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Hey there. I'm Aurora. I've been into anime for about 8 years. My 1st anime was pokemon but my "starter" anime I consider to be Naruto as that has gotten me into all animes. and yea. Some may consider me quiet. But I can still talk with anyone as long as they're nice and respectful.


Steam Account: Aurora3500 

If you want to know more about me feel free to ask. I'll probally want to know more about you in exchange. I'll tell you simple things, but I will never say anything too personal like my "real name" even if you tell me yours so do not ask please.

Typically I don't have a particular favorite genre. Generally they involve an element of fantasy and psychological part. As long as the anime can hold my interest and allow me to connect with at least 1 of the main characters, I can watch almost any anime.

Here are some of my top favorite animes of all time. Keep in mind I love many animes and the ones I mention here are only around 5% of all the anime I love lol. Its just impossible to mention all of them in this profile description. It would also get boring for you to read possibly.

1. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni- I basically watched this anime right after Elfen Lied since I've heard people compare this to Elfen Lied. It starts out innocent and cute and quickly gets creepy and brutal. You wouldn't believe this to be a horror anime from watching the 1st 2 episodes! This show also has a lot of characters I like which is important. Beyond the betrayal and paranoia present in this show, it holds great themes such as friendship and overcoming fate. And presents a mystery. It is mostly a debate between whether Oyashiro-sama's curse is actually a curse or caused by humans who want us to think it's Oyashiro-sama's curse. A similar theme is present in the sister series Umineko which is also just as good as Higurashi.



2. Brynhildr in the Darkness- Seeing as this was done by the creator of Elfen Lied, I had to see this. It is a sister of Elfen Lied with the same relationship as with Higurashi and Umineko. However the characters really stick out at you strongly, even more so than Elfen Lied. And they make you want to see them survive and life the "normal" life they couldn't live before. The Protagonist Ryouta is great. He has an ability called Photographic Memory which I refer to as Perfect Memory and has been haunted because he believes he caused his childhood friend's death. And he is unable to forget it and has avoided further relationships. This changes when a character who looks similar to his childhood friend appears, and it turns out she is a fugitive from an organization because she is a Witch with special powers. More of these witches eventually come in and Ryouta wants to help them survive against this organization and find out if aliens exist. It is painful to see the characters go through pain and near death experiences and you will want to see them survive regardless of the odds of certain torture and death.


3. 11 Eyes- Got to say I really enjoyed this anime. It was one of those rare ones where there wasn't a single main/secondary character I disliked. Allow me to rant about its good points. Characters are taken to an parallel dimension (which is always a fun thing) and they fight Larves and a group called the Black Knights. They don't know why they are fighting. There is also a girl imprisioned in a crystal named Lisette. Without spoiling too much I will say she is my main favorite character from this show and one of my most favored characters of all time in anime on the par with Lucy (Elfen Lied), Light Yagami, and Shion Sonozaki. You will find out why if you've seen/ plan to watch this show. Also with Yuka in this show I love her too! She recieves a lot of dislike but she is still a great character. I can understand her actions at many points. (I also have a thing for Yandere action (Gasai Yuno!)) Another thing is is brilliant music. Lots of organ epicness which make this show 100x better than it already is. 

11 eyes 

4. Psycho Pass- This anime is true art. It is a sci-fi that takes place in a 1984 similar type of world. A person's potential to commit crime can be quantified and visualized. Even just thinking about a crime is enough to get you branded a latent criminal for the rest of your life. This is Japan ruled by the Sibyl System. The protagonist Akane Tsunemori is a new inspector who's job it is to track down criminals. With her are enforcers, who are latent criminals themselves, and track down other criminals while being watched by the inspectors. Their guns are sentient, they will only work if a target's crime coefficient is high enough. Opposing the Sibyl System is antagonist Shogo Makishima who seeks to bring people's free wills back. This is sort of a law vs chaos type of anime written by Gen Urobuchi (same person who wrote Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, another great anime). The next generation Death Note. And has you decide which is the better of the 2 trying to make the world better. It is perfection, or as close to perfection as one can get.

