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There is one thing I want to say at the beginning: I don't care about the big 300 episode anime like Fairy Tail,Bleach,One Piece and the other Shonen Jump Anime. I have read the manga so I don't give a fuck.

Favourite Manga:
Air Gear and Bakuman. I almost forgot Bakuman. :D

Favourite Anime: Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru,Guilty Crown, Tsuritama,Sword Art Online and Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo.

Favourite Male Character: Shu Ouma(GUILTY CROWN),Kirito(SAO),Ikki(AIR GEAR) and Deus ex Machina(MIRAI NIKKI)

I have to give away a special place in my Favourite Male Character list: Sorata from Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo is my most favorized character up to this day because I can indentify myself with him.

Favourite Female Character: Inori(Guilty Crown),Asuna(SAO) and Kuroyukihime(ACCEL WORLD)

I do not watch anime that often because I don't have that much time and it is more convenient for me to read manga. I have to say that I like manga more anyway :D

I kinda try to watch more anime at times but it seems that I can't find many that a worth spending time on but... hey I really like Tsuritama(only has 12 Episodes tough)

The manga that I personally like most are Shonen Jump-Type manga and also the Shonen Magazine/Sunday ones :D

So now the random anime/manga rants start:

I'm watching Sword Art Online right now................IT IS ULTRA AWESOME!!!! I am going to be depressed for a while after finishing it :( I don't want it to end.

Update: I cried after episode 14... I hope the next arc is going to be as good as the first :D

Update 2: I finished it *____*

So now I am watching Accel World and I am at episode 15... I just want to say one thing, just one damn sentence consisting of four fucking words: FUCK YOU, SEIJI NOUMI!

Sky Raker is such an obvious Takeuchi Sora copy. Really made my day.  AIR GEAR TIL' DEATH

I am really happy that I finally got back to watching Anime. I think that I always felt that something was missing. Even though I read a shitload of Manga my Life just isn`t complete without watching Anime from time to time. Sword Art Online, Accel World and Shakugan no Shana really made me happy. Anime and Manga are just way too awesome. I will never stop reading Manga and watching Anime, NEVER!

The Mirai Nikki manga got me hooked after the first 10 pages :D

So I read the first volume and I was like: "I could watch the anime till episode 3 but not further because I don`t want to be too far ahead... I am watching episode 7 now.

Guilty Crown is pretty awesome. One could say it is genius.

Eden of the East was great. I wish to watch the movies now but I guess I have to wait with that.

Ore no Kanojo is a good one :D

I like Durarara!! and I like the Shakugan no Shana and Dokuro-chan reference :D

So Yaoi is an acronym for: no climax,no ending,deep meaning. I was all like ':D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D' Bakemonogatari is really fucked-up but I like it :D

If I am right and monday really is the day the new Ore no Kanojo episode is uploaded then monday will be my new favorite day of week :)

That Bakemonogatari ending reminds me of Guilty Crown :D

I think I should just stop. There are too many good anime for me to even care about them being good or what.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo raped my eyes, hard. I love that anime.

Episode 17 of Zetsuen no Tempest was ultra epic. First I thought it was the funiest thing I have seen for a while and then they got me with that cliffhanger and I was all like 'Awwww'

AAAARRRGHHHH!! What the hell? Why is Zetsuen no Tempest still ongoing? I hoped I could finish it in one go but now I have to wait for fucking episode 24? What is wrong with this world? Where is the logic? Is this the Tree of Genesis's evil-doing?

'You look like you want to run.' 'Yeah I love running' 'So you ran before?'

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zetsubo666 avatar zetsubo666


Apr 1, 2013

Lol she doesn't die but you pretty much guessed it she doesn't end up with Natsuru sorry to break the news to you and I am sure you would have guessed already who Natsuru ends up with much to most fans disappointment. I respect the author for sticking to his original plot but maybe that wasn't the best idea and sorry for talking about it.

Lol the problem with Zero is I hate Louise seriously if Saito really liked her why does he consider getting it on with other girls all the time? One thing for sure is I don't want a girlfriend that beats me up and thankfully never had one so far. Steins gate and DTB take a couple of episodes to get into but when you have the time I promise you won't regret it. Like you said its best to finish the series you have already started though.

