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Hello. I'm Aurora. I've been into anime for about 10 years. My 1st anime was pokemon but my "starter" anime I consider to be Naruto as that has gotten me into all animes. Some may consider me quiet. But I can still talk with anyone as long as they're nice and respectful.


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If you want to know more about me feel free to ask. I'll probally want to know more about you in exchange. I'll tell you simple things, but I will never say anything too personal like my "real name" even if you tell me yours so do not ask please.

Typically I don't have a particular favorite genre. Generally they involve an element of fantasy and psychological part. As long as the anime can hold my interest and allow me to connect with at least 1 of the main characters, I can watch almost any anime.

Here are some of my top favorite animes of all time. This list will continue to change as I watch more anime, or my feelings toward anime I've watched before change as well as gain new perspectives.

1. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni- I basically watched this anime right after Elfen Lied since I've heard people compare this to Elfen Lied. It starts out innocent and cute and quickly gets creepy and brutal. You wouldn't believe this to be a horror anime from watching the 1st 2 episodes! This show also has a lot of characters I like which is important. Beyond the betrayal and paranoia present in this show, it holds great themes such as friendship and overcoming fate. And presents a mystery. It is mostly a debate between whether Oyashiro-sama's curse is actually a curse or caused by humans who want us to think it's Oyashiro-sama's curse. A similar theme is present in the sister series Umineko which is also just as good as Higurashi.



2. Elfen Lied- I enjoy the themes of Nature vs. Nurture that this Anime presents, and it really does a great job with showing the absolute worst that humans are capable of as well as the absolute best. The abilities of the Diclonius are also interesting.

Elfen Lied 

3. 11 Eyes- Got to say I really enjoyed this anime. It was one of those rare ones where there wasn't a single main/secondary character I disliked. Allow me to rant about its good points. Characters are taken to an parallel dimension (which is always a fun thing) and they fight Larves and a group called the Black Knights. They don't know why they are fighting. There is also a girl imprisioned in a crystal named Lisette. Without spoiling too much I will say she is my main favorite character from this show and one of my most favored characters of all time in anime on the par with Lucy (Elfen Lied), Light Yagami, and Shion Sonozaki.

11 Eyes 

4. Psycho Pass- This anime is true art. It is a sci-fi that takes place in a 1984 similar type of world. A person's potential to commit crime can be quantified and visualized. Even just thinking about a crime is enough to get you branded a latent criminal for the rest of your life. This is Japan ruled by the Sibyl System. The protagonist Akane Tsunemori is a new inspector who's job it is to track down criminals. With her are enforcers, who are latent criminals themselves, and track down other criminals while being watched by the inspectors. Their guns are sentient, they will only work if a target's crime coefficient is high enough. Opposing the Sibyl System is antagonist Shogo Makishima who seeks to bring people's free wills back. This is sort of a law vs chaos type of anime written by Gen Urobuchi (same person who wrote Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, another great anime). The next generation Death Note. And has you decide which is the better of the 2 trying to make the world better. It is perfection, or as close to perfection as one can get.

Psycho Pass

5. Yona of the Dawn- Will update with description soon.

Akatsuki No Yona

Some others worth mentioning are:

Naruto- Not the 1st anime I watched but it was the anime that got me into anime

Angel Beats- This anime was awesome for being unique and set in a world after death where people can imagine and summon weapons and fight without worrying about death. The character of Tenshi is also facinating, you'll love her if you watch the show.

Inuyasha- A very good anime. It has about something for everyone. 2 Tsunderes who have a relationship that builds throughout the show. And the protagonists and the other groups of anti-heroes are bound by the hatred of a common enemy. Naraku, a hanyo just like Inuyasha. It is the best 100+ ep anime out there with minimal filler. 

Death Note- 3rd anime I think. It showed me there was more to anime than just the typical Shounen plot/fights. There's the awesome Mental/psychological battles. A key thing is that I personally agree with Light's ideals he worked hard to make the world a better place. That's not something that can be considered "evil" as some think of him. Clearly because of this I hated the ending and hated the 2nd season as a whole. The show didn't feel the same after the 1st season.

