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Long-time anime enthusiast, writer, editor, stationery-fetishist and avid judoka.

My Ratings:

5 - Watch this fucking thing. You're dead to me until you do.

4 - Watch this fucking thing. I'll be mildly upset with you until you do.

3 - Eh. It was alright.

2 - I managed *not* to vomit out of rage and boredom, I guess.

1 - I would rather wax my own anus and douse it with chilli oil than utter its name again

I write reviews, recommendations, custom lists and occasionally my own name in crayon.


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Sewn Nov 1, 2016

That's awesome to hear ^_^

I get what you mean about having no time and falling behind. It's not been too bad over the past month or so for me, but sometimes I actually go months without watching anything because I'm so busy. It really sucks.

I've completed a few seasons of Gintama, which is one of my favourite anime, but not much else aside from a few chapters of manga and a few eps of Beelzebub here and there. How about you?


I had a four day weekend so I got to watch some more anime which was nice. (:

Other than that, I've been watching some fall anime such as All Out, Bloodivores, Trickster, etc... 

What are you reading? o:

I started reading manga a little while ago, but I haven't really been into it so I haven't been reading recently. :/

NicoCake Oct 28, 2016

Hi, there!

I was browsing through Anime Planet and I came across your profile. I thought I would drop in and say hi!

So how are you? And favorite anime and genres?

Sewn Oct 23, 2016

Hey there Kei! You've got quite the profile! (Makes me feel lazy ;_;)

Nice to meet you too ^_^

I'm well, thanks. I hope you are also. Apologies for the delay in response.

It seems we've got quite a few anime interests in common. I just wish I had more time to watch - and to read the manga backlog sitting on my shelf...

Hope you're enjoying school! I know it can be tough at times :)

Anyway, thanks for getting in touch. I'll check in every so often. Feel free to read through my reviews if you're ever curious. I really should get around to posting more of them.

All the best,

Narky ^_^


Glad you are doing well, I'm doing well too. :D

Me too, I haven't had much time to read/watch and I feel so behind. ;-;

Np, thanks for reaching out to me, too. (:

Have you completed anything lately?

Sewn Oct 1, 2016

Hey. ~

I was just snooping around (like I always do) and I came across your page.

It's nice to meet you, how are you? ♡

Please, let me introduce myself. ~~

I'm Sewn, but you can call me Kei, or whatever you want. ^_^

I hope we can talk more and become friends. c:

Please have a nice day or night, whichever it is for you. xx

TitanLavi Sep 15, 2016

Followed you cause I always see you in the forums x