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Heey, i'm Nazoo, big fan of anime and manga, have my one websites and that, so i'm "down" wtih it.. :P

I come from Turkey but live in Denmark, my favourite manga is KARE first love and my favourite anime is Sailor moon. :D

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August 18, 2007

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November 3, 2007

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sothis avatar sothis


Dec 19, 2008

Oo, a manga reader! Check out this thread when you get a chance - I'd love it if you could help us fill in the holes in the DB! :D (which are a lot, we only have about 200 manga up at the moment!)

Lolo avatar Lolo


Aug 18, 2007

Welcome to Anime-Planet! I have never seen Sword of Truth but it sounded interesting so I put it in my saved list :D I hope you enjoy the site if you have any questions feel free to come chat with me! Have a wonderful weekend! - the marvelous captain lolo

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