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Story- Hi everyone and my name is Mark. I love Japanese traditions, anime and manga. I did in Brooklyn,New York now Jacksonville,Florida, and the only reason I started to love anime and manga was because of my best friend Brian. He started to talk about shows like bleach, naruto, one piece, and other show and I wasn't understanding what he was talking about, because the only anime shows I knew about was Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh. He told me to watch an anime series, so I watched shows such as D.N Angel, Bleach, and Green Green. Then I suddenly got hooked. Now about two years later, you have me Mark an Otaku.

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NekoUX says...

well, Im thinking of using msn, but aim, mmm.... (=w=.)

Oct 11, 2008
NekoUX says...

hey mark, i finished watching code geass R2!

Oct 9, 2008
NekoUX says...

cool, and so i shall!

Oct 2, 2008
NekoUX says...

you moved? that sucks, i was wondering why you werent at bca! XD

Sep 25, 2008
NekoUX says...

thanks you too!

Jun 12, 2008