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Hello. I'm Aurora. I've been into anime for about 9 years. My 1st anime was pokemon but my "starter" anime I consider to be Naruto as that has gotten me into all animes. Some may consider me quiet. But I can still talk with anyone as long as they're nice and respectful.


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I recently started making youtube videos. These will mostly be video game and visual novel related videos on the PC. I can take certain types of requests to show playthroughs and battles, or special types of the above it will be up to me whether I carry through that request. It has to be within reason naturally, if it is I will try my best to do it when I can.

If you want to know more about me feel free to ask. I'll probally want to know more about you in exchange. I'll tell you simple things, but I will never say anything too personal like my "real name" even if you tell me yours so do not ask please.

Typically I don't have a particular favorite genre. Generally they involve an element of fantasy and psychological part. As long as the anime can hold my interest and allow me to connect with at least 1 of the main characters, I can watch almost any anime.

Here are some of my top favorite animes of all time. This list will continue to change as I watch more anime, or my feelings toward anime I've watched before change as well as gain new perspectives.

1. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni- I basically watched this anime right after Elfen Lied since I've heard people compare this to Elfen Lied. It starts out innocent and cute and quickly gets creepy and brutal. You wouldn't believe this to be a horror anime from watching the 1st 2 episodes! This show also has a lot of characters I like which is important. Beyond the betrayal and paranoia present in this show, it holds great themes such as friendship and overcoming fate. And presents a mystery. It is mostly a debate between whether Oyashiro-sama's curse is actually a curse or caused by humans who want us to think it's Oyashiro-sama's curse. A similar theme is present in the sister series Umineko which is also just as good as Higurashi.



2. Brynhildr in the Darkness- Seeing as this was done by the creator of Elfen Lied, I had to see this. It is a sister of Elfen Lied with the same relationship as with Higurashi and Umineko. However the characters really stick out at you strongly, even more so than Elfen Lied. And they make you want to see them survive and life the "normal" life they couldn't live before. The Protagonist Ryouta is great. He has an ability called Photographic Memory which I refer to as Perfect Memory and has been haunted because he believes he caused his childhood friend's death. And he is unable to forget it and has avoided further relationships. This changes when a character who looks similar to his childhood friend appears, and it turns out she is a fugitive from an organization because she is a Witch with special powers. More of these witches eventually come in and Ryouta wants to help them survive against this organization and find out if aliens exist. It is painful to see the characters go through pain and near death experiences and you will want to see them survive regardless of the odds of certain torture and death.


3. 11 Eyes- Got to say I really enjoyed this anime. It was one of those rare ones where there wasn't a single main/secondary character I disliked. Allow me to rant about its good points. Characters are taken to an parallel dimension (which is always a fun thing) and they fight Larves and a group called the Black Knights. They don't know why they are fighting. There is also a girl imprisioned in a crystal named Lisette. Without spoiling too much I will say she is my main favorite character from this show and one of my most favored characters of all time in anime on the par with Lucy (Elfen Lied), Light Yagami, and Shion Sonozaki.

11 Eyes 

4. Psycho Pass- This anime is true art. It is a sci-fi that takes place in a 1984 similar type of world. A person's potential to commit crime can be quantified and visualized. Even just thinking about a crime is enough to get you branded a latent criminal for the rest of your life. This is Japan ruled by the Sibyl System. The protagonist Akane Tsunemori is a new inspector who's job it is to track down criminals. With her are enforcers, who are latent criminals themselves, and track down other criminals while being watched by the inspectors. Their guns are sentient, they will only work if a target's crime coefficient is high enough. Opposing the Sibyl System is antagonist Shogo Makishima who seeks to bring people's free wills back. This is sort of a law vs chaos type of anime written by Gen Urobuchi (same person who wrote Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, another great anime). The next generation Death Note. And has you decide which is the better of the 2 trying to make the world better. It is perfection, or as close to perfection as one can get.

Psycho Pass

5. Yona of the Dawn- Will update with description soon.

Akatsuki No Yona

Some others worth mentioning are:

Naruto- Not the 1st anime I watched but it was the anime that got me into anime

Angel Beats- This anime was awesome for being unique and set in a world after death where people can imagine and summon weapons and fight without worrying about death. The character of Tenshi is also facinating, you'll love her if you watch the show.

Inuyasha- A very good anime. It has about something for everyone. 2 Tsunderes who have a relationship that builds throughout the show. And the protagonists and the other groups of anti-heroes are bound by the hatred of a common enemy. Naraku, a hanyo just like Inuyasha. It is the best 100+ ep anime out there with minimal filler. 

