strength alone can't win a war as they say) instead everyone is S rank like it's some normal thing. Yeah i liked Caro, i admit her dragon really doesn't fit in to the series style but i still liked it even if it was a bit misplaced. I would of loved to see some more plot focus on her and her summons, it could of been real fun, very unique anyway, i loved seeing the dragon cause total damage xD Maybe i am letting the gamer of me take over a little there though, i just like dragons and summoning xD

Yeah the rumour started out as the 3rd movie was for StrikerS, then it slipped out about a Vivio focus, i can't remember but it's possible both was confirmed, i was sure something was said for StrikerS. Actually i saw a image on the JP nanoha page thing, Vivio focus so something there is likely, sadly i couldn't read it, i can read some JP but it was too advanced. I would love both, i admit i would rather StrikerS the most getting a movie but a Vivio arc could be fun as well.

You might have seen it but have you watched "Kamisama no memo-chou"? (English title- Heavens memo pad), that's a real good detective like series. I only finished it two or 3 days ago but i really enjoyed it, it's not so much like Death note but it still is quite fun, it's like a semi-serious series with some decent detective work (especially the last arc), it's generally very serious with cases all very possible to happen in the real world, the only part which wasn't was one episode about baseball which kind of was just a more casual thing but it's well worth a try if you like detectives (a lot like Gosick if you have seen that). Yeah i recently have been into these detective stuff, I love a series with like you said, not always supernatural or special power, just a human who goes to prison when caught but where there is a lot of hiding around it. I know there are a lot of detective series out there but i like the sort with a constant story or two or really interesting cases if split up (like Gosick) where lots of effort was put into either the criminals crime or into finding them, sometimes not knowing the criminal is quite fun for the viewer, its fun to join in mentally and figure out stuff... though that could just be me xD

Yes i played Aselia! Beaten every character route (takes some time to do the girl who is your friend from your world... sorry i can't remember names to well outside the main spirits), anyway i loved the game, it has some fun strategy to it and i quite liked how the military side was done, it's old school turn based RPG (i love these) with some fun way of playing, i loved the Mana or whatever it was you earned, how you used it for upgrades and such).Yeah i probably played the game through like 9 or 10 times (no joke), it was real fun, i admit i loved the main spirits you lived with though, the level headed slightly romantic and kind of cute green spirit, silent Aselia (adorable) or the hyper red spirit (sorry i forgot the names xD) but yeah truly great game. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did. And yes i did have her as my icon once, well for some time, i always loved the CG, though it looked amazing and very well done, couldn't resist. Also had the one with the Red spirit on her rabbit... i wont say what i mean as you would have had to have done her route but man i loved that scene (not sure why but i found it quite sad and upsetting). Anyway im trying to keep this spoiler free xD

Oh by the way, i watched Psycho pass. It might sound odd but i generally liked the idea of the Sibyl system, i know the truth about it made some questionable parts but say before we learn what it is, when it was a system which judged people and that was all. I know things might still have you wondering if im mad but i think it had some good sides to it. The dominators for one, a criminal beyond certain levels based on crimes and such could be ended like that. Granted the system has issues, like it bases a lot on mental state, true people generally lived around it eventually but i think people should be able to be stressed now and then. Of course it choosing the most suited career path for people was another questionable part. But as far as criminals being judged go i thought it was interesting, what a to rid the streets of crime, just aim a gun and it tells the truth in 9 out of 10 cases for you ^__^. As said i do see some downsides, it's method of judging i feel was quite harsh at times, it relied a little to heavy on mental state of people which is a double edged sword, works in that it finds criminals easier but falls back on it passes judgement to easy. Anyway as a whole i still thought it was a interesting concept, when you said how a computer judges people i thought to side with normal humans doing it instantly but i think it has some redeeming sides. Some work is sure needed but i still think it was neat, some bad sides i know but still...

Yeah AP partnered Crunchyroll which is quite neat, lets people watch/stream videos from here directly and yes auto updates you watch list for you, pretty cool feature. They have actually been getting together with a few streaming companies to create a massive streaming database. I think it's cool, some series which can be hard to find on the net or never have good quality now can be found easy and for them who don't know where to watch new episodes as they come out, well now they have a answer, pretty nice feature in my opinion.

Anyway sorry this message was real long, I got caught up in talking about a lot of stuff, I enjoy the detective conversations and your about the only person I spoke to who shares my views on it so I get caught up in talking. So yeah sorry for the long reply.

Madoka Mar 4, 2014

Sorry for the late reply, have been a little busy last week.