Psycho Pass

5. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica- Watching this show 2 times I've almost forgotten how awesome this show is. This is not your typical Sailor Moon Magical Superhero show. It is more like Higurashi combined with Claymore dealing with Magical girls. Similar to Higurashi in how it starts out somehow innocent but by episode 3 it takes a turn for the very dark horror that's familiar with shows like Higurashi and Shadow Star. It takes the concept of Magical Girl and twists it into a very horrifying story. It's perfecto! It goes without saying Homura is my favorite character from here (won't say why thou) Without spoiling too much (if I can help it) If you've seen Claymore you know how the female warriors who fight Yoma(demons) turn into Yoma themselves someday? Something similar happens here. Thou I may've said too much. Either way you have to watch it if you haven't seen it already. Aurora Commands you to!!


Some others worth mentioning are:

Naruto- Not the 1st anime I watched but it was the anime that got me into anime

Angel Beats- This anime was awesome for being unique and set in a world after death where people can imagine and summon weapons and fight without worrying about death. The character of Tenshi is also facinating, you'll love her if you watch the show.

Inuyasha- A very good anime. It has about something for everyone. 2 Tsunderes who have a relationship that builds throughout the show. And the protagonists and the other groups of anti-heroes are bound by the hatred of a common enemy. Naraku, a hanyo just like Inuyasha. It is the best 100+ ep anime out there with minimal filler. 

Death Note- 3rd anime I think. It showed me there was more to anime than just the typical Shounen plot/fights. There's the awesome Mental/psychological battles. A key thing is that I personally agree with Light's ideals he worked hard to make the world a better place. That's not something that can be considered "evil" as some think of him. Clearly because of this I hated the ending and hated the 2nd season as a whole. The show didn't feel the same after the 1st season.

Mirai Nikki A survival game with the main tool being a Diary (cell phone/scroll) that can see into the future. It is similar to Fate/SN and The Hunger Games with the survival game aspect. Thou what really makes it interesting are the characters of Yuno Gasai and Minene Uryu. They bring awesome qualities to the show and are fun characters to watch.

Code Geass- Like Death Note but a little more physical action lol. Can't help but wonder if I got my insane obsession with eyes and psychology from this anime? O_O

D. Gray Man- I have respect for this anime even though its shounen it shows deeper meaning and emotions than typical Shounen animes. Allen Walker is fun to watch. Also has a pretty kick ass villian. Who has an interesting personality.

3x3 Eyes- Normally this anime would be on my top 5. Even above Elfen Lied if I see the whole series. Thou the manga series I found out is about 40 volumes long and the anime ova only covers an 1/8th of that. While the Elfen Lied Anime at least covered 1/2th of the manga. It is a very interesting series from what I've seen so far and thought I should mention it. I even heard it inspired part of Elfen Lied which would automatically ensure a place on my top 5.

Jigoku Shoujo- Similar to Death Note dealing in a dark atmopshere. Every episode seeing Enma Ai-san take requests to send people to hell is interesting, especially since 90% of the time the recipiants of the curse are total bastards which makes it even more satisfying. It also has a very great Soundtrack.

Some anime characters I really love:









I'm afraid I have to put up a collection of Yuki-Onna pictures They're my favorite type of Youkai so you know. I must!

 Yuki Onna

There are manyy other characters I love as well. These are the main ones which have sparked special moments in their animes And hold a special place of respect for Aurora.

I also read visual novels, I don't have a very big collection right now, but I forsee my collection growing in the future. My favorites for now include:

Yumina the Ethereal- This is the main 1st visual novel I've bought. It has a fantastic and unique story with memorable characters, it also has some rpg elements that make it even more interesting. There isn't really a genre you can classify this story in as it seems to be one of those that have a little of everything.

Saya No Uta/Song of Saya- Being a fan of Madoka Magica, Psycho-Pass, and Fate/Zero, it follows that a visual novel I would have to have would come from the writer of the series mentioned above. Gen Urobuchi! It was a great story of course and similar to Umineko, it really messed with my head planting questions such as "what is reality". While it is difficult to make sense of these questions, they are interesting to think about.

Video Games are another hobby of mine. I can't count how many I've played though the series that have stood out most to me throughout my life include:

Metroid Series- Pretty much my 1st official video game series I really started playing it deserves a mention. I've played video games before with my friends but from 1st owning a Gameboy Advance I've been hooked to the Metroid series for forever basically. I love pretty much all the games before Other M. With Metroid Prime 2: Echoes being my favorite. Super Metroid/Metroid Prime also coming close. I would consider Metroid to be the best creation of Nintendo for having incredible gameplay (in both 3rd& 1st person) interesting aliens, along with a great overall story that slowly pans out. 3 great things that make for a great game.