Mirai Nikki A survival game with the main tool being a Diary (cell phone/scroll) that can see into the future. It is similar to Fate/SN and The Hunger Games with the survival game aspect. Thou what really makes it interesting are the characters of Yuno Gasai and Minene Uryu. They bring awesome qualities to the show and are fun characters to watch.

Code Geass- Like Death Note but a little more physical action lol. Can't help but wonder if I got my insane obsession with eyes and psychology from this anime? O_O

3x3 Eyes- Normally this anime would be on my top 5. Even above Elfen Lied if I see the whole series. Thou the manga series I found out is about 40 volumes long and the anime ova only covers an 1/8th of that. While the Elfen Lied Anime at least covered 1/2th of the manga. It is a very interesting series from what I've seen so far and thought I should mention it. I even heard it inspired part of Elfen Lied which would automatically ensure a place on my top 5.

Jigoku Shoujo- Similar to Death Note dealing in a dark atmopshere. Every episode seeing Enma Ai-san take requests to send people to hell is interesting, especially since 90% of the time the recipiants of the curse are total bastards which makes it even more satisfying. It also has a very great Soundtrack.

Some anime characters I really love:








I'm afraid I have to put up a collection of Yuki-Onna pictures They're my favorite type of Youkai so you know. I must!

 Yuki Onna


There are manyy other characters I love as well. These are the main ones which have sparked special moments in their animes And hold a special place of respect for Aurora.

I also read visual novels, I don't have a very big collection right now, but I forsee my collection growing in the future. My favorites for now include:

Yumina the Ethereal- This is the main 1st visual novel I've bought. It has a fantastic and unique story with memorable characters, it also has some rpg elements that make it even more interesting. There isn't really a genre you can classify this story in as it seems to be one of those that have a little of everything.

Saya No Uta/Song of Saya- Being a fan of Madoka Magica, Psycho-Pass, and Fate/Zero, it follows that a visual novel I would have to have would come from the writer of the series mentioned above. Gen Urobuchi! It was a great story of course and similar to Umineko, it really messed with my head planting questions such as "what is reality". While it is difficult to make sense of these questions, they are interesting to think about.

Video Games are another hobby of mine. I can't count how many I've played though the series that have stood out most to me throughout my life include:

Metroid Series- Pretty much my 1st official video game series I really started playing it deserves a mention. I've played video games before with my friends but from 1st owning a Gameboy Advance I've been hooked to the Metroid series for forever basically. I love pretty much all the games before Other M. With Metroid Prime 2: Echoes being my favorite. Super Metroid/Metroid Prime also coming close. I would consider Metroid to be the best creation of Nintendo for having incredible gameplay (in both 3rd& 1st person) interesting aliens, along with a great overall story that slowly pans out. 3 great things that make for a great game.

Shin Megami Tensei series- by chance I discovered this game at a local gamestore, for only $20 this proved to be one of the best game purchases I ever made. I played SMT: Devil Survivor seeing as RPGs are awesome this one was a classic awesome rpg. I think it to be better than pokemon or any other rpg I've played before. To call it my favorite RPG would be an understatement. You get to control and fight demons YES!! DEMONS!! and choose different routes. The ending and enemies change depending on which path you take which is normally either a Law (totalitarian) or Chaos (Anarchy) path. 2 extremes. There is Neutral as well, but being in the middle of things may not suit me as much. My type of game. Thanks to a facination with demons and rpgs. I've gotten other games in the series such as Strange Journey and Devil Survivor 2. Plan to get more in the future. All the games in this series I've played so far have proven to be quite difficult of course being very fun as well. had the 3 games for several months and I've only beaten Devil Survivor so far. Close to beating Strange Journey but wow its difficult. On the final boss now but can't beat it due to being severely underleveled and not having good enough moves to counter the 1 hit kos the boss throws at you.

Haruhi Bye

Well then cya for now.

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alishere2 says...

