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Picks of the season

18 AUG

Since finishing Claymore I don't have any full seasons I'm watching at the moment, I'll delve into some of the ongoing anime I'm watching. Truth be told I'll start to watch Berserk today or tomorrow, which should be another anime along the lines of Claymore. At least that's how I imagine it'll be.

There's a strange dichotomy I've developed in this blog. I blog every other day, first about ongoing shows, and then about an older series. I doubt that consistency is going to last for long though!


This peculiar anime wasn't one of my original picks for this season. I blindly omitted bakemonogatari until I started to hear some very good things about it. Romance, Comedy, Ecchi, Tsundere. All things I enjoy, in one messed up package. Throw in a few loli and we're good to go.

The episodes so far have been enjoyable, though I'm still wondering where the anime is headed, if anywhere. It reminds me in a way of Maria Holic, which didn't really lead to any conclusion. That's why I'm still a bit reserved, even if some people might rave about it being the best thing since their last seasons' favourite. Certainly it's unconventional, relying a lot in dialogue and interaction between characters, while animation and backgrounds are pretty abstract.

Suzumiya Haruhi 2009:

The first season was way overrated. I did like it, but not that much. That's why I wasn't quite as devastated by the whole Endless Eight debacle. I was dissappointed, since this could've been a great season, but instead it has been avarage at the best of times. The Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody was ok, but after the Endless eight the newest episode was rather lackluster, and I haven't really enjoyed this show at all. I wonder how they'll planning on selling the DVDs? I guess it's all fun until you see the sales figures...

Umineko Naku Koro Ni:

This was rather heavily advertised on the forum side by a certain enthuasiastic individual. Also it's a mystery series, so I'm not going to take a single peek in the forum topic laden with spoilers about the story and characters.

Having watched Higurashi I knew what sort of anime this would be, so it'll have some large boots to fill. So far I haven't really liked it as much as Higurashi. The setting is rather cliche, and I'd like to beat the loli just like Araragi in Bakemonogatari. I think I might like this anime better if I'd marathon it.


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