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Lumelko Jun 9, 2013

Maybe they're immortal :D         

Yup ^^ and I'm with you sis              

Well, at least it's gonna be something useful :D at least better than Swedish             

You're not alone, it's the same with me ^^'' but when the subject is interesting, usually it goes on naturally :)          

I know ^^ I was pretty confused too when I first heard about it, but studying for the whole year, it's like information that has been with me since birth :D Or maybe it's just because I'm bad at teaching XD

Lumelko Jun 8, 2013

Yeah. There's been several vacations, valentinesdays etc. So I'd expect them to maybe age a little. But I think 17 is still a good age ^^

I know the feeling :X  

That's so cool >.< I only know a few words, phrases and a bit about Japanese culture  

Sounds...interesting o.o  

Neh, it's not really that bad when you get used to it :P

Lumelko Jun 6, 2013

Uhhuh and man another thing that's gonna make a great history XD

I could never get the tricks right but I always got a slight idea who the culprit might be. It's kinda funny though. Someone always gets murdered/robbed/kidnapped and stuff and sometimes Kid appears too but so far there's only been only 1 suicide case. And there's no other criminal activity than I mentioned, unless it's drug smuggling and stuff. If like, in every episode, someone dies, I wonder how's the population in Japan right now XD not to mention how is the Japanese jail able to hold all those criminals there

Yup, Naruto's cool :D

Dear lord! I think I'm feeling dizzy already X__x

We Finnish people have to study Swedish, but seriously, I hate it. It's so hard and I have no use for it. I'm simply not interested in it :I I dunno if it's considered self-learning, but I think I have watched too much anime so I actually do know how to say some words or phrases XD

Why are they counted as one? They're two totally different subjects..?

But of course, even if it's 4 you gotta pass all of them and there are certain conditions, or else you won't be able to graduate. Like you need to pass at least 75 courses and for the subjects you choose, mother language is the one that's compulsory for everybody regardless of your personal likings. So, it's kind of like you only need to choose 3 of the others. For the languages, you can choose either Swedish or some other foreign language that you have studied for a long time, such as English. As for maths, you can either choose to study the shorter or the longer courses and of course the longer courses will be an advantage in some cases. Then there's the other subjects like social studies, biology, philosophy, chemistry etc...and anyway, out of those 3 choices, at least one of them has to be something you've studied for a long time. and so on...I'm too lazy to explain it all XD

Lumelko May 29, 2013

I see


True, I can really imagine that. Or well, actually I have seen it. My middle school's ground is covered in eaten gums. So just have to hope that it's not recently eaten or it might get stuck to your shoe. There was this one time someone stuck some gum under a desk, so the other one that came and sat there got some of it on his pants. The other time was when our religion teacher got totally mad 'cause somebody actually stuck some gum on between the pages of a bible XXXDDD that teacher walked around showing it to everybody and tried to find the culprit and kept preaching about it. It was like a police on a patrol. I know it was serious but it was still pretty funny XDDD

Yeah, people are actually starting to wonder when it will end. As for me though, I hope it never ends 'cause it's one of my faves XD but seriously, Gosho's gotta be a genius 'cause every single time the case is different. I wonder how does he come up with all the tricks and stuff.

True. I have only seen Bleach in manga and it's pretty okay. Dunno about fillers though 'cause manga seems to never have any fillers or something similar. Naruto might have gotten a bit boring lately, but it's okay. I still love it and I keep watching it ;3

=.= omg, you're a god. I'd be dead by now if I had piles of work like that when I have to keep my grades up and my homework nowadays take at least 2 hours for each subject T^T

Probably ;3 I suck at languages though. The only languages I can speak properly are English and Finnish XD

Well, I don't really know how many people normally take, but 4 is the minimum and there are also some requirements too. 9 is the maximum because the times you can take them are limited. There's also some that are only on some days. Currently I have 8. There's also one more subject, but I can't take the exam for it normally. So I suppose you could say I have 9.

Lumelko May 28, 2013

That's a shame :< isn't it possible to study it by yourself? I mean, in my country, there's a system where if you get high enough grades from a subject, you can actually study it by yourself and you don't need to come to class. It's actually only the exam which you have to take so it's different from "lazying around"

Exams in the summer, omg o.o I always thought only entrance exams are in the summer. But it's okay, I won't force you. I hope you'll do well in your exams ;3

Thanks :)

My condolences :< well there's always next time so don't feel down, 'kay ^w^

That's...surprising o.o is there a reason for it? I think people said something about keeping the environment clean?

Yey \(^o^)/ three hurrays for Fairy Tail! I really hope they will continue it :/ I mean Detective Conan has over 700 episodes already and stuff. Besides, all though it might have been a bit annoying for some people, they could have used fillers or other stuff

My goodness, no vacations?! How are you guys able to survive? Don't you guys get stressed out at work or something? o.o well anyways the summer vacation here is about ten weeks which would be 'bout 2 months and 2 weeks. Then we have all the vacations almost throughout the year, but they take only about 1 day-2 weeks

:O That's awesome, I'd never get to that point 'cause I suck when it comes to the tests outside of what is taught at class. Riiiight....(ehehehe), just wait till you get into high school.

Well actually some subjects are only available in specific schools, but there are also those that are the same in every school. My school is language-orientated so there's a lot of languages you can study here, such as English, Swedish, Russian, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Latin, Italian and so on. As for psychology and philosophy, they're supposed to be available in every school

You mean how many I take or how many students normally take?