Death Note- 3rd anime I think. It showed me there was more to anime than just the typical Shounen plot/fights. There's the awesome Mental/psychological battles. A key thing is that I personally agree with Light's ideals he worked hard to make the world a better place. That's not something that can be considered "evil" as some think of him. Clearly because of this I hated the ending and hated the 2nd season as a whole. The show didn't feel the same after the 1st season.

Mirai Nikki A survival game with the main tool being a Diary (cell phone/scroll) that can see into the future. It is similar to Fate/SN and The Hunger Games with the survival game aspect. Thou what really makes it interesting are the characters of Yuno Gasai and Minene Uryu. They bring awesome qualities to the show and are fun characters to watch.

Code Geass- Like Death Note but a little more physical action lol. Can't help but wonder if I got my insane obsession with eyes and psychology from this anime? O_O

3x3 Eyes- Normally this anime would be on my top 5. Even above Elfen Lied if I see the whole series. Thou the manga series I found out is about 40 volumes long and the anime ova only covers an 1/8th of that. While the Elfen Lied Anime at least covered 1/2th of the manga. It is a very interesting series from what I've seen so far and thought I should mention it. I even heard it inspired part of Elfen Lied which would automatically ensure a place on my top 5.

Jigoku Shoujo- Similar to Death Note dealing in a dark atmopshere. Every episode seeing Enma Ai-san take requests to send people to hell is interesting, especially since 90% of the time the recipiants of the curse are total bastards which makes it even more satisfying. It also has a very great Soundtrack.

Some anime characters I really love:









I'm afraid I have to put up a collection of Yuki-Onna pictures They're my favorite type of Youkai so you know. I must!

 Yuki Onna


There are manyy other characters I love as well. These are the main ones which have sparked special moments in their animes And hold a special place of respect for Aurora.

I also read visual novels, I don't have a very big collection right now, but I forsee my collection growing in the future. My favorites for now include:

Yumina the Ethereal- This is the main 1st visual novel I've bought. It has a fantastic and unique story with memorable characters, it also has some rpg elements that make it even more interesting. There isn't really a genre you can classify this story in as it seems to be one of those that have a little of everything.

Saya No Uta/Song of Saya- Being a fan of Madoka Magica, Psycho-Pass, and Fate/Zero, it follows that a visual novel I would have to have would come from the writer of the series mentioned above. Gen Urobuchi! It was a great story of course and similar to Umineko, it really messed with my head planting questions such as "what is reality". While it is difficult to make sense of these questions, they are interesting to think about.

Video Games are another hobby of mine. I can't count how many I've played though the series that have stood out most to me throughout my life include:

Metroid Series- Pretty much my 1st official video game series I really started playing it deserves a mention. I've played video games before with my friends but from 1st owning a Gameboy Advance I've been hooked to the Metroid series for forever basically. I love pretty much all the games before Other M. With Metroid Prime 2: Echoes being my favorite. Super Metroid/Metroid Prime also coming close. I would consider Metroid to be the best creation of Nintendo for having incredible gameplay (in both 3rd& 1st person) interesting aliens, along with a great overall story that slowly pans out. 3 great things that make for a great game.

Shin Megami Tensei series- by chance I discovered this game at a local gamestore, for only $20 this proved to be one of the best game purchases I ever made. I played SMT: Devil Survivor seeing as RPGs are awesome this one was a classic awesome rpg. I think it to be better than pokemon or any other rpg I've played before. To call it my favorite RPG would be an understatement. You get to control and fight demons YES!! DEMONS!! and choose different routes. The ending and enemies change depending on which path you take which is normally either a Law (totalitarian) or Chaos (Anarchy) path. 2 extremes. There is Neutral as well, but being in the middle of things may not suit me as much. My type of game. Thanks to a facination with demons and rpgs. I've gotten other games in the series such as Strange Journey and Devil Survivor 2. Plan to get more in the future. All the games in this series I've played so far have proven to be quite difficult of course being very fun as well. had the 3 games for several months and I've only beaten Devil Survivor so far. Close to beating Strange Journey but wow its difficult. On the final boss now but can't beat it due to being severely underleveled and not having good enough moves to counter the 1 hit kos the boss throws at you.

Shin Megami Tensei Logo 

Haruhi Bye

Well then cya for now.

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Madoka says...

oh, use the link for bigger picture, clearer info ect

Sep 5, 2014
Madoka says...

Sorry forgot to send this yesterday, anyway i wasn't sure if this was super hard or hard mode but i would guess super hard (haha i bet you wasn't aware of super hard xD)


Green spirits seem to be the lower levels in a average, though i will say this screen shot was taken from the file AFTER taking the castle, and im not sure if this is the first completion or second so just keep in mind they might be over leveled. As said it's been some time so i couldn't guess. Hope it's off some use anyway.