Yes i actually like the whole "no suspicion is suspicious", in reality everyone is suspicious, if a murder happened near you, you are indirectly a suspect, could be simply because you know the person or in L's case, he noticed Light was... too plain and normal, he narrowed it down and not a single thing was off, i imagine the other suspect acted suspicious at times so he noticed light more. Kind of backwards play. i found it curious when he went to meet light at college, weird how he got such a view of him from a game of tenis alone. I can see where he was coming from but man that must have been nerve racking to be in lights place.

I found Noire to be average, i found it decent though around the end i did grow to like it a lot, have you seen Phantom? it's similar to noir in that it is based on Assasins and their is a lot of simularity between the two, I loved Phantom and think it was a great story, it's based on a person who didn't want to be a assasin, basically he was a torist taken captive and forced into it, i think it was some blackmail or something, i can't remember perfectly as it's mainly around the first two episodes the "why" is covered and it's been some times sinse i have seen it but if you haven't watched it yet it's a great watch.

With the whole "destiny" thing, i just find it repetitive and cliche, im not saying there aren't some good stories out there which use the path but essentially im like you where it's more fun otherwise. I mean some can be interesting, taking Nanoha, she wasn't choosen or anything, just wrong place at the wrong time i guess but she still possesed a power pretty much unknown to earth, however later (in strikers) this was a power earth shared and used, not as Nanoha and Fate alone but they had a whole base of people and developed weapons so it sort of crosses several boundaries.

though i liked the limiters in Nanoha i did have one issue, they semt to have them on... always, like earth is about to be blown to bits and they have to go through procudure to remove limiters, that and i found students became strong fast, like Suburu and Tia, they became as strong as Nanoha within no time even though she is a top mage with a S rank, S rank didn't seem to mean much, it's like Nanoha was always stronger without limiters but not by far (Limiters basically make the teacher student gap non existent) - now this isn't all bad, in school it was annoying knowing the teacher can look down on you because they know more but this way can be fun, it's just more i felt students became strong to fast, this could just be me though as i disliked Suburu xD Anyway i didn't mind the limiters don't get me wrong, i think the system should of been tweeked a bit more though. I liked when Nanoha got hurt (not because she got hurt lol) as you said, it shows no matter how strong she is, she is just human, kind of hit a Madoka moment in my mind there actually ^__^ I liked in a way the groups wasn't limited, them kids Caro and Erio (think that was their names) was in a similar class as Suburu and Tia despite the massive age gap, but the powers they all had removed age barriers and made a fun combo, i only wish there was some more time spent in Caro, she was odd as she was a summoner which was different in how she operated, i think there was some good potential to expand on this one here.Speaking of Nanoha though, you are awake they are working on a new project right? I think it's another movie but it's not confirmed if it will be a movie or series, some things started out pointing to movie and it was leaked that, but i think they now are looking into a series, nothing is confirmed other than something new is on the way, so we know something is coming which is pretty neat either way, though i think the main focus is on Vivio (i think was her name), some arc covering her, but not sure.

Well though i don't watch Bleach i agree on the point of power gaining. I prefer really instead of making a villain stronger, why not increase something else? It's a lot like detecive series, the detectives can be great but the culprit each master something different, how they perform crimes or cover tracks, each has a "element" to them making them hard to catch, not because they are "better" than the last though. It's stratergy really, one method works great on one but not to another, in them shows the same approach could be taken with some line of thought. Or... probably anyway xD

I have read visual novels now for probably 5 years or more at a guess. Not many can be purchased, there are some from companies like JASTUSA but most visual novels are unofficial. I sometimes buy some which aren't in english but have a patch online, so i still support the game but patch it so i can play it, like with Rewrite (my favourite visual novel) and Little busters, both these two are Key by the way :) You can buy them (unstranslated and some translated) from Jlist though the translated ones are mainly sold via JASTUSA anyway so probably only the same stuff come up. As for system, PC, there are only a hand full for xbox, mainly because the system wasn't so big in Japan due to not many localized games over there but PC has everything anyway, don't think any shops localize xbox ones anyway. Playstation have a large library as well, not tons in english but if you like RPG/Visual novel (visual novel with some rpg gameplay) the Neptune series is a good place. But yeah most visual novels are fan translated, i still buy the official JP ones (well for favourites) and just patch them, support the game and all. I could recommend trying Rewrite and Little busters out though, they are done by Key (clannad/air/kanon) and are both great, Rewrite is my favourite visual novel i played, very funny but also so damn good story. Oh, i guess you might know but i will say anyway incase but, Angel beats is getting a visual novel, it is going to be massive (it will be realsed as several seperate game volumes it's so large) and will cover loads of content no in the anime and add lots of insight to the series, it's being talked about everywhere so you might have heard but it's sounding awesome thus far.

