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Lumelko Apr 27, 2013

I see :o I was kinda surprised 'cause it seems you're a year younger than me. At what age did you start school?

Yeah I suppose ^^ Allthough nowadays at our country, the mother language (subject) is centered on making different kinds of essays. Boy, I tell ya. It's a pain in the ass. The teachers take my points 'cause I sometimes accidentally start writing using slang words T^T

Right, but now you're talking to me, so you actually do know somebody that is from Finland ;D

I know ^^ I have a russian friend, but I don't think she minds. At least I hope so >.> It's really scary when she gets mad though Q.Q I recommend to run if the situation gets to that point XD but yeah I did expect foreigners to be a bit surprised, but this is how I feel XD I mean, it's almost May already, but there's still a bit of snow somewhere and the wind is really strong. As for gloomy...well...our country is known for overdrinking of alcohol I suppose XD all though I don't drink or smoke though :S and the scenery...depends...sometimes it's kinda colorless, especially on rainy days ^^

I started reading Hetalia few days ago. I haven't got far, only about 3 chapters but dude, I cracked up when Italy was "preparing" some stuff for war and he said that he spent the whole night making it for himself and Germany. In the end, they were white flags XDDDDD

Lumelko Apr 26, 2013

So soon?! o.o I'll only be a sophomore in high school next year :o

Yeah I know the feeling ^^ teochew is very rare, so you can hardly find anybody that can speak it. My cousin says that it sometimes gets pretty lonely and I agree with that. I guess it'll only remain as something like a secret language between us ^^''

Haha XD well as for me, I use english so much that I have started to forget some words of my mother language. It's kinda embarrassing .___.''

Hehe, what do you mean kind of? :D I haven't traveled anywhere further than Sweden so I don't know much about other countries either XD Well, I don't really know what to tell you about, but the first adjectives that come to my mind are cold and gloomy XDDDD

Lumelko Apr 25, 2013

Same here ^^'' I haven't been able catch any sleep either because of studying T^T

I know :I Hokkien is only similar to Teochew. During my childhood till today I played with a cousin about the same age as me, who's half Chinese. Since I spent a lot of time with her, she taught me different stuff and sometimes we would talk in Teochew too :3

I'm pretty sure that everybody mixes languages sometimes ;3 That's the result of globalization (or whatever the word was...) ;)

Ah yeah, I'm from Finland, ehehe ^^

Lumelko Apr 21, 2013

Yeah ^^ Have you seen the latest chapters? Or do you watch only in anime? I was pretty surprised of Madara's and Hashirama's personalities :o

Really? Well the people in my country assume otakus a perverts =.=

Oh I see :o I just happened to learn it from a relative I'm close to. But if your mother language is mandarin, don't you speak hokkien at all?

Yes, I kinda know the feeling ^^ Sometimes I mix a lot of languages in my talk too

Lumelko Apr 20, 2013

Really? Me too :O Well actually, when I was smaller I've seen a lot of other animes, probably like Starzinger, Pokemon, Digimon, Rayearth Magic Knight and probably Princess Mononoke too (don't remember about it much though). Naruto, however was the first anime, that I knew was anime and deliberately watched it. I totally fell in love with anime and became an otaku since then XD Naruto's just the best, it can make you laugh, it can make you cry, dude >w<

One Piece is pretty good too, but it tends to have really long battles. At least in the early episodes. o.-

I know ^^ Let's get along then, shall we XD

I think the reason why ppl treat otakus differently is most likely because they think animes are all about hentai. Something made for pedophiles and lolicons 'cause they can't fool around with real people. I think that's a bit of stereotypic though. Not all animes have ecchi =.=''

Oh, I see. I thought Teochew was more common there. In fact, I can speak it myself. But actually Hokkien, Teochew and Cantonese sound pretty similar. Hokkien and Teochew seem to be pretty close though :3 As for Mandarin or Cantonese, I know only few little words ^^'' Singlish sounds kinda hard but interesting ;D