Sep 5, 2014
Madoka says...

Yeah i think the new design is great, at first i was sort of 50/50, i saw potential with it but also a few issues but really i think it just takes some times to adapt to it and you grow to like it. I can see where Sothis (Site mod) was coming from when she had it made this way, the new features have been rather to my liking, her goal (going by her Facebook) was to focus features on helping recs and such and i think she is doing well, the new automatic recommendations is a neat feature, i imagine it pulls them from ones not marked on your list but it’s a good way to find something new which might be close to a series you forgot about or whatever, anyway i quite like them. The design profile wise is fine, at first i was sad to see stats moved down the page instead on the side but now I'm used to it i admit it does look more neat and kind of add a nice colourful/image touch to the end of everyones pages, gives it that extra “something” if you know what i mean. I'm probably one of them who get upset with new when I'm used to old but I'm glad I'm used to this one now, It’s just finding the time to fix up my page, whenever i have time like weekends i find myself busy who just feel like kicking back and watching some anime/playing a game and normally end up forgetting, suppose it’s my own fault in that sense but oh well.

I would personally love that but i guess the budget would always interviene, it's asking much i suppose though, imagine is lots of series was able to create OVA arc endings ect for all it's characters or even just some of the mains, it could go on for ever xD It would be nice though for a lot of series, some fair enough we can be happy with as is or just wouldn't work with alternative ends but it would be nice to see some stories full stretched to their full potential instead over and done with in 2 or 3 episodes, it's a shame seeing a good 6hours+ of game/book compiled into 1hours animation, true animation moves faster but we still miss a lot, but we also miss a fair amount because keeping stories in line, using our Clannad example, take the main series, it covers people like Kotomi's arc whilst keeping safe to the story, in that the game obviously uses romances per arc, my point im getting at is a game literally makes the ending seperate, meaning it can go full romance or kill of people or whatever type of story it needs to tell can be told, Take Kyou from clannad, it got a OVA but obviously they could never animate it because her/Ryou depend on the romance interest from Tomoya or there is no story. So what im saying is a arc can't always hit the selling point which makes it's source so great when merged to match the main story, OVA's would be greatest here, like in Clannad they can tell a one of a kind story, personally i would prefer them to be 2 or 3 parters though, kind of like Little Busters did with EX, a (ongoing) 8+ episode OVA series which each arc is about 3 - 4 episodes in lengh enabling a large amount to be animated but they generally don't follow the true story (though don't go 100% independent but not far from it). But as always budget. I do agree it would be nice to have the potential to see stuff animated with budget costs hanging down. I guess that would be double edged though, some companies would abuse it to make less than good series intentionally knowing it will appeal to only a tiny crowd but either way profit is profit, whilst some animation studio's would put great effort into making masterpieces, Suppose it is such a shame humans are all so driven by money. Anyway im rambling again xD

Yeah the clannad localization seems to be the talk of many (i was going to say the net... but that is bias seeming my use of the net involves mainly this stuff xD). The company are also taking Planetarium from what i hear, i hope they do as it's wrote by Key still but because it's a kinetic novel (doesn't feature choices, tells a set story with 1 ending) it doesn't get so much attention, which is a shame as i love it's actual story, many will realise what they missed because it doesn't have a huge name for it's self (i recommend trying it if i was you if you haven't, it's only a few hours long, short compared to other games, probably between 3-6 hours or 6-8, i can't remember to well so can be finished in a day or 2 if you got some free time). Anyway i got off topic, but yeah a lot of sub groups are promoting the release, especially Doki subs, so it should get attention. The company licensing it are thinking of grabbing other KEY novels (guess they know the name key have for themselves), i think it's great as i actually own the JP versions of Little busters and Rewrite (just english patch them after installing), i imported them because i loved them so much, Little busters became my favourite VN when i played it, then came Rewrite, nothing to present day has held a candle to that one for me so i would love them to localize it (also great as it's all ages). Either way i hope this brings more sales and attention to Visual novels, because they really do need it and we all can't deny they deserve it!

I would like it if JAST would update as well, it's a shame to see them neglect something so simple, just a once a month type thing, it's not too hard to have someone from the staff hop on their site/blog/facebook/twitter or whatever they want and just say "hi everyone, we working on xxxxx and hope to release xxxx by xxxx", or "this months progress on xxxx is coming on well/not well due to problems" ect, just so we know something is happening, people will loose interest if they don't sell their efforts. That Fandisc, i haven't checked it out myself, the game "My girlfriend is the President" was a funny game (that panda still kills me when the Russian girl just shouts "PANDA?!!!") but sadly the game was so dependent adult content to progress it felt such a waste, comedy wise it would great though so i guess it's down to the individual, i might try the fan disc one day, but it's probably not much from the game, normally fan discs are worse for using H-scenes. Im in the same boat there though, i got so many games i don't really need new ones but it's still the principle of the company, that and im craving a certain game we discussed a lot (im sure it doesn't take much to guess which one xD).