Yeah I know what you mean SAO had me seriously hyped but became a let down for me I just hope someone has a similar idea and does a better job of it instead of trashing it after about 14 eps. Kirito is so special as a player he now transcends gender incredible! Now he with have both men and women after him or should I say it :)

Ugh shu ouma the only thing he could do to make me like him is become a girl at least she would be cute and I would totally swap the gender of every series with a male lead that I didn't like MWAHAHAHA!

Yeah I have to admit I am pretty big on gender bender series I watched Ranma 1/2, Kashimashi and even played games with gender swapping in it so I know a few but they are porno games. Ivankov from One piece is one of my favourite characters just simply because he can change people's genders and his own. I agree with you as well I hate Bodyswap and crossdressing that just isn't for me but I won't hate on people who are into that kind of thing. Anyway I am big fan of gender swapping so if you want to know more I am happy to help out a fellow fan.

Lol I know I wouldn't last long in SAO I would just fall asleep and get shanked by some f***er from the PVP guild Laughing coffin not the best way to die. Also thanks for the AMV it was pretty awesome.

Underholy avatar Underholy


Mar 31, 2013

I would recomend u to watch Black Blood Brothers. Its a 12 episodes anime that has a great story and always wants u to watch and watch more.

zetsubo666 avatar zetsubo666


Mar 26, 2013

No worries I responded late myself got a busy week right now so couldn't be helped. Right I will say a couple of things about each one with Steins gate the first episode is very confusing so don't worry it is meant to be it will be explained later and the first half is mostly comedy. Darker than Black Hei is probably more overpowered than Kirito and has a kick ass personality to go with it a really enjoyable series overall. Durarara! is a great series good to see you are enjoying that didn't have any characters I disliked in that series. Gosick is a neat little mystery but the main character whines way too much for my taste but you might like him.

.hack starts off to slow especially compared to SAO honestly I loved how SAO started just hate what happened after the start I felt it wasted a good setting. Maybe I will return to GC but it will be bloody hard I fricking hate Shu so much ugh why couldn't he at least have one likable quality before ep 12 then so many people wouldn't of turned away. Completely agree with the first few episodes a bit wierd too when a start of a series is so damn important as well.

Thank goodness see just goes to show that with a little conversation you can understand you have more in common with people than you think. I am happy to know you found it creepy too I mean what was Asuna thinking? Actually screw that question I don't want to know what goes through her head with the way she behaved that arc. Good to know I am a big fan of strong female characters thats why I get a little upset when people regard Asuna as one when she isn't she could have been but the author relegated her to fan service then to damsel in distress. Wow 10 times is a lot I am reading the manga watched the anime and have seen bits and pieces of the light novel. I actually like a good gender bender series probably not the reason you like it but its what made me get into the series to begin with.

Honestly I think SAO's later arcs are probably better most fans would say the 2nd arc is actually the worst it didn't help it had such a poor setting. Gun gale confuses me why does Kirito look like a girl??? SAO is just too popular not to get another season so I am sure you will be happy but another light novel I enjoy more probably won't so I am not so happy.

Well being honest I was trolling a bit with that comment but now after reading that I think you have got a good point that too many people like him for the wrong reasons and forget that just because he does something nice later doesn't mean he should be exempt from that crime. I mean in real life a guy shot down about 100 people even if he went on to save a celebrities life or someone really popular it doesn't change the fact people would want to see his ass in jail since those 100 people who are dead won't be coming back.

Well maybe it would be like Diablo's hardcore mode in a virtual reality game that would be pretty awesome but being killed isn't quite so awesome especially when it looked like it was quite easy to get killed in that game.

Sorry I shouldn't have said anything to a fellow Shizuku fan I mean I can tell you if you really want to know but it isn't good news. Well for Shizuku anyway.

zetsubo666 avatar zetsubo666

Thanks! ^_^

Mar 23, 2013

I agree I couldn't be more plesaed to know that there is someone who actually has reasons for liking Shu other than he is the main character while we can't see eye to eye on him I at least can see what you are trying to get at. The point is how long should a main character develop? Sure I admit that it should take some time to develop don't disagree with that but he showed no signs at all and I personally found some his actions down right distasteful and not something I would do or anyone I know would do if placed in the same situation.

To be fair I am not the only one who felt this way as you will find other people dropped the series after not being able to stand Shu at all. I guess the main problem I have is that you find him one of the best when there are so many great characters out there. Also my suggestions before are from pretty good series that you would probably enjoy I know you don't have much time but if you do give them a go at least. As we do share some likes on characters like Ikki and Natsuru so I am pretty sure you will at least like one of them.