I approve of the Aselia pic btw ^__^ didn't notice it last time.

Madoka Feb 17, 2014

What i found interesting about L when he did the camera thing was i think he suspected light because he wasn't suspicious, that might sound weird but i mean he played "too well" the role of the innocent, everyone is always a bit suspicious to an outsiders eye even ourseleves so Light acting how he did semt to odd, especially as he suspected him in the first place, says he had a reason but now he seems too innocent, or something xD -just a thought.

Ah so for Kanon you are onto Shiori now, i wont say anything with her... because spoilers but i liked hers, especially in the game version, it was very well written and quite sad. Anyway on Mai's yes the student council president guy was a arse, im glad Yuichi put him in his place when he was going on about that is how the preident talks to new students xD I never got why they blamed Mai for the windows though, yeah ok i can see where they are coming from as it does match up with her current.... ways but she was clearly on the dance floor in the ball room, no one could deny that, so she shouldn't be blamed in my opinion. Though going back to the Kaori Shiori thing, i can see why Kaori would ignore her though i don't really agree with it, i can understand Kaori's prospective and though i don't know if it would make it any less painful on her (doubt it would, she would probably just regret ignoring her later in life) i think it's a time you have to suck it up and think through Shiori's eyes, it's not nice but she is the one suffering most.

Good point on them happy/sad end with real life and fiction. One thing i noticed with sad ends (being a fan of them that is) is with a lot of them, you kind of want to have a happy end despite the reason you loved the series was because the ending, it's a weird cross over thing i guess, It's great because it was unexpected or emotional but that very greatness makes us crave something good to happen to fix it, which would essentially loose the very thing which makes it great, kind of a loop i guess. Though that is one point why i like sad ends, the emotional impact of a main character dying (or whatever happens to make it sad) is normally quite high because we grow to like characters or whatever so i guess i like them emotional moments a lot. That isn't restricted to sad ends though, happy have there say here, like in Clannad i really liked when Ushio and Tomoya started living together or more precise the scene he met his grandmother and then decided to take Ushio back, that was a real good happy moment for me.

It's actually a good connection on the declaring people "choosen ones" and Link in Zelda. I agree they are great games of course though i also agree it doesn't feel like it's him and his own power but more the will of destiny, which really just says if destiny says jump he jumps and if destiny says "win" he wins, as said there are lots of others our there the exact same, i wont go to mock the idea as it is used as a common concept but i agree they just seem to loose any credit you want to give them.

The connection used with Nanoha, well i don't see Nanoha all the same, i mean she wasn't forced into being who she is, it was just chance, true that could play on destiny but i think most things she does are of choice, but she suffers loss as well, which means if destiny is in play, it wasn't always in her corner, she has taken some beatings both mentally and physically and it seems to be her choice to rise up again and develop her power more so. Also as you stated, it seems just about anyone in Nanoha could become a magic user with enough determination and willpower, not select people at birth which only contributes to it being the users own strengh and determination not some destiny pulling the strings.

Yeah it seems things like Light and Dark are commonly catogrized in that manor or Light is just good and Dark is bad. One thing i thought of on this one though, there is always someone who has to play the role of a villain for the cause of good or justice, like someone who might take the blame in a war to end fighting, that person could be seen as a war crinimal and hated by many but he could of not been anything to do with anything but took the blame to end fighting, well that's just a example because i couldn't think of one but still the point is some people aren't bad and dark just because the surface says so. Light as used a lot acts "dark" but for the right of "justice", i think a lot is just opinion taken on by the many. Enough people say Light is evil himself and if numbers agree he becomes evil, if people however think he is great and godly and numbers side with him he then becomes good. I think Light and Dark is very unbalanved on the surface because people have to mainstream and catogrise everything so simply.

Yeah i love coming together on a site were everyone there is assumed to like similar stuff (not saying the series but in general like anime ^^), it's nice being able to talk to others about the series, get input on things we might not notice or consider as well as share our own views with others and just generally chat about the good and bad things about different series. I find it isn't the easiest to just find people to chat with about things we enjoy so sites like this are a big plus in helping there as there are lots of people and always a fair number who will have similar tastes.

Madoka Feb 10, 2014

Well Air is worth the time, just a heads up though, to some the first 2 episodes are a bit meh, don't be discouraged by 'em :)

As for Deathnote, well it's a up and down for me for pacing, the start wasn't to bad, it ot right into things true but it was off to a good pace, but once L had basically zero'd in on Light it started becoming really fast, i also would of liked more of a attempt to figure out who light was, the fun in them series types is the way he comes to it, and though there was nothing wrong per-say it was just L figured it out as easy as snapping his fingers, i know he was a great detective... but still.

