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The name is Amelia, but you can just call me Ame, or Nami

I am 13, born on June 12, 1999

I'm a girl

I love anime, art, writing, cooking/baking, videogames, reading, and modeling

I love making MMDs

My two favorite anime are Hetalia and Mirai Nikki~

I am random and I swear a lot, so beware~

I love music

Especially vocaloid

In fact, I have Akita Neru cosplay!

My favorite songs must be Bad End Night, the Game of Life, or Meltdown (all vocaloid)

I have watched a lot of anime, but don't worry.

I'm not a weaboo.

I have watched anime like Naruto, and then anime like Astarotte no Omocha and Sekirei.

I love all three of those.

Also, I'm a Wiccan, so no hate~

That's me! If you like reading fan fics and other stories, here is my Quotev;

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Zarrokian Mar 13, 2013

Welcome to Anime-Planet! I hope you have a great stay!