Well with Devil survivor 2 and To aru no majustu no railgun coming out next season I probably won't watch guilty crown yet it is very hard for me to return to guilty crown as while you might not understand my dislike for Shu you might understand if you had to watch a show where the worst character you can think of is the main star. I actually agree with you that it isn't fair to judge a series when you don't finish it which is why I havn't reviewed Guilty crown it wouldn't be right but sometimes in life you just have to admit the series isn't for you and move on.

The reason for my anger towards both Kirito and Shu though isn't because I think the series is shit its because I felt it had the potential to be something more in fact if a series is just outright bad I just move on and say not for me. However SAO and GC are now too popular for the settings to be redone because people will say its just a copy of SAO or GC and not watch it and it can never be a popular series. I especially hate SAO for wasting a brillant concept after only a season where it appeared the author got bored of the setting to me that was just cruel.

Well I admit Roricionfan is an extreme critic who is a little anal about minor things but on occasion I do agree with a couple of points he makes and I actually agree with his view on Asuna. Also don't get me wrong I don't mind that Kirito is overpowered I actually like overpowered characters its just there isn't anyone who can compare to him that I feel it insults the human race. Kirito is decent but he isn't an unsurpassed genius who knows the impossible its just hard to believe that out of all the gamers there isn't more than one person that can compare to him in each arc and normally they are cheating in some way. I don't know if you have ever played games online before but if you have you would no there is no game where someone is easily far superior to everyone else it just doesn't happen thats not how online games work. Also the author never really used much online gaming terminology which while not a bad thing that ruins the series is a little disappointing.

Asuna to be honest scared me with her behaviour during the arc where her in Kirito were together I especially found her treatment towards the AI program very creepy. It was as if she had become delusional and lost the plot and when her and Kirito started playing happy families as if they were a mother and a father it just felt like they were running away from their responsibilities and had gone mad. Would you go up to a random kid and tell it to refer to your girlfriend as its mother and you as its father? Sure romance is sweet if done well but Kirito and Asuna was in your face played up for fan service, and the development was rushed but to be fair in its defence that was the author's fault for rushing that arc. Also never do what Asuna and kirito did with the kid in real life I promise you it won't end well :)

For me I just felt the author was trying too hard to make his viewers like Asuna where she couldn't stick to one personality to be honest but what you need to realise is that all her development is caused because of Kirito. That ultimately makes her a weak character because she couldn't change by herself she was incapable of doing so as in real life she was always studying and doing what her parents wanted her to do. Kirito made her change that view and even the author admits he set it up that way it was impossible for her to be a strong female to begin with.

Examples of strong female characters Shizuku from Kampfer a series we have both watched, she is a strong female character and I adore her shame what happens to her at the end of the light novel though which is sad. Another great example is Ed's teacher from Full metal Alchemist and Olivia Armstrong as well they are both not just strong physically but have a great sense of judgment and come out on top in a crisis. Asuna however is not a strong female character I just can't agree on that point especially when you have characters like Shizuku.

Ah so you saw that troll comment of mine the truth is I guess I got sick of anime logic as Boa Hancock from One piece says 'you will forgive me because I am beautiful.' If a character is either beautiful or does something the audience approves in Mr kayaba's case he helped out Kirito in his time of need and most SAO fans adore Kirito since Kirito can do no wrong. Does that absolve someone of the crime of getting a couple of thousand people killed who were innocent and the only crime they did was be good fans and get an advance copy of the game. He got a couple thosand killed and held thousands of people hostage yet none of that mattered because he helped Kirito so he suddenly becomes badass? If someone did that for real the public would want Kayaba hunted down and to answer for his crimes.

Then again two of the top anime characters on this site are Light and Lelouche so that explains it but there is still a difference between these them Light and Lelouche tried to make a difference to the horrible world they live in and both ultimately did in the end while it was wrong how they handled it they still did. However what was Kayaba's reason for what he did? Remember how Asuna and Kirito when he explained to them how he liked floating castles just looked at him like he was completely out of his mind that was the 2nd time in the series where I really enjoyed how they handled that situation. The 1st was during the 2nd episode loved that episode so I don't hate all of SAO you know. But Kayaba came across as someone who had lost the plot and literally had thousands of people killed for no reason that is not badass but I can respect him as a villain in the series.