Yes kanon is a slow start series, it's actually a bit... medium paced? it's kind of slow at times but sometimes it gets right into it, i never felt it was too rushed though, somewhere close enough to the time needed i think.

As for Clannad, well i got lucky and dodged most spoilers, i was aware of Nagisa side of the spoilers but i never learned how she died till i watched it which was good and fortunatly never read Ushio spoiler before watching. I like actually how Clannad did a bit of both, though the good ending was probably the "true" ending i didn't dislike the bad one either. It was really moving in a way (not a positive feeling but it was well written) and does say that side of the coin exists, sometimes it's all for nothing and some unlucky people suffer that (i don't envy any in his shoes but im sure it happens). Then of course the good ending was the reverse side to say "work hard and be a good person" and life rewards you, the happier ending which lets you see hard work pays off. So i liked both for it, actually im in a way more of a sad ending person,they aren't used often where a story ends negative and though it can be real sad and annoy people i do like to think every now and then a well written story can have that sad ending, leaves us sad but that's just proof of good writing. Of course i wouldn't want more sad then positive ends, i like sad because they are rare and uncommon so they feel unique or 1 of a kind when they do happen, if they was common i wouldn't like it, sad ends becoming too common would be depressing.

That's a good point of the Nanoha side. I like how the devices basically borrow power from the users linker cores as a way to produce power. A lot of Mahou Shoujo now days is just, we have power or we are given it, end off. Though Nanoha "could" be seen this way i think thy put a fair amount of thought into each users devices, the power they offer and of course how each works. The language thing is interesting, Raising Heart uses english, Fates uses Germans and i believe Vita's was french, a fun way of mixing culture from real world and anime whilst also keeping it quite fun. Also the vices themself was quite fun, how say Nanoha's was a staff and pendant, fates wasn't too different on that but like Vita was a hammer, Hayate a book (well until reinforce came along) and so on, also in the final season the other devices like rollar skates and guns, though i didn't care for Subaru on her skates i did think it was fun and unique. Though i did also love Madoka's equal exchange, to get something i must loose something, where girls was given wishes across time, regardless if it was used to escape pain or just selfish desires i liked the powers reflect their action (exmaple being Sayaka with her healing ability, she wished to cure someone so her strengh was support), i imagine this would of been a deserving system as well, so maybe people who wished for nothing more than money or power didn't have a great power reflecting it? (like Madoka's to save everyone and every mahou shoujo, it was such a selfless wish it generates such a great power).

I think that is a fair point you made though, people in a series can see a person worth nothing but scum who kills for fun as someone who shouldn't be killed where they will happily go slaughter wolfs or dragons or sometimes smaller creatures if it could be a threat. This is why i can't follow the mainstream idea of "light and dark", i think in general say Jigoku Shoujo, i think it is justice, true the system can be abused (plot hole as the idea was only people could connect with pure hate but eventually everyone was able to) but the idea was simple, one who makes you suffer and misserable enough to sell yourself to hell can be sent there, i think it's legit as a system. Basically only REALLY bad people would get sent because you sacrifise yourself to get there, and it isn't always to long to you die (rewatching it atm, and last night watched the episode in season 2 that crummy scum who bullied people used it because his (gang leader?) took his girl, that scum gang guy got and and the idiot died the next day, serves him right as he was scum, bullies and even sets his lighter in a dogs face...), anyway i got of topic but yeah i think it is legit justice which shouldn't be seen dark. Same for DeathNote, he removes crinimals from the world, ok if they are "weak" crimes like shoplifting maybe not death but the others who kill for sure deserve it. I can see how it's seen as dark but it's essentially a good course in my eyes, true people shouldn't get corrupt with power but both shows generally stick within lines of justice (there are always exceptions but i don't think they all outweigh the positives of the systems).

I will try that Psycho-Pass you mentioned though, sounds decent in it's way. I think i have heard it before, something about that description sounds familiar but i know i haven't seen it so i will go add it onto one of my next shows to watch :) Yeah the newest OVA for higurashi if you haven't found it is called Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kaku (sometimes might be known by "outbreak"). It's a bit of a violent side story in a way i suppose, a bit of fun though if you just want to watch some Rena action xD

Yeah one thing i like about this site is discussing peoples interests and views, not everyone might share the same opinions on such matters and some might, either way is fun though as it's nice to see how others think of things.

And another long message xD i actually started to hurry a bit as i could go on for ages on Nanoga,Madoka,Deathnote and Jigoku Shoujo but didn't want to consume to much space (which i did anyway xD).