Hi again! lol....I must say, I was very sad to wake up this morning to see that the next episode of Mirai Nikki isnt out until next week :( although last week's episode had a ton of Minene so I was very happy :). Still would have been nice to start of the week with my current favourite anime. School work is trying to kill me *screams AHHHHHH* ....cough that I have my sanity back, I guess i should continue haha

I dont think its possible for anime to completely westernize (is that actually a word?). The Japanese culture is so unique and interesting. I dont think they actually care about us at all over there cuz they are so awesome its ridiculous. Lol just look at something like Vocaloid concerts and stuff like that. Absolutely incredible is the only way I can describe that I hope and pray, they never try to become more like us.

Yeah my taste for anime and manga change all the time. Now I'm at the point that I dont base possiblities of what I am going to watch next on genre so much as the possiblity of it being interesting. If it peaks my interest I write it down and eventually get around to watching a couple episodes to see how it is. While I dont have any anime listed as dropped on here, thats not that case at all. Its something I never actually keep track of before I got on here so. Its the same for me in the fact that I basically dont watch tv (expect for house ...that carried over from before my anime days) since I started with anime.

I think the way it works with the North American releases. The company aquires the liscense for the anime from japan. Then they air it (ussually online on something like hulu or dailymotion, etc) as subbed. Then if it has high ratings they dub them...but it takes awhile. For an example Black Butler season 2 was aquired by funimation, was aired subbed and is curently being dubbed....

Dont even get me started on the Bount arc in Bleach. It was dreadful and drawn out. The story was terrible and I hated the characters. The dolls they had were just stupid...especially the leader " doll is the imma gonna go blow up the soul society". I see you dropped it at episode 180....right in the middle of the new captain arc....which was probably just as bad. I hated that filler arc with a passion. All I wanted is to see the fight against the arankars (i forgot how to spell lol)

With manga I also understand. The orginal story is always the best. The anime versions are ussually decent in the sense of bringing the drawings to life but are ussually incomplete and or stray from the orginal. I dont understand why you would stray from the author's story completely like they do in some seems counter intuitive but thats just my opinion.

I think with the Death note anime, even with the stuff missing from the manga....just the concept of the story itself and seeing the characters come to life made it simply awesome in its own right. So cool lol. Oh yeah I cant actually remember if Inuyasha and Kagome kiss in the anime itself....I'm pretty sure they do but I definately remember the one in the 2nd movie. Such an awesome scene.

This site is pretty awesome. Definately a good place to talk anime. I definately do the same with whats ur favourite movie and show... I'll be like uhhhh " insert something mainstream here" ....not many people realise I like anime ten times as much as most thing they air in North America. ANyway I should probably wrap this up before my laptop dies lol....the power cord is......somewhere O.o.....I have to find that haha...cya :P

Mar 5, 2012
Madoka says...

My apllogie for lenghy reply time o.o i was gonna reply the other day but kinda got caught up in little busters but im basically done with that now so ye :D

Ai, well think brightly its almost over :D i been talking to a german person aswell who in there final year of school, dont think they hate it as much but i think its fair to say most decent people in the world are egar to leave school. No matter who you are, chances are if your not going round ruining everyones time you will be a good person whos probberly thinkg 'i cant wait to leave school behind'.

Ai, thats kinda harsh of him. As you said not everyone will like or watch anime which is fine, were all our own person but to badmouth it with no real reason to someone you know likes it is kinda mean, hopefully they just had a bad day, it doesnt give them rights to speak as such but its understandable if stresses... not that i can imagine stress would make you speak as such... dam i think anime made me try to see good to much in people (another example of how its awsome :D)

ah your kinda lucky to have a anime club o.o our school never had the sort :( i imagine i was probberly one of few who even knew what it was in my school. One my friends liked Deathnote but that was about it... and so my boring life in school with anime less conversations was as such :( so try to think well you got one :D