Shin Megami Tensei series- by chance I discovered this game at a local gamestore, for only $20 this proved to be one of the best game purchases I ever made. I played SMT: Devil Survivor seeing as RPGs are awesome this one was a classic awesome rpg. I think it to be better than pokemon or any other rpg I've played before. To call it my favorite RPG would be an understatement. You get to control and fight demons YES!! DEMONS!! and choose different routes. The ending and enemies change depending on which path you take which is normally either a Law (totalitarian) or Chaos (Anarchy) path. 2 extremes. There is Neutral as well, but being in the middle of things may not suit me as much. My type of game. Thanks to a facination with demons and rpgs. I've gotten other games in the series such as Strange Journey and Devil Survivor 2. Plan to get more in the future. All the games in this series I've played so far have proven to be quite difficult of course being very fun as well. had the 3 games for several months and I've only beaten Devil Survivor so far. Close to beating Strange Journey but wow its difficult. On the final boss now but can't beat it due to being severely underleveled and not having good enough moves to counter the 1 hit kos the boss throws at you.

Shin Megami Tensei Logo 

Haruhi Bye

Well then cya for now.

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Madoka says...

sorry both comments was long, but ye the 2 below respond to your messages not just one :P just saying incase you dont relise :) sorry again them being so long.

Dec 31, 2011
Madoka says...

This second comment i doubt would fitted to the first, well it might as i hope not to be to long on this one but ye :P

Some hinters for reviewing, well as you can tell im no pro at reviews myself. but i will try to cover what ican. First dont worry about being professional, remember your readers are more interested in what the anime is like now how well your grammer is! Really most reviews should cover Story, Sound, Animation and Characters. *note that people dont mind to much on animation so if you have little or nothing to comment on you dont need to add that* i will just put some basics for each below:

Story- Really you want to keep it spoiler free with no give away of what happens, so just explaining what the series is about, like in clannad you can explain its morals and how they develop, you can give small parts of the story (not so much spoilers but events) which happens provided there isnt to many, so saying the characters are enlisted as soliders, isnt a spolier even though it might not happen instantly (assuming the series is based on this). also though i know its a review i have a habbit of making it sound like your trying to make the person watch it (if its a positive review), just wording things like 'how these events effect whoever could cause some interesting bumps further down' <- actially that sucked for a example haha, but you know what i mean (or probberly dont) but if not i wouldnt worry xD

Animation- just explain if you found anything nice or special or not to appealing about how it has been drawn or animated, like in Air its famous known for its high detailed background images and highly enriched almost real life like images, as said this doesnt need to be longer than a few words or a short paragraph unless you love animation ^^ (i did do animation as part of a course but even i dont care about filling this one in)

Sountrack-  a few comments on the op/ed songs and if they was appealing or suited the show. Then background music, if you never noticed it say so, remember in your favorite sad or romance scene? the music creates this scene, imagine clannad without music? it would loose so much elements, think this way, picture a few scenes you like and think if its music was good, comment on if the music changes the mood effectively or not (sorry if i sound weird, as said i did a course on this sorta stuff so its kinda natural for me to write likethis xD. But mainly focus on background music and if it worked wel with the scene (to much about the nice op theme gets boring :D)

Characters- as simple as, describe wether or not you liked the characters and why, does something ruin a character, was one of them really cute because they did something (or just look cute) are some annoying or enjoyable and why they are this way (a good thing is to mention is if a character annoys you because they did some dumb choices people would never do) otherwise thats about it, you could describe how characters act aswell i guess, like how haruhi's is energetic and what not.

Overall- your thoughts overall, summerize your review, is it worth watching, why, how enjoy is it and basically your just saying your thoughts of the show as a whole with a score out of 10

Basically like in the 'overall' each area of describing your thoughts and likes or dislikes about that area (so why you enjoy the story, the fact the ending theme feels like it ruins the atmosphere act). Also add a image or 2, i added many in angel beats, not always good to add lots unless you got uber lenghs of text, but a nice image after the first paragraph or so (fitting in with what your saying is best), it might sound child like to say people read nd enjoy when it has images but its true, a page of text (like what im writing here lol) can become boring so imagery looks nice and makes the review more interesting (a fitting image which looks good can pull people in instantly). I recomend between 2-4, one to three within the review its self and one at the start or end, provided your text isnt beeing overwhelemed by the large images and its obvious you have more text than image (so not 2 lines then image then 3 lines then image, i avoid use of images next to short paragraphs). Dont feel it has to be long, dont write like a line and say done but a essay (like my angel beats one) can be more offputting to read if it isnt interesting, i wouldnt say not to make em long though as longer means more detailed. And last of just say what you think, if every review is crap for a show dont think yours has to be, say if you like or hate a show no matter what everyone else scores it, we all are differant dont forget :P oh and one other thing, you might get some people who disagree with you, thats fine but ignore em if there rude, some one will always disagree right? otherwise thats all i can say xD this was longer than i planned so sorry about that ;P as i said im not the best with reviews and i probberly just explained the obvious stuff out, so sorry if this wasnt usefull. Best of luck with your revies though :)

Dec 31, 2011
Madoka says...

