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School Days

Oct 1, 2012

Well yes, this is a review of school days, and I know pleanty of people hated it for allot of reasons, but Honestly the story, characters and animation are all solid. The story is dark and depressing but it is not bad. Honestly I found it very interesting that they made the main character in this show generally just a stupid, and bad person. He seemed to believe that the only way to deal with women was to just ditch them when it was convienient and screw someone else until the other was ready again. I would say that most people's hate for this show is not geared toward its plot, or story, but rather towards the main character, and thats understandable, I hated him too. However the story was good, I am left with no lingering questions, the visuals were good, and the audio was solid. Each major character became someone you genuinely cared about, and the show does a good job with that. As a guy I genuinely wish I could somehow be in that show so I could be the voice of reason to the main character, since hiss seems to have died long ago. Overall I would say if you want to see a show where for once themain character is the most despicable pile of evil and immoral crap on the face of the planet, then go watch it. I do not regret watching it, but as a result of the main character, and his "antics" I wont be re-watching this series ever.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7.3/10 overall
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