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Open your mind to anime and e-Akihabara.

An ideal anime needs Romance, Comedy and (something spicy).

Favourite anime is: (look at the avatar),

Hated anime is: Evangelion

Watched over 400 anime. HAHAHAHAHAHA

TIP: Watch Stein's Gate, Kaiji, and Sket Dance

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brentskeez says...

thanks for the recommendations its holds more meaning to me knowing that your a cg fan. death note fans ehhhhhh not so much im sure you can feel for me on that one. still on the search for something political modern times type of stuff. started watching canaan hopefully that holds up to some kind of political standpoint. keep me posted on anything that you've come across along those lines. keep it real gangster

Jul 20, 2012
brentskeez says...

jesus thank satan im not the only who thought neon gen was stupid. that kid kept pissin me off whata wuss lol keep in touch

Jul 10, 2012
shadeslayer77 says...

Thanks for the recommendations! I'll make sure to check them out.

Nov 18, 2011
shadeslayer77 says...

Hey, I really loved Code Geass and I noticed you did too! What's the best anime that's most like Code Geass?

Nov 13, 2011