Ai, didnt change much though, mainly just added 'The disappearance of haruhi' to the top ^^ i might re-add haruhi to my top 5, im actually a big fan of its novel series and enjoy the anime alot to but you relise how intellergant it is when you think about it :P  i love your new icon actually :D very fitting. (also love the haruhi/konata image you got there, youd never belive there done by the same voice actor xD).

haha good point, i forgot commercials existed xD i assume they would still be on anime in japan when there aired for obvious advertising reasons but i aint seen one myself in so very long xD one thing there, people sometimes bother each other about what they watch on tv, where as anime has something for anyone anyways ^^

haha same for replies here, im normally slow, though i have the site load up automatically in my tabs when i open my browser i dont always go to comment instantly, some days i might just read and reply later or something, but i try to keep it to a 3-5day thing, all depends if i got time (like now i have alot of free time so i can ^^). Im one them who sorta has to reply to people even if i cant say much more than 'yes' or some really illaberate comment with no sense of meaning xD but as you said, better late than never ^^very true and good for you!!! people or 'roles of society' shouldnt effect how we live as people, i suppose someone (or lots) think im rather odd as at times i act childish, not so much as in mardy or dumb but just messing around laughing at something im sure no one else finds funny or whatever but like i always say, its great to have a child side to show your some fun :P do they discuss this sorta stuff in your class then? we never get to many specific subjects as most are crammed into one here (the terrible education system of the UK lol) so we never did much in anything like that so i wonder if this is the sorta stuff you discuss? o.o

i think alot are like that, we all have a face shown in places like school/college/work or where ever but we only become our true selfs around the house, even alot of these real popular kids in school - i think alot just act how they do to fit in (and as chance has it they do better than others creating a more popular like figure of themself), now i cant of course confirm thats how they are but i would guess that, and i suppose some get consumed into that mask and become it. I say this as commonly in school when i was put with some kids from the more popular crowd who normally cause trouble for people and such, i found some are quite nice when they not got there 'friends' or anyone else around so i suppose it could just be i found a few alright ones but i dunno, shame they act anyways though. For this site im the same, i dont care much on talking about who i am on most sites but here its like, i know others arnt all so bad so you can talk with them and such. I suppose there's some on even this site who will judge us and everyone else but i guess its something which cant be helped, but as long as the majority are nice im fine with it :)

"id like a girl to ask me out, why do i have to ask her out!" <- i dont think i would ever pick on you for this as this is something i have said my whole life, why do guys make the first move? commonly a girl could admire you and obsess over you but they wait till you ask them, well what if you waiting for them to ask you, the world doesnt move then. Now some who are afraid of you having interest elsewere might ask you but truth is most expect you to move first...why? i never liked this, i dont have the pesonality or confidence to do that often :') (interesting enough in most parts of asia girls are more known to ask guys out but ye). And dont worry  iwouldnt think it's gay, as said im almost always mistaken for one, even in reality i wish to have long hair (tried it but my hair grows a mess ><) and i feel it doesnt make me gay for admiring girls have nice hair, as you said, gay is defined as being attracted to the same sex, i might find traits i wish i could have from girls or times i can say 'i wish i was a girl' and i would consider it gay, now ok if i said 'i wouldnt mind being a girl to get men' then yeah thats another story, like you said people have no understanding :(

i wish people was treated equal aswell. No matter if you like comedy,horror or action, if your tall or small, if you have black hair or brown, if your black or white if your male or female, shy or confident (and so forth) why should you be troubled or praised for being that way? if i have a kid in the future i wouldnt mould them into any certain way i would let them become who they wish to be and accept it. But people these days are so unfair on that. Why if i am smart should i be bothered? (honestly i think its good to be smart so why people are bullied for being that way i will never know). I just get irritated how thoughtless mean some are to others for no real reason than the above >< how low of them, they should feel shame!!!