Ye, i have had many critisize and question me when i say theres no point living to being 'happy' and just being content, but its reality that normally your only faking your happy but if your happy and its real, your only gonna get hurt or something will happen to ruin your mood, but when your in high spirits and something crappy happens then all it does is feel twice as bad, at least if your only living in a content manor you can never be hurt to much but your not gonna live misserable aswell. Some happy people are so optimistic its unreal, i think optamisn is fine and ok, but some ignore that negative stuff are just as common and it bugs me. Im not saying dont be happy like on your wedding day or if you had a kid and the day of its birth ect, but i just mean its dumb to lie and claim to live 'happy' when your only lying to yourself and onlu hurting yourself, but not all can see that way sadly enough. Oh and dont worry if you need to vent, i dont normally get down like that and if it helps to say whats on the mind im happy to listen :) i know it can be nice at times saying things like that :D

I think its depends, i mean if your sorta anime are things which are like Slice of Life and Fantasy or Romance i suppose violence isnt a factor very often. I personaily never was fond of horror or violence outside anime, i found horror films boring and unscary and found they just splash blood around with no purpose which ruined em, but anime do it when its needed imo, some might go to far but i dont think many abuse it to much.

haha its true there, it is fun to simulate a challenging fight in a game, just to imagine its the real thing and your mocking reality for once :D its a good point on the angel beats thing there, i personaily liked how they questioned the idea of such a god letting them live lifes how they did, i liked that because i think of reality, why do some people get such crappy lifes when they never did anything wrong? i cant say my life has been terrible in comparison to some but i have had my fair share of troubles, most which i never wanted or even didnt really wanna be involved with, im happy just being the quiet person, and i liked in angel beats how they challenge such things, all the stories we was given, non was bad people in life and yet they had it so rough... its something little touches which made me glad to see others feel this way about the world aswell.

Ai i herd Fate/stay night is good, herd alot of good stuff about it, and i think its got its 2nd season on its way, that or its out, im thinking of checking it out on my watch list, got alot in that list though so gotta be carefull. Ye i loved Madoka Magica, and dont like moving it down cuz its so good but when i watched the concluding season of Lyrical Nanoha i found it good, lots of action with a great moving plot and a nice ending :D.

And yep just finished watching 11eyes, Really good watch, when i started it i noticed when i was on episode 2 you had it on your top5 so i figured it was gonna be good, i noticed you put about some say its rushed and it gets under rated due to that, i didnt find it to bad for size, i think the ending was a little hurried and all so i wouldnt minded another bit of time for it but i think in all it was a epic series, loved the music i thought it made the mood great when watching it. The OVA was a alright laugh, a bit like HOTD really, a ecchi styled ova to end the series with a laugh, i dont mind em, wouldnt be able to watch a full series styled in that ecchi style but i dont mind the odd ova like that here and there and there quite funny :D

lol i always wondered is *Classified information* was a *Classified information* styled censor to stop us learning about *Classified information* and how *Classified information* is used when you *Classified information* with *Classified information* making a advancment to the *Classified information* which could result in *Classified information* o.o its kinda funny in the books theres some scenes like that where it must be printed like 12 times on a single page xD

ah well thats where it contridicts its self, if the net dies we loose our identity you say... great example but you also answered it there aswell, we become that drone everyone else is... and thats our new identity o.o lol its a annoying system, man i wish i had haruhi's power right about now D:

lol its true there though, facebook is quite good at destorying friendships/relationships, i know so many people who sit winging and whining about someone posted this about me or someone said that with my name on it.... so bloody what? if you dont like them either dont use the site or at least remove them, Thats the dumb thing, you wouldnt belive how many people in fb who add there enemies as friends just to expand there friends list and then 3 weeks later complain there posting all these things about them, but yet still dont block them, i mean what the hell, how dumb can people get? o.o

Ai true, i mean i kinda understand uniforms to a extent in schools, i dont give a shit about looking smart or something but its kinda like at work, it identifies you as a student there so not anyone can slide in but also it's needed for when people go missing or on field trips get lost ect, but little things like wearing gloves when its cold or a hat or some sun glasses... its not gonna kill em is it ><

haha good question you should say there, 'what is School appropriate'? i mean what is it? to me a school full of teens im sure anything is acceptable, really i think the only limit they can say is no porn... but its music so theres no worries there... so ye know what the heck is it what pleases em as acceptable? and as you said, what if your not into the mainstream crap? im sure not, and i wouldnt be caught dead even doing work around the crap people like these days.

