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♠Finally the end Of Sailor moon♠ (again)

24 JUL

ok so if you read my blog yesterday you saw i was watching all of Sailor Moon and i finished to day. and i fianally realised the reason i watche it REPEATEDLY. that reason being that IT LEAVED YOU HANGING!! The whole series ends with this guy named Sieya (a Sailor Star) tells Usagi/Serena/Sailor Moon/Neo Queen Serenity that he loves her and then leaves after Mamoru/Darian/Tuxsedo Mask(sailor earth)/King Endymion comes back. Then the lats episode ends with Usagi and Mamoru kissing. Thats cool! What happens next?? Thats it..... WHAT!??? In episodes befor it shows the qworld freezing over and Usagi saving it the Marrying Mamoru. Then they become queen and King of Crystal Tokyo (the future Tokyo) Then Usagi has a child and they have a serious battle with the black moon. WHAT THE HECK!? I mean i would have just enjoyed another short season of Sieya staying and getting competitive with Mamoru over Usagi. I guess i'm Just pissed it ended ♠.♠

From erika with lots of loves!!! kiss hug bu-bye

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Funkgun avatar Funkgun
Jul 25, 2009

Oh man, I dont get to see the second picture! 

Fun Blog. I love Sailor moon. What you wrote brought it all back to me. =) even the end ;)

You know you could link your blog  to Sailor Moon by hitting edit and  adding a tag to it, like Sailor Moon. 

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