I agree! Anime (not because i enjoy it or anything) in my personal thoughts lets people acknoledge manors for one, i was never rude as a person but truth be told is sinse i watched anime i have a nack for always ensuring theres a 'please' or 'sorry' in most i say but i also started helping them who need it (example someone struggling with luggage when bording a train) and i dont expect stuff but i guess i get offended when i dont even get a  thanks :( but anime does seem to adress more as you said, realities and characteristics, and as you said, it enables us to see a culture most will probberly never even know of. I agree, 1 friend is better than 10 assuming that 1 is a true friend, i like small groups and though i have a average count on friends in truth i only talk to a small number on a level i know i can as there 'true friends'.

Haha im supprised anyone got here through my signature ^^ i always use this signature everywhere now, if nothing else it shows im a anime fan. Actually i talk to Chewy alot, admitedly its more like send a message every 2 or 3 days but he's a nice guy, very big on anime stuff ^^. I like to get to know a few people from sites like ELF then chat with them more detailed (kinda like here with you lol). Haha ye im the same, i enjoy checking anime planet (i never log out :P) chatting with people whilst meeting other nice people out in the world (where ever they may be doesnt matter to me) who share the same interests as me... aka anime :P

lmao good point, all my messages are long but i think this one topped all my older long messages xD i thought the same 'wish i could write like this in class' hehehe suppose if they said your essay is about anime maybe we could xD also as prior to the review comment i will post it in another message as i feel this one is long enough lol

Dec 31, 2011
Madoka says...

Ye i agree :) its a shame there aint to many alike us really, suppose its more a unique personailty... but the lack of people like it i suppose makes us more better ;) im not to fussed over the rowdy crowds and such either way. sorta nice quite life where you can be who you want is what i like. Ye i agree, i wish that anime was advertised more though to the world, most people over here wouldnt know what it is... but i have dropped about everything on tv for anime, anime is the way forwards ;) but its as you said, the culture in the way they tell stories is just so much better than the rest of the world without a doubt.

haha i was happy aswell, i got 'The Dissaperance of Haruhi Suzumiya' at Christmas ^^ man best present ever. i watched it on xmas night and god it was just amazing :P oh oh whilst i think Merry Christmas to you, i know its real late but i wasnt online over xmas and did most my replies yesterday but had to go out so had to leave yours till today (sorry about that, just i work from oldest to newest and i was just writing yours when i saw i was late xD). But i hope you had a great xmas and had a good day :)

OMG exactly my words!!!! i agree so much to all that, why do boys or girls have differant roles, why are we not equal... as with you im no leader figure and never have been, i do what i need to but silently tag along with a shy prospective, suppose it could be considered cute when a girl is like it, and i wouldnt argue it would be, i dont want to be called cute but people always think im girly because im like it, which i guess is fine (everyone online assumes im a girl if i dont have it specify im 'male'.) But its some people, including some my old teachers used to say i should been born a girl... why? because im shy and quiet and im not all about 'being manly' and doing sport doesnt mean i should be born otherwise... it might sound dumb in words but hope you know what i mean lol it is unfair though why do boys have to be like one thing and girls another, its as you said... the gender roles are basically sexist. We all should be able to act and express ourself how we wish without being bothered by it. Honestly i think our personailty is simular so having said that does that mean were both girly like cuz we could be quiet or shy? doesnt to me...

Haha no dont worry i dont consider it a rant ^^ i like the conversational topics and i like that you can express yourself, its as you said its not really possible to talk like this on facebook or where ever, but im kinda the same i find it alot easier to talk on sites like anime planet as iys easier to find people with more in common ^^ well i only have a small group i talk to but i like this site as everyone all had anime in common and its a great starting ground for meeting new and nice people ^^ as with you, ironicly i suppose we first spoke on ELF but still anime as a starting ground and you are a nice person... i think most people who like anime are usually good and nice people.

Dec 28, 2011
ItsumoHitori says...

Merry Christmas to you too!

no worries, I'm the same.

yeah, i'm really looking forward to the bakemonogatari prequel movie and sequel season, the second season of kore wa zombie, and the fairy tail. anything you can't wait for?

yeah just about, I can see fairy tail running for as long as one piece. Yes Durarara is getting quite good. Glad Mikado has finally done something, and the shizuo/celty friendship is very cool.

Gonna order a Urusei Yatsura game w/ christmas money, how about you?

Dec 25, 2011