Ai, i always liked kotomi's personailty and the way in which she behaves, a rashional mix of greatness imo :D

i think not allowing things like Yaoi and Yuri is kinda discriminating against peoples sexual prefferances which is kinda  a bad example to be set by a school, but even so i guess that also means ecchi is gone and not allowed? Kinda a shame, i dont just search out Ecchi stuff or stuff full of fan service like some, and i know many dislike it but i would never say i hate it, not cuz i get a kick outa it but i find theres some great ecchi anime's out there, 11 eyes is for some reason ecchi (maybe its ova's but otherwise worst it got was about a pantie shot and otherwise yuka in her bra) but i think it goes to show theres some funny ones anyways, not allowing people to watch as they will is kinda mean. I probberly understand they wouldnt allow hentai in school and all... for obvious reasons lol

LOL pokemon to violent? what the heck!!! Thats like saying clannad is to violent or some random anime which maybe involves a single slap, you cant say things like pokemon is to violent, peronsaily i used to love watching it :D always remeber it being great, i dont recall my parents walking in turning it off saying its to violent lol And ye death note isnt all violent, i doubt the would show it to a 9 year old but why not? there's never much in the lines of direct violence or killing, with the exception to the very last episode so i think it should be fine for kids, probberly give them a good perspective on the world aswell.

whats the pledge for alligence thing about? cant say i herd anything like that o.o

Ai true, i always am happy with amazon though, i only ever had one problem with amazon, i ordered a anime from the US to be brought over and it didnt arive but they was very kinda, i payed $40 for it, they refunded me $17 shipping (it only costed me around $12, so i got some money back) and then they asked if i wanted another copy or refunding, i asked for another copy, they sent it first class air mail (which is normally uber expensive... like $60) for FREE and i got it in 3 days, and then they refunded me like $15 more as a sorry, so in all i got the anime for almost nothing, it was great service so i feel in good hands with amazon.

Hmm i kinda started this just as you sent ur second reply, i kinda covered some things in 11 eyes above but i will try to answer the rest here. Think i mentioned the size of the show, so really i covered most besides characters i guess. Personaily, i found it hard to say about Yuka, i liked her character but when she sorta got jealous about Misuzu she became annoying, i find jealous characters begin to annoy me (like yuka from elfen lied, ironicly enough xD), sometimes the jealous role is nice, i dont mind people being defensive over something but she got on my nerves as she went to far with it and then for some reason just sorta lost it in the head but in all i say shes average, i wont say i liked or hated her, she had equal good to bad points. I liked Liselotte though, i thought she was gonna be lame but i loved her, her reasoning espically, maybe i found the fact she hated this world so much appealing due to my half shared feeling xD i dont hate the world but i hate many people in it, but i loved her, i liked how she wasnt just some pointless villan with hopes to kill people and no real reasoning or something small, i liked she had purpose behind her actions. Misuzu agian was enjoyable :D suppose i cant think lots to say about her but i liked her non the less, quite liked the idea she looked up to that other killer person dispite it got ger exiled from her house, she looked up to what she thought was strong and ignored what others said, also she was very brave :D i think i liked most characters actually in the show, the guy with the fire balls was kinda a prick but he came around in the end so i softened to him.

wow i said alot there xD i can get really into talking of anime's when i just finished em :D its one reason i like the fact i got my bother into watching them, he always waits till i finish one to let him know if its good or not so it takes time to talk about em but its one them things i love anime talks :D

also i think writing a book is great, i love reading and used to write alot, its nice to imagine a story in your head and put it down on paper, just remember if you got a good plot ready, dont rush it :D i find i normally make the start rather fast paced, so you can get stright down to the good stuff and the good part looses its touch when rushed 2, so take your time and im sure it will be great :D

hehe this is kinda long, sorry it took a while to reply, as said i kinda got lost in  my visual novel world but ohwell :D i tried to combine this with the 2 messages you sent, as i said i started replying to the first one and just as i saved for the night i got your other reply so instead re writing i hoped i was able to merge them, anyways best of luck with the book thing :D

Hope you have a good day :)

 oh and sorry about double line spacing, i wrote it in word and i have to use double spacing in most college work, couldnt be bothered to go back deleting millions of spaces in lines so ye xD

Mar 2, 2012
HikaruTenshi says...