As for the rest of the comment I was just taking the piss out of how people thought the world of Aincrad was awesome but forgot to mention being locked in game where being ko'ed means death isn't quite so awesome. Especially if you get locked in an overpowered boss room. Anyway sorry for my long ass comment but I felt I needed to explain myself.

zetsubo666 avatar zetsubo666


Mar 23, 2013

At least you unlike many others isn't just liking him just because he is the main character and you have well thought out reasons for liking him and I respect that at lot so thanks for taking the time to type it out.

Well you may be right we might just clash on character opinions but I don't think so entirely for example your avatar Natsuru Senou I actually like that character despite many people saying he is another weak main character. I have no problem with Ikki from air gear either in fact he is a very good main character for the series with good character development.

When it comes to kirito and Shu though I don't think we can agree and since you were kind enough to tell me your reasons I will say likewise as well. Firstly Kirito is too overpowered for SAO not only is he above average intelligence, good looking and has very good reactions but he is also incredible gamer. Now that would be alright normally however considering the only people who actually gave him problems in the series were two people who pretty much cheated to beat him and no one else could don't you think that insults all people who online game?

Asuna no matter what people say was no where near as good as Kirito and she was a noob who spent her skill points in cooking which Kirito actually laughed at indicating she is a noob. She also forced Kirito into a situation where he nearly killed himself against a floor boss and according to SAO Asuna was the next best after Kirito and she was pretty bad to be honest.

Basically Kirito has no competition therefore there is no tension in the series and it looses all excitement and his personality goes all over the place when he gets involved with Asuna. Sure you should change in personality to some extent when you fall in love but I think that was too much for an example of romance done well Steins Gate nails it with an excellent progression of development and with their personalities still in tact despite going through a situation that was worse than Kirito's in SAO. The name of the characters are Okabe Rintarou and Makise Kurisu two superb characters.

Back to Shu well you have an advantage over me here because as I said earlier I got half way and stopped as I got completely sick of his attitude. Sure he may do admirable things later on but does that forgive his thoughts that he doesn't generally care about anyone other than Inori even his so called friends were tossed aside to make sure he scored maximum points with her. I also heard she dies near the end and maybe that was the trigger needed to show there is more to life than just her and he does finally have a single decent quality.

As for the first episode it was quite clear he didn't give a damn about anything other than Inori Ouma shu is the text book definition of a male yandere.  The only reason he didn't want to appear a coward is because he was afraid of displeasing the girl he had the hots for. Of course he would save Inori that isn't awesome that is just him protecting his only motivation in life at that point in the series its fine to like a girl but to get jealous whenever she speaks to anyone but him is a trait no girlfriend wants her boyfriend to have.

The biggest problem is that he thinks he is a nice person when he isn't and he is just an ignorant naive little brat telling people who fight for a cause to protect the future from oppression that they are wrong and he is right. He uses any chance he can to get in a fight with Gai who is actually a really nice guy and fights so hard despite how ill he is and actually has decent reasons for fighting unlike Shu who has a crush on a girl. Shu ends up killing countless people, wrecks a hospital, gets in fights with anyone who is a male and doesn't really care about any of the consequences of his actions.

As you said in episode 12 he did do something nice but how nice was it really? He only did it because he could, to impress Inori yet again and that doesn't even make up for the countless people that were killed. Ultimately Shu Ouma is a delusional twisted kid that was damn lucky to have a power he didn't deserve. Also just saying that I am not the only one who left the series after not being able to tolerate Shu any longer.

Code Geass on the other hand with Lelouch at least has a character who knows the path to revolution isn't kind and is realistic about it and doesn't try to prentend he isn't doing nasty things and getting lots of people killed. While ultimately he pursued his ideas too far he at least acknowledged the reality of the situation and approached it correctly unlike the delusional Shu and he had a greater goal than trying to get Inori's pants.

Considering that Guilty crown was inspired by Code Geass its fairly obvious which is the superior series out of the two of them. As for decent main characters I would suggest Hei (Darker than Black), Ryner Lute (Legend of the legendary Heroes), Kamijou Touma (To aru majutsu no index) Shinya Kougami with Akane Tsunemori (Pyscho Pass). All brilliant characters for different reasons but since you like characters like Shu Ouma you might like the main characters from the series Gosick and Dragon crisis who I dislike lot as well.

These of course are suggestions not me telling you what to watch in the end whether you watch them or not is up to you.

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