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Hi there!

So, I decided to escape the pressures of exam day and create a profile on here. Wonderful use of my study time, right? Of course right!

Anyway, ever since my 11-year-old eyes beheld a beffudling and bright Pokemon episode, I've been absolutely infatuated with anime. From Pokemon to Yugioh to Inuyasha to Paradise tastes have (naturally) matured.

More than anything, it has influenced my choice of career and my decision to major in Japanese Language and Culture...but it's my sincere belief that there is a healthy difference between anime obsession and admiration!

So, I choose to admire it, as so many of us do! I'm excited to be a member here, thanks for having me--I hope I can make some friends! :)

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argona Jul 20, 2008

Thank u so much for droping by my dear and thanks for the suggestion though I have already seen Gankutsuou. Great Anime though I don't like the changes in plot,turning my beloved counte insane!*sobbs*

IrisFaust Jul 7, 2008

I generally like all anime that do the earth-person-in-alternate-world thing. In Fushigi Yugi's case it was one of my first of that kind (next to Escaflowne). As far as the specific reasons i liked it, i was really drawn to some of the characters. My favorite characters are Chichiri , and Nakago  for different reasons, thats as far as im comfortable going with that answer  >_<.

Yes ive read the manga, but not all of it. I used to read it back when it was in Animerica Extra years ago. I'd probably sooner buy Genbu Kaiden then the original manga though, as i usually prefer watching anime. I have a thing for voices and music i guess , Hotohori's VA being one of my favorites (Takehito Koyasu). While i tend to collect lots of anime, my manga collection is limited to Angel Sancuatary, Battle Angel ,  and Berserk, for now. All shows that ended abrubptly and made me want more, and manga was the only way.

Oh yea, i noticed you liked Gankuotsuo, that was the best anime of its year for me :D.

CancerianKage Jul 7, 2008

I hate dial-up. With a burning intensity. Anyway, just finished the downloads, just in time before classes started. Forum name: CancerianKage.

Fiction and fantasy's main difference is how far each is willing to go, I'd say. If you're gonna create a great deal to customize a unique world, that'd be fantasy. I love fantasy :) but fiction is easier to dive into, and you waste less time in descriptions.

Lizards cool? Pet rats? XD I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess you're a tom-boy. Please don't take that as an insult, as I cant think ofa behavior more awesome to hang out with. "Lady-like" and "feminity" are vague, character limiting concepts anyway. Not that I dont find traits labeled feminine attractive... :3

First RE movie sucked. Majorly sucked. But the 2nd and up gets a little better. I consider those worthwhile to watch, but I'm sad 3 didn't have Jill Valentine. *nervous* ...uhhh, and her actress is (in my opinion) the most beautiful actress I've ever seen. Not that I expect you to know anything about that ^^; heh. Sorry if that last detail was way left field.

A go-getter, huh? I'm defensive, by nature. You know that guy in the romance flicks that just can't seem to take a hint of when the girl wants to be kissed because hes dense when it comes to romance? Yeah, thats me. Nothing a tackle or a glomp wont fix from the girl in question though. If she gives me a physical sign thats what she wants, I'll do everything I can to deliver and make her happy. Unfortunately, my defensive nature keeps me from finding the same natured women I suspected, so as of late, I'm more outgoing. Not that theres anything wrong with outgoing women. By nature, we have more chemistry, but if there isn't understanding between us, I've seen what happens to relationships. Oh, and I'm year of the rat. *Yuki*

CancerianKage Jul 3, 2008

Figured I'd leave a quick comment rather then hit you up after its said an done, seeing as you should know, and don't wanna keep ya waiting.

Starting right this moment, for the next day or so (day and night) I'm gonna be downloading a program necessary for my classes. I don't have time to give you the response I'd like and what I feel you deserve for the time being. 

Email is [email protected], It'd be better if you contacted me there ;o

Once this download finishes, I'll get a chance to respond. In the meantime though, I gotta hurry and get it started so its done before my classes start up. Talk to you then :)

CancerianKage Jul 2, 2008

*flustered* *panics* Are you telling me this because...? @_@ *paces back and forth in a frenzy* Libra... never really looked into that sign before; you're the first I've met. ^_- You've left a good impression, I'll say that much. Supposedly, were compatible and you have the trait I find most attractive, Loyalty. The only difference it'd make if you were pisces or cancer is, I'd be heavily flirting with you. Heavily. >_> like, drag you into my room while you claw the floor to get away, heavily. I probably should explain; or come off a complete psycho kidnapper with a van. (No, I don't own a van; its a joke, dang it)I'm after those water signs because they're more in touch with emotions, on top of the greatest trait I've yet to find: Loyalty. Just a goal of sorts, not something I have written in stone as the only way I'd date someone. Not that astrology is only about dating... *panics again*

You wanna know more about me? o.o Well, okay... lets see... I also enjoy writing, free association writing is my favorite. I dream of one day cranking out a fantasy story before I kick the bucket. Whether it come out in book form or game form, either is fine to me. (I'd prefer to make it a game)  I have a couple of story ideas, and look forward to venting them this way. I'm a cat person, not to be confused with cat-boy, but I've raised several iguana in my lifetime. I listen to rock mostly, but have all walks of life on my playlist. I mostly read books of the self-improvement variety, hoping to one day make someone very happy to have me. I turn age24 in 17 days, and plan to celebrate it as a quiet evening alone in a candlelit room (love candles) followed by me hanging myself due to being depressed I still (reluctantly) live with the parents. (jk, jk) Thats the best I can do off the top of my head. Now whos filling out a resume!

What sort of stuff do you write?