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Vash and Alucard

26 FEB

These 2 characters I find interesting. Vash the Stampede and Alucard from Trigun and Hellsing. It is weird to compare them due to their personalities. You can't help but notice how similar their outside characteristics are however. They both wear a red uniform that looks shockingly similar. Both occasionally wear glasses. And even their guns look similar Yet what seperates these characters.

Vash is a pacifist opposed to any form of conflict. Is quite modest and sees the good in people. Whereas Alucard is a Vampire who is quite sadistic and bloodthirsty. He looks down on his fellow vampires, and shows no remorse towards anyone.

Why is it that these polar opposite characters look very similar with their clothes and fighting styles? Somewhere I may've heard that Alucard's normal uniform was based off of Vash's. It is still very interesting how 2 totally different characters dress the same. Does it mean anything?


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