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I'm a programmer during weekdays and a drummer during weekends. My blog's at http://nebupookins.net/

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August 27, 2007

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August 17, 2013

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sothis avatar sothis


Nov 4, 2007

So errr, what happened? o_O many moons ago Arcanum mentioned you might have a review, but I haven't chatted with you in months XD... you still around somewhere?

sothis avatar sothis


Sep 25, 2007

I hear you  have a read-worthy review ready? :)

sothis avatar sothis


Sep 6, 2007

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. ^_^ Welcome again!

Arcanum avatar Arcanum


Aug 29, 2007

Welcome to Anime Planet, Neb :) Good to see you here.

Reawen avatar Reawen

Nice Avatar!

Aug 27, 2007

I just saw your avatar on the "newest user" feature, so I thought I'd drop by. But it looks like I managed to catch you just when you signed up and I think you're setting up your anime list as I speak. So I will have to come back later to check that all out ^_^

For now, I'll just say: Welcome to A-P!

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