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There is one thing I want to say at the beginning: I don't care about the big 300 episode anime like Fairy Tail,Bleach,One Piece and the other Shonen Jump Anime. I have read the manga so I don't give a fuck.

Favourite Manga:
Air Gear and Bakuman. I almost forgot Bakuman. :D

Favourite Anime: Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru,Guilty Crown, Tsuritama,Sword Art Online and Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo.

Favourite Male Character: Shu Ouma(GUILTY CROWN),Kirito(SAO),Ikki(AIR GEAR) and Deus ex Machina(MIRAI NIKKI)

I have to give away a special place in my Favourite Male Character list: Sorata from Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo is my most favorized character up to this day because I can indentify myself with him.

Favourite Female Character: Inori(Guilty Crown),Asuna(SAO) and Kuroyukihime(ACCEL WORLD)

I do not watch anime that often because I don't have that much time and it is more convenient for me to read manga. I have to say that I like manga more anyway :D

I kinda try to watch more anime at times but it seems that I can't find many that a worth spending time on but... hey I really like Tsuritama(only has 12 Episodes tough)

The manga that I personally like most are Shonen Jump-Type manga and also the Shonen Magazine/Sunday ones :D

So now the random anime/manga rants start:

I'm watching Sword Art Online right now................IT IS ULTRA AWESOME!!!! I am going to be depressed for a while after finishing it :( I don't want it to end.

Update: I cried after episode 14... I hope the next arc is going to be as good as the first :D

Update 2: I finished it *____*

So now I am watching Accel World and I am at episode 15... I just want to say one thing, just one damn sentence consisting of four fucking words: FUCK YOU, SEIJI NOUMI!

Sky Raker is such an obvious Takeuchi Sora copy. Really made my day.  AIR GEAR TIL' DEATH

I am really happy that I finally got back to watching Anime. I think that I always felt that something was missing. Even though I read a shitload of Manga my Life just isn`t complete without watching Anime from time to time. Sword Art Online, Accel World and Shakugan no Shana really made me happy. Anime and Manga are just way too awesome. I will never stop reading Manga and watching Anime, NEVER!

The Mirai Nikki manga got me hooked after the first 10 pages :D

So I read the first volume and I was like: "I could watch the anime till episode 3 but not further because I don`t want to be too far ahead... I am watching episode 7 now.

Guilty Crown is pretty awesome. One could say it is genius.

Eden of the East was great. I wish to watch the movies now but I guess I have to wait with that.

Ore no Kanojo is a good one :D

I like Durarara!! and I like the Shakugan no Shana and Dokuro-chan reference :D

So Yaoi is an acronym for: no climax,no ending,deep meaning. I was all like ':D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D' Bakemonogatari is really fucked-up but I like it :D

If I am right and monday really is the day the new Ore no Kanojo episode is uploaded then monday will be my new favorite day of week :)

That Bakemonogatari ending reminds me of Guilty Crown :D

I think I should just stop. There are too many good anime for me to even care about them being good or what.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo raped my eyes, hard. I love that anime.

Episode 17 of Zetsuen no Tempest was ultra epic. First I thought it was the funiest thing I have seen for a while and then they got me with that cliffhanger and I was all like 'Awwww'

AAAARRRGHHHH!! What the hell? Why is Zetsuen no Tempest still ongoing? I hoped I could finish it in one go but now I have to wait for fucking episode 24? What is wrong with this world? Where is the logic? Is this the Tree of Genesis's evil-doing?

'You look like you want to run.' 'Yeah I love running' 'So you ran before?'

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jerbuta says...

The second arc isn't as great as the first, but it is still pretty awesome! :D

p.s I'm talking about SAO since I saw it in your "about me" :P

Mar 9, 2013
JAhU says...

A lot of people are telling me how great Mx0 is so I might pick it up again, but I heard it got axed and the ending is not all that great (which is why I haven't started reading it again yet).

Feb 26, 2013