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Psycho-Pass Analysis

11 JUN

*There will be spoilers in this post for any anime mentioned* 

I recently watched Psycho Pass, and it was the best anime I've seen in awhile. I think the main reason for this is that it has Gen Urobuchi's writing in it. He knows how to write great dark stories, and while on the surface Psycho Pass may seem like "just another utopia that is actually a dystopia" it focuses more on the characters than the type of world they live in.

I was also reminded of Death Note while watching Psycho Pass. The main connection is that people are judged and killed based on the crimes they commit. The main difference is that the protagonist in Psycho Pass works for a law department, better known as the Ministry of Welfare. While Light worked independently carrying out his vision of justice against the police. Overall I enjoyed Psycho Pass more than Death Note because there were more characters to like besides Light and L, and the ending was much better (depending on your view of what a bad/good ending is)

Akane is a great protagonist, she is a genius scoring very well in every area and can choose pretty much any career, but is still searching for her purpose in life.  I can relate to wanting to find out why I was born. It seems this theme is very common in Urobuchi's writing as it is seen with Madoka from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, and Kirei from Fate/Zero. It was nobile of her to enter a department of law when she could have choosen anything that is more safe. Later throughout the show, she becomes very strong and even more admirable. In her statements "The law doesn't protect people, people protect the law" and "". They reflect on her growth and feel like powerful quotes. Akane remained strong even after learning the truth of the Sibyl System. Despite hating it, she still defends it because people can't live without the Sibyl System and it is as close to peace as one could hope to imagine.

Shogo Makishima in turn was also a great antagonist. He opposes the Sibyl System and has reasons to do so. Even though he is very cruel with his manipulations in the 1st half of the show, he is trying to make a point. Which you could also agree with. Though Makishima's views on the Sibyl System and the fact he is criminally asymptomatic aren't the only features that make him interesting. Throughout the show he makes many refrences to famous philosophers and poets. I've learned about several philosophers from watching this show. He insists on reading paper books rather than e-books which is something I agree with. Reading a book online doesn't give the same feeling as holding it in your very hands and allowing the feel and smell of the paper to immerse you into its world. He is also a strong hand to hand fighter with Kougami as his rival, they have some of the best fights I've ever seen in anime. 

It almost seems Makishima he represents chaos and Sibyl represents law in the traditional age old law vs. chaos battle. Both sides are flawed and not perfect ideals, but they both work towards something good.

The relationships Ginoza deals with were great to watch as well. Ginoza notices thorughout the show how Akane is getting friendly with the Enforcers. Since she appears to be headed towards the same path as Kougami, Ginoza is concerned for his new fellow Inspector. Seeing his father as an enforcer has also impacted him with his views on Enforcers. He goes through good character development as his hue gets clouded, and when his father is killed. He becomes an Enforcer due to his Coefficient becoming to high, with Akane becoming his superior. Even though he viewed Enforcers poorly before, he is fine with becoming one in the end.

I believe this anime is one of a kind. Sure there are plenty of Utopia/Dystopian anime/novels out there. But the characters I've seen in this show, I can't seem to compare them to any characters I know about. 

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