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I am no one. I am the ghost of a useless spirit who never knew nothing besides darkness. No, I'm actually kidding. I wanted to sound a little emo. Sup people, my name is Natalia, I'm... welp, I'm 13 years old, but I'm not retarded. lol. Anyways, I like watching movies. My favorite genre is fantasy , but I also like WW2 movies, action, horror, crime, etc... I also like playing video games (mainly RPGs), reading books, watching anime, writing, editing videos, audio, playing the piano, guitar, drums, drawing, talking to people I met online... but no I don't like MSN a lot. I go online 1 time per month. Yea, weird, huh? I am connected to it the whole day, but I'm always offline, so I don't have to talk to anyone. I only stay connected because I get many e-mails from, youtube, I dunno. oh yea, I also spend some hours on youtube everyday :) and one more thing, I'm from Brazil, so my English sucks ;D
anyway, if you want to add me, add me! xD I like to talk to people, altho I can be awkward sometimes! ^^


"Once upon a time, a young girl enjoyed trolling Hitler. So she married Fegelein.


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Ichi32 says...

hahaha sounds like a plan when should this happen?

Mar 7, 2011
Ichi32 says...

Hahaha if i do, do that where should i go?

Mar 4, 2011
Ichi32 says...

Nah i cant go till i'm out of the service =) but i will be happy when i get to go.

Mar 2, 2011
Ichi32 says...

Happy Holidays.... How have you been these days?

Dec 25, 2010
Ichi32 says...

`That's awesome now its your turn XD congrats... she's ugly hahaha that is epic and i will make sure i visit there so we can kick it and you can show me around cuz i've never been.

ya i have been watching i am honestly going for brazil. How many names do you have in your death note now????? i hope mines not in there

Jul 5, 2010