No worries. I take time to reply nowadays as well. Since school keeps my uber busy. I do not mind waiting. Online learning would work a lot better if I wasn't the only one in the class who is actually doing the online assignments correctly. This month I have one completely online class which I am kinda nervous about, since I am not very self motivated and I am not a fan of online learning. I like being in a classroom with Lecture, Discussion, and whatever else the professor chooses to teach the topic.


Feb 26, 2012
alishere2 says...

I totally agree with the fact that I never understood why an anime would have an english opening or ending theme. Personally I absolutely love the way the japanese music sounds (for the most part). It strikes me as weird everytime I encounter an english song in anime. I understand a bit of english (or in most cases engrish lol) mixed in but not the whole thing. Lol anime music hasnt quite made its way onto my ipod...but I've definately thought about it. Although now I probably listen to my anime playlist on youtube more than I listen to my ipod anyway.

I'll admit being completly naive when I first started watching anime. For about the first year I only watched dubbed. I eventually realized that I was basically missing out on a ton of excellent anime by not watching subbed (K-on opened my eyes to this). Basically everything I watched now I subbed. It just seems better overall hearing what its orginally supposed to sound like, you can pick up those little emotions in their voices and it just makes for a better overall experience. Still at the same time I dont hate dubbed, there are some good voice actors out there that pop up all the time (mostly in Funimation stuff but lets be serious Funimation has the liscence for like every anime that gets brought to North America...its really scary actually). Really now the only time I'll watched dubbed is if I cant find a good source to watch the episodes subbed so I resort to using animeratio which is ussually pretty good but dubbed only.

Filler is absolutely irritating. The biggest culperate I can think of is Bleach (sadly I'm guilty of being sucked into the stupid thing). I honestly hate Bleach more than I like it half the time. Even though I'm almost 230 episodes into it, I might not finish it. Filler arcs all over the place because they dont have a enough material from the manga to continue. Like we are talking 40 episode long filler arcs that have no purpose to the main story just appear in the middle of fighting the main boss.....I dont know why people like the show so much its ridiculous (yay! for ranting).

Manga is actually great. I finally started to read manga last year thanks to Bakuman (absolutely great). I have to say when it comes to manga though I have a hard time visualizing action scenes...I just find the artwork is more of a jumbled mess than pretty. So I pretty much stick to the slice of life, comedy, romance based manga....I'm honestly not sure why I started reading those but I did and I enjoy them so I guess thats all that matters haha.

Yeah the Inuyasha movies were great. It seems they are all jumbled up in my mind though and the only one I can remember for sure is A Castle Beyond the Looking glass for some reason....I guess I'll just have to call that one my favourite then lol

Lol in real life I'm shy around randoms but silly/goofy with all my friends and people I know. I actually really love this site. Barely anyone knows I watch anime in the first place let alone can identify with the amount that I watch/love it. Its become a part of my daily life. This place is great. You can find new things to enjoy, share what you've watched and you get to see what everyone else has enjoyed. You are completely right. You will never find someone that has the exact same anime list no matter how hard you try. Even if you did they would rate everything differently based on there own personal experience. Everyone is unique in the fun and exciting Animeverse!!! lmao :D (I totally want to yell sometime lame like otakus UNITE!! hahaha) I didn't mean for this to end up so long lol

Feb 26, 2012
alishere2 says...

Ahhhh sorry for the double post....the silly thing told me I entered in the wrong code again so I submitted again -.- ...what the heck

Feb 25, 2012