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So, hi. I live in Austin, Texas. My hobbies are anime, TV Tropes, and Yu-Gi-Oh (look at the card sleeves I just ordered!). I work at Batteries Plus and I like wearing dark blue, grey, and bright orange. My favorite foods are eggplant, mushrooms, dark chocolate, and spicy stuff. My favorite music is indie/alt, rap/R&B, dubstep, and electro (what a cool kid).

I'm also an aspiring author, but that's on hold 'till I can settle on what to write about. It's going slowly. Too much anime to watch, I guess. Oh, and I also recently graduated high school. Hooray, or whatever.

Not sure if that's too much personal information.

My top five anime of all time -- from most to least favorite -- are Steins;Gate, FLCL, Gurren Lagann, Angel Beats!, and Death Note. Yeah. Suck on that.

Normally, the first thing that catches me in a show is how well the characters are done: if I can make a connection with the characters, I can forgive a mediocre plot. I suppose aesthetics is important to me, but it really takes a backseat to dynamic, interesting characters with good development. Obviously, an original, interesting story that flows well and has meaning, and in which things HAPPEN -- which, I was surprised to find, a good number of  authors forget to include -- is important as well.

I've also been told I make comments that make me seem very angry and hostile when I don't mean to be... so if you're talking to me, don't be discouraged!

I'm looking to buy (yes, what a concept) Serial Experiments Lain, Tokyo Magnitude 8, and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. If anyone happens to know where I can get high quality copies for a low price, feel free to let me know.

And finally, after walls and walls of text, the long awaited (new, improved, and extended!) top eleven (don't ask) openings!

*Remember that openings later in the series CAN contain spoilers, so be weary if you're in the middle of watching the show.*

11: Bakemonogatari's "Sugar Sweet Nightmare" (op 5) by Yui Horie

10: One Piece's "Share the World" (op 11) by TVXQ, apparently

9: Deadman Wonderland's "One Reason" by DWB feat. Fade

8: Gurren Lagann's "Sorario Days" by Shoko Nakagawa

7: Maria Holic's "HANAJI" by Yu Kobayashi

6: Bakemonogatari's "Staple Stable" (op 1) by Chiwa Saito

5: Fairy Tail's "I Wish" (op 10) by Milky Bunny

4: Fullmetal Alchemist's "Golden Time Lover" (op 3) by Sukima Switch

3: Paranoia Agent's "Dream Island Obsessional Park" by Susumu Hirasawa

2: Angel Beats!'s "My Soul, Your Beats" performed by Lia

1: Stiens;Gate's "Hacking to the Gate" by Itou Kanako

Of coarse, nothing can even come close to being able to compare with:

Top fifteen favorite characters:

15: Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki


14: Gajeel Redfox from Fairy Tail


12: Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


11: Hachikuji Mayoi from Bakemonogatari

10: Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

9: Senjougahara Hitagi from Bakemonogatari

8: Nandaba Naota from FLCL

7: Yagami Light from Death Note


6: Haruhara Haruko from FLCL

6: Makise Kurisu from Stiens;Gate

5: Araragi Koyomi from Bakemonogatari

4: Simon from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

3: Black☆Star from Soul Eater

2: Otonashi from Angel Beats!


1: Okabe Rintarou (HOUOUIN KYOUMA!) from Stiens;Gate


....You know, because Stiens;Gate is literally perfect in every way.

Also this:

And this (the important part is 0:00 to 0:13):

If I had one wish, it would be that this song would play every time I began any sort of enthusiastic evil plotting:

Have a nice day.

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NicoNicoDesu May 18, 2013

*Looks through long list of comments.*

You want me to watch "Steins;Gate," you've been busy lately, you want me to watch "Steins;Gate," you now want me to watch "Usagi Drop," "Steins;Gate" stalled... and rated 1.5 out of 5 stars?!

Uh... I think my hand slipped...

NicoNicoDesu Apr 21, 2013

Marathon "Steins;Gate?" Okay, next weekend sounds like a good time to do that... I'll try to do it then! ^.^

(This is a late reply... sorry about that.)

NicoNicoDesu Mar 25, 2013

Well, I have been trudging through "Amnesia." Unfortunately, my brain cells cannot handle the stress of watching such a stupid show. (I would follow this up with, "No offense if you like it;" today, I will follow it up with, "If you like this thing, I am sorry.")

I am getting over the fact that I dropped/stalled "Soul Eater" now that Toonami is airing it...

Oh, and I really am trying to finish "Steins;Gate!" ^.^'

NicoNicoDesu Mar 15, 2013

I once saw a poster that said, "Everything I need to know, I learned in kindergarten."

... I still want to hug that poster.

NicoNicoDesu Mar 2, 2013

Nope, I think school is just an excuse for us to have less time on the computer. -.-

I have a friend who LOVES school and would spend every waking minute of her life at it, and I'm just like, "How?"

Oh, and you graduated high school! Congratulations! ^.^