Can't say i played that one, though actually i admit it's system sounds familiar, i wonder if i read about it at some point? Hmm, it's possible it's been one i considered buying at some point, can't really say for sure though. Sounds like a decent combat system though, i do like it when restrictions apply to characters (some only being to use certain skills ect), one reason i always liked the old Job class system games like final fantasy used to use (some still use it, fortunatly ^.^) as it restricted certain players/classes on what they could/couldn't do which in turn leads to fun strengths and weaknesses as well as to thought behind player party.

haha, yeah you know when you hit close to the end of hard mode (it gets even harder when you get to the castle), i remember having endless troubles getting through, basically i lost a handful of my spirits first time around (easier second time though still can be tough), have you made sure to kill the dragons as well as every unit in the game? every bit of mana/bonus counts on hard, Green spirits aren't worth heavy focus though, don't get me wrong it's good to use Esperia to a high level (at least) but like you said, sometimes they die as easy as red/blue/black so sometimes its better to like you say, focus on 1 hit killing them. This for me was where i made Orupha shine, she might die easy but she is brutal in damage output. Really though it does require some trial and error and some good thought on the battle as it really isn't the easy to beat. Though it can get annoying figuring easiest ways around it i admit i really enjoyed hard mode making me use strategy xD

Personally im not a huge fan of the "ace" battle plan myself as it's dependent on them but yeah it's a more effective way to win, if you have a team strong enough to eleminate enemies it is good. I think i put most effort into Red/Blue spirits here, black can be a hit or miss and greens defences are nice but they need some good damage which really when compared to blue/red they somewhat lack in. I can have a look at my army when i get home see what i got, though i have played through a bit after so not sure what my saves look like now. It's a bit plain but Orupha and Aselia need to really be ace's but i will see when i get back anyway and let you know.

Yeah i think the thing Psycho-pass works well on is letting us know in time, so chances are we might learn at least a little bit more in season 2, which speak of, i believe it airs in october which is cool, i will of course be adding it to my watch list ^.^ I myself aren't sure if it is in DNA or brain waves or what not, i think best we can do is make theories like that though and see what we get given by the story. Did you by any chance watch the current airing remake? I didn't bother as it sounds like it's similar just with some new scenes here and there and obviously tweaked items but i am curious for someones opinion who has seen both.

Actually odd as it might be, i haven't played Katawa Shoujo, well i say odd but it takes me forever to play anything now days (due to lacking of time), my list is seriously huge in what i want to play. But yeah odd as it might sound it is one i haven't got around to at the current time. Really im looking at doing Code18 next, don't know anyone who played it but it's next i got in the Infinity series to try, and thus far i have enjoyed all the Infinity series.

I only really do basic office job/reception work, so general administration i guess, email support enqirery, phone supports, typist, book meetings ect ect - in short computer work in a office, nothing fancy but not bad people to work with so im happy. Yeah the hours are a pain, though my fridays aren't too bad, im apprently going to have a hour or 2 cut of my shift on fridays soon so that might be nice. Sounds like you yourself have quite a lot going on with both work and school, it's really quite a shame, in some respects jumping back a few years we would had a lot more time on our hands to enjoy anime/games xD I suppose as is life though, as annoying as that can be. Yeah seems to me it was the start of the year not long back yet we are creeping towards the end of the year, This year really has gone so fast it's unreal.

Anyway i will send a reply either when i get home or tomorrow evening (should i forget) with my Aselia team (assuming i can access them without trouble, should be able to though).

Sep 4, 2014
ItsumoHitori says...

I've watched the first half of Elfen Lied three times but have not finished it, not sure why but I will very soon. I see a lot of people much prefer the manga version, have you read it? But I REALLY enjoyed the thrill of what I did see, so I will definitely give Brynhildr a go ^_^

aah I loved Psycho-Pass! Thought it was fantastic hos Ginoza is now an Enforcer. So excited for season 2. Think Kougami will return?

I have been doing extremely well as of late! Moving into a co-op house in Austin in January, just going to college and lifeguaridng until then :) How about yourself?

Aug 23, 2014
ItsumoHitori says...

I have not heard of Brynhildr in the Darkness! Though it certainly looks like something else. Good to your favourites are still all the psychological thrillers :)

Aug 16, 2014